17 Different Type Of Cheese To Choose From

A short introduction to the title

Cheese is a tasty sort of diary dialect and is a prime ingredient in nearly every dish all across the globe. On the other hand, everyone else has their picks, a few may wish to discover different types of cheese. Hence in this article, we will try to focus on the most prominent and high in demand cheese, by the prime highlights and nutrient content. So, the best cheese type is the one you can afford to purchase. That being said let’s take a look at all the various different types of cheese out of hundreds, especially the ones which are quite renowned all around the world.


1. Brie Cheese

This type of cheese is smooth and buttery originates from Brie, Upstate France. It has a tasty smooth center encircled with a little stringy crust. It is much softer and fluffier in taste instead of Camembert, and this is due to the main reasons. Primarily, the creators include cream to this cheese before the fermentation process which gives it a rich fat content.

2. Camembert Cheese

A pretty renowned cheese type across the globe is Camembert. Just like Brie, the primary source dwells back in Upstate France. It is named after the downtown of Camembert, based in Northern province of France. The Brie and Camembert cheese may look similar to each other, though Camembert is comparatively less buttery, this results in the creation of taste quadrants. However, the aroma is much stronger which is not preferred by some consumers. Some of the most extensively consumed types of cheese ever.

3. Cheddar Cheese

Probably a highly renowned cheese types, Cheddar is originated from downtown of Cheddar in Somerset, England. There are various kinds of Cheddar cheese, and it comes in various categories. Based on the Cheeseboard of Great Britain, the different categories of cheese rely on the duration of it being aged. The gentle cheddar has a soft and gentle surface and a creamy and nearly light taste.

4. Cottage Cheese

This cheese type is way different than all the other types, and its nearest link is possibly the ricotta cheese. Primarily acknowledged at the beginning of nineteenth-century the US, cottage cheese is created by souring curds from milk alongside bacteria-based breeding. Because of the variance in the reading procedure, the alimentary shape is way different from other cheese types. It brags a low content of fat and is hence low content in calorie.

5. Cream Cheese

Even if cream cheese might appear similar to tender cheese commodity, in reality, holds a history of at least one hundred years. The primarily knew acknowledgments of cheese date back to 15th century, labeling cheese nearly 5 centuries old. This cheese exists in various categories and taste, and flavors delectable likewise simple or alongside extra condiments such as chives and garlic.

6. Feta Cheese

The Feta Cheese is a renowned Greek class of cheese prepared from either goat and sheep milk or sheep’s milk only. Dissimilar to all other categories of cheese. it’s not coined/called behind the place where it was produced and ‘Feta’ in fact in English means ‘slice’, This cheese has one of a kind tastes and is very fluffy with a tangy a salty flavor. Nevertheless, the taste can differ majorly dependant on how it is cooked and prepared.  Among the renowned and most demanded types of cheeses ever introduced.

7. Gorgonzola Cheese

Gorgonzola cheese is a persistent and mighty cheese originating from Italy houses a great taste. Mainly there is a total of two types of cheese, Picante, and Dolce. Usually aged for 90 days, Dolce Gorgonzola is a highly smooth, fluffy and nearly sheeted cheese.

8. Gouda Cheese

This is a Dutch origin cheese from the village of Gouda Southbound Netherlands. Excitingly, the flavor, taste, and texture of this cheese may differ much. Because of broad dissimilates in aging duration from 30 days to 3 years, hence two different kinds of gouda cheese can differ completely from each other depending upon aging time. Less aged cheese is gentle in taste with a slick, semisolid structure, elder Gouda is crumbly and hard, with a dense taste.

9. Gruyère Cheese

The Gruyère cheese is a Swiss cheese from Fribourg, Switzerland. It is a solid cheese with a thick, covenant surface and an enriched flavor depth.  The aging duration can range from 180 days to 1 year, also the longer is aging of cheese the better the texture will be. Either way, cheese ripens and so does the taste too.

