Top 25 Tomboy Short Hairstyles To Steal From The Boys

One thing you should know about hairstyling is that there is something for all. Everyone will not be excluded when they are making their hair look good or getting a cut.

If a particular haircut isn’t available, it is possible to be the first to rock it, and soon it will be trendy. For any woman who does not want to wear fancy, feminine looks and is more prone to a masculine look.

There are some great hairstyles for these women. Tomboy short hairstyles are available in various styles, and they’re stunning.

With all their variations, One thing is clear and makes you stand out and express your style. Here, you’ll discover the top short hairstyles to get that perfect look.

You can experiment with them, and you’ll be pleased you have. These hairstyles are great for every kind of woman.

25 Best Tomboy Haircuts to Revive and Revamp Your Hairstyles

The success (or failure) of any style rests in our capacity to select the best hairstyle for our face. I completely imagine how confusing that could seem to someone who’s worn long hair for the entirety of their life. For you to get some ideas to get the perfect short hairstyle, I’ve picked some of the most popular tomboy haircuts for women.

1. Tomboy Short Fluffy Haircuts

Tomboy Short Fluffy Haircuts

Volume and more volume short curly hairstyles are all about getting the perfect volume for the messy but elegant hairstyle for bedheads. Be careful not to mistake it for poofy hair, however. A combination of messy hair and blowouts is what you want to get.

The most effective way to bring your hair’s fluffy idea to life is by using hot rollers. Make sure to blow dry your locs upside down to give additional movement in your hair.

For great shape and body, be sure to incorporate the correct volume-building and styling products in your care routine. The dry shampoo you wash between washings is essential to keeping the volume and minimizing frizz.

2. Tomboy Pixie Cuts

Tomboy Pixie Cuts

The easiest way to make pixie cuts appear feminine is by creating a few textures around the ends of the hair and the bangs. A soft, side-swept pixie with soft bangs is a timeless hairstyle that works perfectly with a minimal or no-makeup look. Wear it with an undercut if you are looking to make it stand out just a bit.

If this is your first time with fairies, I’d recommend a long pixie cut with face-frame layers. Longer pixie hairstyles provide more style flexibility than shorter cuts.

If, on the other hand, “go bold or go home” is your style mantra, opt for the short Pixie cut to give your hair a stunning, modern change.

Super short Pixie cuts are a stunning hairstyle for those with sharp eyes, angular features, and thick hair. For oval or round faces, an easy but elegant Pixie bob with a neat side can create the perfect, elegant style.

3. Tomboy Curly Pixie Cut

Tomboy Curly Pixie Cut

A great option for women who have long or curly hair. Tomboy curly cut pixie cuts look stunning straight up with minimal effort. To make it a more attractive look, you can pair the curly pixie cut with an undercut to keep the curls in the room tidy.

An asymmetrical curly pixie cut could be a great method to create a striking look on 3A-3B hair. On the one hand, it is short while longer, with loose hair strands touching the eyebrows, emphasizing the most prominent aspects of the angular face.

4. Medium Tomboy Haircuts

Medium Tomboy Haircuts

The creativity and style freedom that medium-length hair can provide is staggering. A side-shaved comb-over is an incredibly beautiful and bold hairstyle that is perfect for rebels. If you want a more soft and elegant look, opt for an asymmetric comb-over, with an angled side and a little extra volume at the base.

5. Messy Pompadour Undercut

Messy Pompadour Undercut

Get a glamorous look by messily slicing your pompadour. It’s one of the most popular hairstyles for African American women and is especially favored by women with round faces.

The length and perfectly aligned edges can dramatically slim your face. A holding spray and a few minutes at hand are all you require to achieve the appearance.

6. Korean Tomboy Haircut

Korean Tomboy Haircut

Make your hair more attractive with a stylish and cool Korean tomboy short Pixie, a sophisticated hairstyle that is low-maintenance and ideal for professional environments. Koreans have beautiful shiny and sleek hair.

