Various Types Of Nuts: Facts, Advantages & Disadvantages


Nut being a nutritious consumable item is of different kinds of nuts, not just the usual one we see. There are about a dozen of nuts all across the world. Said to be one of the most healthy and nutrient rich food which is bundled with all kind of health benefits.

In this blog we will pay heed to different types of nuts while also taking at the potential benefits and probable drawbacks one needs to be aware of.

Types of nuts

1. Almonds

Almonds are grown majorly in the Gulf countries/Middle East nations and also in those countries which were very recently came into existence. These nuts are known to be the healthiest species and sure comes packed with every nutrient element which improves the health and wellbeing. One of the different types of nuts which are healthy as well.


They possess massive portions of fats and standard carbs and protein amount.

Fluctuating Insulin levels and blood sugar levels can be minimised to a great extent when almonds consumed.


Almonds often come with a massive amount of phytic acid, which is a nutrient known to jam or congest mineral absorption in the human body

Phytate is known to have adverse effects on human body.

2. Brazil Nuts

As it could be derived from its name, grown in the fertile lands of Brazil forests. In terms of size it stands as one of the massive ones in the nut species while they are the biggest source offering huge amounts of essential dietary selenium. This is an essential mineral for better health.


The use of Brazilian nuts can enhance resistance to antioxidants.

While not forgetting the minimization of oxygen-based stress and bringing about a positive change in the lipid content of human body.


Just like almonds, these nuts comprise of massive deposits of phytic acid.

The content of selenium in these nuts which is the root cause of over consumption and issues related with toxicity.

3. Cashew Nuts

These nuts are primarily based from Africa and Asia, by majority of commercialized ones originate from Nigeria and Vietnam. Known to be one of the famous species of nuts and comprise a great blend of nutrients.


Fresh nuts comprise of desired amounts of natural compounds that favour good health.

Highly beneficial for enhancing eyesight and protection against muscular decay.


A general, and a controlled analysis showed that it did not had any adverse effects.

However, it does not create any positive impact on BP, blood glucose or cholesterol.

4. Chestnuts

Talking about these nuts, they are way different than any other on the list as they are primarily rich in starchy carbs. Due to which it becomes the primary supplier for good fats, potassium, vitamin, copper & vitamin C.


They are great in taste and is best to be consumed in the chilly weather.

They comprise a fair amount of manganese.


The chest nuts are having huge amounts of carbohydrates but less in fat content.

This is completely opposite than what found in other nuts, not a great source of good fats.

5. Hazelnuts

The hazelnuts are said to be the most renowned category of nuts. They are great in taste and can be used in preparation of a huge number of food items. In a nutshell, known as the healthiest nuts among nut categories and boast to have countless advantages, as per what the research says. They contain fair amount of nutrients such as Vitamin E, B1, Copper, magnesium & vitamin B6.


Consuming them ensures protection against all kinds of cardiovascular illnesses.

Additionally, consuming them causes LDL levels and inflammatory signs are all reduced drastically.


Not too many disadvantages of hazelnuts.

Just that they can cause reactions concerning any allergies.

In some cases, the effects can be harsh.

6. Macadamia

The macadamias come at a slightly premium price as these are of standard nutrient comprising sort of nuts. Nevertheless, they are great in taste and offer a butter, creamy and yummy taste which no other nuts in the category are. Just like other nuts they are great in manganese, copper, iron, vitamin B1 & phosphorus content.


The macadamias are great in taste, there are no nuts that have such a great taste.

The low content of carbs and fats in these nuts make them the healthiest ones to be consumed.

Huge content of omega-6.

Absence of phytic acid.


It is costlier than the other nuts available

Is affordable only if bought online and that too in huge quantity.

7. Peanuts

Despite the fact, these are precisely a pulse, peanuts are some of the most renowned categories of nuts around the world. The peanuts are normally available in salted form, nut butter or roasted. Peanuts are not actually nuts, but a pulse. Nevertheless, they are believed to be a nut in mostly all cultures as most commonly consumed ones. Just like the other nuts they too comprise of Vitamin B9, Copper, Magnesium & Vitamin B 31.