10. Havarti Cheese

The Havarti cheese medium-hard Denmark table cheese. Similar to all other kinds of cheese, the taste of Havarti cheese grows as it ages more. The less aged Havarti has a gentle, creamy texture and a little salty taste. In comparison with elder categories still creamy and smooth yet has a sharper taste with a robust and tangy taste. It is a great pair when consumed with cured meat, fruit and wine while mostly everyone prefers the cheese to be grilled.

11. Mascarpone Cheese

This is a flexible cream cheese originating from Italy and can moreover be readied with cream or cow milk. Especially it’s a tender cheese and doesn’t need fermentation. It has numerous applications and spreads perfectly similar to cream cheese. Renowned food items do comprise of this cheese such as risotto, Italian dessert tiramisu, and various other cheesecakes.

12. Mozzarella Cheese

One of the most commonly known best cheese all across the globe. It is based from Southbound Italy and is prepared using the classic approach of using the Italian Buffalo milk. Although, quite recently, Mozzarella cheese from goat, sheep, cow’s, milk shrouded. There are 2 types of mozzarella which are dried and fresh.

13. Parmesan cheese (Parmigiano-Reggiano)

This makes it the 3rd cheese from Italy. It’s a crumbly, hard and dry cheese with a mighty and strong taste. People usually take it as a Parmesan cheese and it has safeguarded the label of POD status. This status implies that cheese is originated only from the home town based in Upstate Italy. This cheese generally swoops in untreated shape and it suffers an aging duration of 1 year to 3 years.

14. Pecorino Romano Cheese

The Pecorino Romano cheese is the world’s senior-most cheese types and when you have it, you will be able to understand the reason behind it. Also, it was an integral part of the usual diets for the Roman origins. Also, the Pecorino Romano cheese makes use of milk given by sheep and is very salty and hard. It is very much same in terms of appearance, but it flavors a lot sharper and saltier.

15. Ricotta Cheese

The Ricotta cheese is a smooth and tender Italian origin cheese prepared from Whey. The Ricotta cheese has a light, mildly sweet and fluffy textured which stands as the very familiarly known cheese all across the globe. Also, this cheese brags of having brilliant benefits in terms of nutritional aspects also. That being the only thing, it is comparatively underlying in calories in contrast with the various kinds of cheese substitutes and is a great protein source.

16. Roquefort Cheese

The Roquefort cheese is a France entrant in the realm of (gloomy) blue cheese and is recognized locally as the cheese champion. This cheese is originated or one can say readied from the milk of sheep and is aged in Roquefort-sur-Suzlon caves, Southbound France. Allegedly, such caves possess a specific kind of good bacteria in their land, which offers this blue colored cheese one of a kind quality. The research has come across the fact that it may help to stay protected against all cardiovascular (heart) illness.

17. Stilton Cheese

This is one of the most popular categories of cheese coming from England and the makers at present ship it across the globe. It has a rich and long chronicle as well and has played a crucial role in the diet of British ever since the beginning of Eighteen century. On the other hand, this cheese type is quite fragrant and tasteful, it is not sharp as different blue types of cheeses, as it brags of having a dense and smooth flavor. Cheese is having an abundance of thriving national advantages also and is a great source of K2 vitamin.

Final words

The ‘ideal cheese’ is highly cognitive & relies on one person to another. With that being acknowledged, in the event of you being on the hunt for the best health advantages, later take a close look for the cheese that is aged from animals primarily grazed on green pastures. Hardened cheese provides a great amount of Vitamin K2. Vintage, Parmesan and Gruyere cheddars are a brilliant pick for all the nutrient you can have. Nevertheless, every cheese type is having nutrients advantageous and possess an extensive range of essential proteins and vitamins. In a nutshell, the ideal cheese is merely the one an individual would prefer more.

This was the complete article on type of cheese. I hope this article on type of cheese was helpful to you and if you have any questions related to type of cheese then you can mention them in the comments.