To get it correct, take care of issues such as dryness and frizz. An anti-frizz spray and a shine serum are all you require to maintain this style. Choose the timeless Korean Bowl cut if you’d like your hairstyle to show your eternal passion for K-pop. The fringes should be swept up slightly to enhance the kawaii design.

7. Long Hair Tomboy Hairstyles

Long Hair Tomboy Hairstyles

The haircuts of Tomboy aren’t restricted to the world of short hair. Today, we live in a time where guys can wear long hair as if it’s no one’s business, and women can wear a boyish hairstyle. Long hairstyles with tomboys are the perfect balance between tomboyish and feminine hairstyles.

You can go for a simple look or add some sophistication by using the edges of fringes and tapered fringes with an abrasive back or pompadour. Bring some drama to your look with the multi-colored, chunky highlights, and you’re all set to impress everyone around you.

8. Androgynous Tomboy Haircuts

Androgynous Tomboy Haircuts

The gender-neutral and androgynous haircuts are a sharp slap at the notion that fashion rules must be different for all genders. A sophisticated and stylish haircut with the texture of a top or a cute hair tattoo shaved off the side gives an element of personality.

Gender-fluid hairstyles can be whatever you’d like them to be, and the only requirement is that there aren’t rules. You can take and combine elements of various hairstyles to create a masterpiece on your personal.

9. Short Cropped Bob

Short Cropped Bob

Popular for decades, short cropped bobs with layers of face-framing offer a lot of styling versatility. Make the classic bob an edgy hairstyle by choosing thick, choppy layers.

Do you want to show off your adventure? Cut an angled bob that is layered on one side and leave the other side shaved off to create a striking contrast. Make the style more lively by using a bright hair dye.

10. Short Shag

Short Shag

Short shaggy hairstyles used to be quite popular in the 1960s, and guess what? They’re making a big return.

Based on the look of it, the fashion is set to last. Short shag hairstyles are typically created by using a method of cutting with a razor to produce lots of texture, creating a complete appearance.

A short shag cut needs only styling tools and efforts and is, therefore, the ideal choice for those who want to maintain a simple style.

11. Mohawk


To put it simply, punk culture it’s about self-expression. Hairstyles that are punk-like mohawks have always been considered an expression of self-assured souls who don’t fear to be who they are. The Mohawk hairstyle involves shaving both sides of the hair, leaving a strip of hair in the middle.

Hairstyles can be styled using wax, hair gel hair dyes, and wax. There is no set and forget standard when it comes down to hairstyles for punks, which makes it so appealing.

12. Sharp Side Shave

Sharp Side Shave

A razor-sharp side shave and an A-line or textured top haircut create a stunning style that will draw the eye and cheekbones. Get the look with various patterns and lines for a more tailored style.

13. Longer Pixie Cut

Longer Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts don’t have to be short, and longer pixie doos can be an innovative, modern twist on traditional short hairstyles. Long pixies mix the longer top with shorter backs to create an asymmetrical appearance and look best with thick and medium-long straight hair.

14. Slicked and Short Tomboy Haircut

Slicked and Short Tomboy Haircut

Hair strands that are well-brushed back provide an elegant appearance. If you’ve cut your hair and want a style with some edge that doesn’t require much effort, the slicked-back hairstyle might be the right choice.

Hair must be at least 6 inches long to ensure that your hair doesn’t fall out. To add sheen, you can use pomade, gel, mousse, or wax. Use volumizing foam to lift the hair roots. Add a climate-proof finishing spray to hold your look.

15. Tousled Short Hair

Tousled Short Hair

A large, luscious bedhead is one of the best ways to fashion short or limp hair. The hair that has been blow-dried is gently and casually brushed using fingers, giving the hair an organic volume. Combine it with soft, wispy curls to emphasize the jawline and chin.

