Latest 28 Stunning Saweetie Without Makeup Photos 2022

It’s like it’s been a while since Saweetie became a household name thanks to her viral hit song from 2017, “Icy Girl.” Since then, she has been an American singer who has always been on our radar, making even more hits and has her first studio album coming this year. 

The gorgeous performer has been able to blend business and glamor with beauty and is doing extremely well! It’s a fact since the rapper doesn’t play around with her looks as her gorgeous fashions are always glowing. 

In reality, with that adorable tiny face that she is always spotting the most beautiful makeup styles, Saweetie is undeniably one of America’s most gorgeous rappers.

You’ve seen her several times looking gorgeous in a flawlessly created look. However, have you ever had the pleasure of seeing Saweetie without makeup? Prepare yourself for being given a whole slew of beauty.  In this article, we’ll show you her natural photographs, without makeup, to look at.

Best Stunning Saweetie without makeup Photos 2022

1. Enjoying The Sun

saweetie without makeup

Saweetie loves to play and has large followers on social media. This is why she shares fun reels now and again with her followers on Instagram. This Saweetie without makeup image is from an enjoyable reel. She is radiant when she slays the sun wearing her merchandise.

2. Fun With The Fam

saweetie without makeup

She’s creative and is a master in what she can do. However, her talent isn’t limited to rhymes. We see Saweetie with no makeup on as she enjoys moments with family and creates faces for the cameras.

3. After Shower

saweetie without makeup

The most beautiful Saweetie photos of her without makeup to ever exist are those that were taken following the shower. This is also a sure method of knowing she’s not wearing makeup. She looks like a princess while enjoying herself.

4. Saweetie Without Makeup

saweetie without makeup

In the absence of makeup, she could look like the Snack. That’s why she was awarded McDonald’s Meal named after her, just like the K-pop boy group BTS. Although she’s sporting her lip gloss and liner in this photo, she’s completely makeup-free.

5. With Quavo

saweetie without makeup

Here is Saweetie in a natural look, posing without makeup with Quavo who she has been engaged to since 2018. The two first met when Quavo slipped into her DMs. Their romance ended abruptly in 2021 when the rapper announced the announcement herself.

6. Icy Girl

saweetie without makeup

Saweetie has a great time riding from her successes in the world of music. She began posting songs via Instagram and Soundcloud but is now singing hit after hit. She has also worked with famous singers, such as Gwen Stefani and Doja Cat. However, it was her hit single Icy Girl that threw her into the spotlight.

7. Saweetie, The Rapper

saweetie without makeup

Diamante Quinava, also known as Valentin Harper, an American rapper from America, goes under the stage name Saweetie. The popularity of her music increased due to her popularity. 

She was awe-inspiring to everyone who heard her music and her fashion sense. And then, there was the Saweetie no makeup picture that created a buzz online since it gave an exclusive glimpse of how she looked in the real world.

8. Ice cream Is Delicious

saweetie without makeup

Saweetie earned the stage name she uses from her mother. Her grandmother would refer to her as Saweetie as grandmas do, and when it was time that she was her Best Friend’s singer decided to use the stage name as her own. Here we are with Saweetie with no makeup, having ice cream.

9. Clicked On The Street

saweetie without makeup

Her journey started with posting short lyrics on Instagram in 2012 and has since taken her to the point that her singles have been certified platinum. She’s been able to create a massively lucrative music career in just the last few years. 

However, it was a dream she could see when she was just 14. She is now so famous that people want to click the Saweetie with no makeup while she is out and about in her day.

10. Before The Makeup

saweetie without makeup

We saw Saweetie sans makeup when she appeared in a video in Vogue for 2020. The Tap In singer was very transparent about her routine for her skin as well as her makeup routine.

11. Saweetie Natural Hair

saweetie without makeup

Saweetie is often seen with long, straight hair during red carpet occasions. Also, she prefers dazzling wigs. This has led to people thinking about her hairstyle. We asked, and we took note. This is the Saweetie original hair picture you’ve been looking forward to.

12. One From The Old Albums

saweetie without makeup

A post on Saweetie without makeup is not complete without a photo from her youth. She’s always loved photography and has always looked impressive before it.

13. Fitness Is Important

saweetie without makeup

Saweetie is very serious about her fitness and adheres to a strict workout routine. While she sweats at the fitness center and shows off her achievements, we can get more and more Saweetie without makeup photos.

14. Not Just A Musician

saweetie without makeup

Sweetie’s natural look is to die for, no doubt. But did you know that her abilities aren’t just limited to her musical career? She tried her hand at acting, making her debut as an actor during the 3rd season of the popular show”Grown-ish.

15. Beach Baby

saweetie without makeup

It is possible that she was riding that Icy Girl wave, but even before she wasIcy Bae, she was always the beach baby. She is a lover of the beach. The Saweetie photos without makeup from the beach send the internet into the air in a frenzy.

16. Mirror Selfie

saweetie without makeup

Here’s the Saweetie without makeup photo from the early days of her career. She’s always been a determined young woman.

Although she has several famous family members in the industry of musical entertainment, she was determined to be able to stand under her talents. This is exactly what she did. She said in an interview:

“I believe in self-made and figuring things out by myself. Own…I’ve always been motivated by my efforts. Therefore instead of seeking assistance, I wanted to see if I could accomplish it by myself.”