Consuming the peanuts may result in to reduced levels of mineral serum and triglyceride.

The peanut butter as a matter of fact is tasty and pretty much healthy to be consumed.


Some people are allergic to peanuts.

Mostly 1 percent of children and 0.5 percent of infants are said to be allergic to peanuts.

It can cause major reactions to the ones who consume and are allergic to peanuts.

8. Pecan

These are said to be one of the most famous nuts and are ideal for the purpose of baking purpose of preparing desserts. Simply a great at taste nuts which are highly rich in nutritional value offering a wide range of essential minerals and vitamins. Just like the other nuts they too comprise of Vitamin B9, Copper, Magnesium, Vitamin B 31 & phosphorous.


The pecans are one of those nuts that are rich in polyphenol content.

Research indicate they have abundance of essential compounds & offer great resistance to various illnesses.

Daily consumption can cause minimization of triglyceride and boosts the dense lipoprotein in human body.


The chances of allergy

The omega 6 content is way too high.

As omega 6 by 3 proportion is high too.

9. Pili Nuts

These nuts are usually found and grown in Philippines and Northern Australia. In the past few years the Pili nuts have gained a great popularity across the globe. These nuts have abundance of good fats which offers a great taste though. These nuts although are not the best pick when it comes to high nutrient source of essential vitamins. So Just like the other nuts they too comprise of Vitamin B1, Copper, Magnesium, phosphorus & Iron.


Despite the rich nutrient content, they offer huge benefits as the magnesium content is quite high.

Said to be an excellent source of magnesium rich consumables.


As being an authentic nut originating from trees, can be a usual reason for reactions due to allergies caused by it

For someone who is allergic to nuts, this nut is recommended to be avoided as much as possible.

10. Pine Nuts

The pine nuts are most rare nut varieties. Although, they have gained enough popularity in just a couple of years and offer great health advantages. They have abundance of nutrients such as copper, vitamin K, magnesium, manages & vitamin E.


They are a rich manganese source.

Just like the nuts originating from tree, these nuts comprise a great variety of health-improving polyphenolic natural composites.

Consuming this nut is a great way to deal with obesity.


Just like a few nuts on the list, the content of omega 6 is quite high which should be omega 3.

Harmful for the ones who are allergic to nuts and can cause the consumer with allergies go in sensitive shock.

11. Pistachio

It is a nut like none other on the list, normally these nuts are in a shell. These are based from the Middle East countries. All the nutritional compositions may include such as Copper, Vitamin B6, magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B1 & manganese.


The salted ones are great in taste.

It replaces the carbs snacks while minimizing the harmful triglyceride levels.

Ideal for the ones who exercise as it offers all the required vitamins and proteins for maintaining the energy levels during exercise.


Consuming the pistachios is a tiring job as one needs to get the shells off before having it, sore thumbs to be exact.

Risk of allergies, to the allergic.

Comprises of aflatoxins over required level.

12. Walnut

The walnuts originate from China and are most renowned class of nuts all across the globe. As it’s a nut that not just is consumed as snack but a major food item used in most dishes prepared. It also has a fair amount of magnesium, vitamin B6, Phosphorus, vitamin b9, copper & magnesium. One of the different kinds of nuts available.


Regular consumption of walnuts, are type of nuts that can enhance the endothelial functionality and reduces the BP, minimizes the blood glucose and lowers disk of diabetes.

It also can minimize cardiovascular issues and prolonged lifespan.

Offers healthy fats.

Good for brain health and enhances cognitive functionality.


Like majority of the nuts, chances of allergies prevail.


So, this may answer the question of how many types of nuts exist. And all the essential information pertaining about types of nuts is mentioned above. Hope this article on type of nuts helps you well.