16. Textured Bob

Textured Bob

A textured bob is a more slender and sharper version of layered hair. The stylist uses razors or shears to cut off the hair’s ends to lessen the hair’s bluntness and create a lot of texture. If your hair appears flat, lightly spray the hair with a volume spray, this will give your hair a nice volume at the crown, and you’ll be good to go.

17. Short Sleek Bob

Short Sleek Bob

Nothing says elegance more than an elegant short sleek bob if executed correctly. If you’re taking the shag road, go for an angled bob cut to give additional depth.

Get ready to party like a supermodel straight from Vogue magazine, with your hair tied behind the ears to create an elegant, sharp style.

Make sure your hair has the shine they deserve by using an emollient conditioner after washing. Finish the style with a good anti-frizz and extra-strong serum.

18. Square Bob

Square Bob

Make your hair look more attractive by embracing a relaxed messy hairstyle that gives bounce motion, body, and bounces to your locks. A sleek box bob with a straight line is a beautiful hairstyle for women with oval, round and heart-shaped face shapes.

Have you ever thought about getting blonde? This could be your chance. Any shade of blonde will enhance the square lines at the nape. If you opt to sport this hairstyle, sweep them back so that you draw attention to your gorgeous eyes.

19. Shaggy Bob Haircut

Shaggy Bob Haircut

Short bobs are the ideal backdrop for this adorable and charming tomboy-next-door hairstyle. Shaggy short hairstyles have been traditionally loved by those with round or oval faces as the layers of face-framing help conceal the face’s wideness and reduce the face’s appearance.

Furthermore, it’s much easier to make limp and fine hair appear thick and full by playing around with hair layers, angles and. The trick to getting the right look is increasing volume wherever required.

20. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob style is back, and I’m then. The style is perfect for virtually any face shape or hairstyle, and you will have lots of fun with the longer part of the bob however you want.

Relax and enjoy the beach by gently tugging the long strands or brushing the ends with a gentle stroke to create a clean, professional appearance.

21. Pompadour


Allow your adventurous side to reign supreme by rocking this wild hairstyle. The highly elevated and ratted or teased top makes a statement by itself. If you’d like to add some spice to your look, color your hair in vibrant hues.

Make an impact with two contrasting colors, like black for the roots and blonde or dark brown highlights. A quality holding spray is ideal for shaping and creating exquisite pomp on the top.

22. Volumized Pixie

Volumized Pixie

This trendy, low-key cut is a gift from the heavens for women who have short and fine hair or who are currently suffering from an extreme hair loss issue.

To create the illusion of greater volume, stylists should maintain the sides and the top longer than the standard pixie. The cutting technique is vital to attain the proper volume and structure.

23. Spiky Tomboy Haircut

Spiky Tomboy Haircut

Let all cautionary tales go towards the wind by sporting this hairstyle which has been popular with fashionable Gamine ladies since the 90s. This haircut’s masculine. The rough look is the mark of a true rebel.

Hair must be thick and long to create an amount that will give the spiky appearance its distinctive shape and body.

24. Tomboy Undercut Hairstyle

Tomboy Undercut Hairstyle

Create a hairstyle that is more androgynous and stands out by wearing this simple and stylish hairstyle. The shaved areas on the sides and back, along with a longer top, create a striking appearance.

There are a variety of styles to try using an undercut cut. Cut the hair from the top into a slick mohawk, and make it look more dramatic and vibrant by using a two-toned effect.

25. Quiff Tomboy Haircut

Quiff Tomboy Haircut

A sleek side part with the buzzed sides and a soft quiff look stylish and sophisticated. Quiffs are an enhanced variant of the spike. I am amazed by how a parakeet whiff can radiate masculine vibrancy and appear elegantly feminine while at the same time.

Using hair wax is the most efficient method to style and shape the quiff. Cut the sides cleanly to create a physical separation of the quiff if you’re looking for an unpretentious, more edgy style.

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