17. Saweetie No Makeup Selfie

saweetie without makeup

This Saweetie photo without makeup is enhanced with a filter. However, you can observe how gorgeous she could look even without makeup.

18. Saweetie Natural Look

saweetie without makeup

Now that she’s an immense model, she will look her best whenever she goes out. From her attire to her hairstyle and makeup, Everything is flawless. 

Of course, it’s a major issue when photos of the Sweetie’s natural look are revealed. She is stunning even without the glamor.

19. Saweetie With Bandana

saweetie without makeup

Saweetie is a fan of shopping and is frequently seen on street corners in New York. Therefore, there must be a Saweetie with no makeup, you think? There is one right here. She is charming, comfortable, and chic when she’s out.

20. Like A Model

saweetie without makeup

Saweetie is stunning and chic. She is a star in her music career and is popular today. She has appeared on the covers of numerous magazines, including Cosmopolitan, W Magazine, Teen Vogue, and many more. It’s not surprising to be able to see her smile so gracefully in this Saweetie with no makeup.

21. With Friends

saweetie without makeup

Here’s a Saweetie with no makeup as she spends her holiday days with her pals. She’s even released a hit single, Best Friends with Doja Cat. The music video was a hit in the same way it celebrated women’s camaraderie and criticized the misogyny women have to confront.

22. Role Model

saweetie without makeup

Saweetie is an extremely strong woman who is a role model all over the globe. She has always been a dedicated worker. She was a hard worker to get her degree and later displayed the same commitment to her career in music. She also has been a strip-club member and credits her experience with enhancing her determination to help women.

23. College Rocks

saweetie without makeup

Saweetie was interested in pursuing a career in music. However, she was also determined to complete her education. She studied business and communications at her school, the University of Southern California, and graduated in 2016. She states, “Being educated is fly.” Remember that, people. Learning is fun, and your favorite rapper believes it too.

24. Sunny Day Out

saweetie without makeup

The natural hair of Saweetie is gorgeous and looks stunning as her My Type singer went cycling on her vacation days. It was a day, and she took advantage of it.

25. Filipino Roots

saweetie without makeup

Saweetie is a native of and was raised in America; however, she has Filipino roots from her mom’s side. She has visited the Philippines several times. This picture of Saweetie without makeup is from her time on Entalula Island in El Nido, Palawan, during her 2012 trip to the Philippines.

26. Saweetie projects her skincare habit

saweetie without makeup

The stars are extremely conscious of their pores and skin. If your skin and pores appear to be in good order, the rest of your day is filled with energy, but contrary to that, the appearance of your pores and skin could lower your mood and negatively impact your life. 

So, celebrities pay a lot of attention to their pores and skin, and they can be aware of the changes and follow the pattern designed for them. 

In the same way, the popular artist Saweetie posted an image graph on the public platform where she shared with her admirers the skincare routines she adheres to for an elegant and beautiful look. 

The image required the attention of the world’s biggest name to wash her face. She felt the need to get rid of the makeup. The name brand eliminated all the cosmetics, excluding the eyelashes.

27. Simple and ordinary appearance

saweetie without makeup

The fans always have to see their favorite stars at the top of their game and need to show a more beneficial shift. Saweetie posted a picture of her hair dyed and a regular look for a normal business. The lovebirds were taken by shock. 

Because the lovebirds are long enough, they are no longer waiting for this news to become as significant as news. 

The fans left their feedback and indicated that the image had changed Saweetie from being a lovely star to a normal or even a simple-looking girl. 

But this isn’t completely true, given that she is stylish and stunning in the photo. The two have many plausible reasons.

28. A single eyelash reveals everything

saweetie without makeup

Eyelashes completely alter the facial features of an individual. That’s why famous people use cosmetics and aesthetics to ensure they have the perfect appearance for their eyelashes. 

The famous star posted a photo on the internet where she was not wearing any makeup, and her face was evident, sporting the shortest eyelashes. The celebrity also has curly hair in this photo, which is an ideal choice for those looking for beautiful photos without makeup.


What is Saweetie Real name?

While she is professionally known as the gifted Saweetie, You’ll be amazed by the difference in her name from the stage title. Saweetie was born as Diamonte Quiava-Vilar Harper.

What is Saweetie Height and Weight?

Sweetie’s height is between 5 feet 5 inches, with her body weight of 55-60kg.

What is Saweetie Nationality?

Saweetie is an American. She was born to a Filipina-Chinese mom and an African American father in Santa Clara, California, United States.

What is Saweetie Net worth?

At 28, the Carli-native rapper is now a millionaire, a famous and successful rapper with an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Who is Saweetie Boyfriend?

After separating from her ex-boyfriend Quavo at the beginning of 2021, Saweetie has been officially unmarried and has not publicly announced commitments. 


Understanding the person behind the name requires more than internet records. It is important to dig deeper into the data to understand their life from a greater perspective and identify the elements influencing their lifestyle choices. 

Particularly for female stars, It is of most importance to recognize their lives in the past, and the Saweetie photos without makeup can be very helpful in this regard.