Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 40 In 2022

You’re now over 40. You don’t need to look young anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t style your hair stylishly and coolly. It’s time to update your hairstyle if you have been cutting your hair the same way since your 20s.

Although you might have some gray hair and your hair may be thinner than it used to, there are still amazing hairstyles that you can try.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the best hairstyles for men aged 40 and over to show you that you can still look vibrant and young well into your middle years!

Latest Best Hairstyles For Men Over 40 in 2022

Keep in mind the shape of your head and the existing hairline, and you’ll see you have many options. A good hairstyle can make you appear younger and give you the illusion that you don’t have any hair problems. You can make a big difference with clever styling.

1. Crew Cut Hairstyle

Crew Cut Hairstyle

Men over forty are more likely to lose their hair at the front. This style is low-maintenance and perfect for older men who still want a fashionable look.

Let your hair fall over your receding hairline when styling. This will give the illusion of fullness, which is exactly what you want.

You will need straight hair for this look, and waves won’t set as well as straight hair. To make the volume of the central part of your hair stand out, keep the sides short.

2. Faded Comb over Haircut

Faded Comb over Haircut

If your thick hair hasn’t lost its shine over the years, you can still flaunt it. You don’t have to be embarrassed by a bit of widow’s peak to try the comb-over haircut.

The gray-black hair color makes this style even more interesting, also known as the salt-and-pepper look. To make the brushed-back portion of your hair stand out to everyone else, keep the sides of your hair uncovered.

3. Style: Spiky undercut hairstyle

Style Spiky undercut hairstyle

Hair fall can be solved by cutting your hair very short. A hairdresser will tell you that hair fall is more common the longer your hair stays, and it should be kept short and not too long.

4. Side Part Comb Over Hairstyle

Side Part Comb Over Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for today’s busy man. This look looks great with blazers and suits. Start by washing your hair with trusted hair products.

Next, create a parting along any side of your head that you feel is best. Next, use a fine-tooth comb to start combing your hair backward from the side of the parting. You are now ready to get the look of your dreams.

5. Swept Back Long Hairstyle

Swept Back Long Hairstyle

You can try this hairstyle if you don’t mind a widow’s peak. You don’t have to stop if you love your long hair. You can keep your shoulder-length, wavy hair the way it is. Just add some style touches. As the hair should be brushed backward, use a wide-toothed brush. Allow your gray hair to play peekaboo.

6. Receding Hairline Messy Short Haircut

Receding Hairline Messy Short Haircut

Do not fret if your receding hairline is a problem. This problem affects most men over 40. This hairstyle will help you get through the recession. You don’t want to increase hair loss by keeping your hair shorter.

Do not comb the hair in the middle of your head. To achieve the desired look, brush the hair neatly on the sides and back.

7. Short Pompadour Hairstyle

Short Pompadour Hairstyle

This short pompadour haircut is a great choice if you are looking for a trendy hairstyle that looks good on all ages. This hairstyle is best for men with oval-shaped faces or slightly longer faces.

This shows a bit of a receding hairline on the sides of your head. This look is quite flattering because the pompadour stands out due to the shorter hair at the sides. Keep the pompadour’s height low.

8. Very Short Haircut With Beard

Very Short Haircut With Beard

You can make some hairstyles look even better when you pair them with beards. This is one such hairstyle. This hairstyle is very short and messy in the front, and the beard distracts you from having less hair. A medium-length beard can make you look extremely sexy. A white beard and dark hair make for striking color contrast.

9. Medium-length slicked back hairstyle

Medium-length slicked back hairstyle

True, not all men will like very short, or cropped hair, and too-long hair can be too bothersome for busy men. For them, medium-length hair is ideal. For this hairstyle, you will need to comb your hair, and it will need to give your hair a sleek look. This hairstyle can be achieved with hair wax or pomade.

10. A style for short curly hair

A style for short curly hair

If you have curly or thick hair, you are one lucky guy. This hairstyle is almost maintenance-free and will make you happy. This style is also great for men with naturally curly hair. A good hairstylist will give you the perfect curls. This one is easy: you can just run your hands through your hair once it has been pre-washed.

11. Swept Back Hairstyle

Swept Back Hairstyle

The way layers frame a face is one of the main reasons they look so amazing. The hair adds volume and texture, making it suitable for everyone regardless of their face shape. Your shoulder-length hair should be cut into layers.

To give your hair a tousled look, bob it loosely. The hair will not need to be parted in the middle, but it should look like it was swept back from its central parting.

12. Medium-Male Hairstyle with Fringe

Medium-Male Hairstyle with Fringe

The return of fringes has been a big hit in the hairstyle world. Don’t think that only young men can sport fringes, and you can also get fringes put on your hair.

The only difference is that the young men tend to have their fringes messy, not neat. The medium-length hair is left messy, and the fringes that cover your forehead are also messy.

13. For men with straight hair, long hairstyles

For men with straight hair, long hairstyles

This hairstyle shows that you don’t have to give up on long hair and highlights; straight hair is required. If you don’t have straight hair naturally, straighten it with hair straighteners.

For highlights, try the balayage method of styling your hair. You can use lighter shades of color to contrast your darker hair. This looks trendy, but it’s not too extravagant.

14. Hard Side Slicked Hairstyle

Hard Side Slicked Hairstyle

This is the classic side-slicked look. This hairstyle is a favorite of men over 40 years old. This sophisticated and elegant look is easy to love. After the hair has been conditioned with plenty of wax or gel, it is slicked to one end using a fine-toothed brush. It doesn’t matter if you have dark, blonde, or brunette hair.

 15. Razor Side Part Fade haircut

Razor Side Part Fade haircut

This hairstyle is fun and quirky but also functional. This cleverly conceals any flaws in your hair or hairline. A neat parting is made to the left with a razor, and the parting has been completely shaved. The hair to the right of the parting is medium in length.

The hair is then brushed to the sides. A slightly raised wave is added to the front to make your hair appear thicker. This will ensure that you are the center of attention everywhere.

 16. Salt and Pepper Curls

Salt and Pepper Curls

To show off some color contrast, messy curls can naturally result from graying hair. You can curl these curls with a curling cream for more visible ringlets.

They look great with natural stubble or a lighter beard, depending on your preference. Your hair will look more natural and healthier the less you color it, and this fun and elegant style will help you age gracefully.

17. Hipster Man Bun with Full Beard

Hipster Man Bun with Full Beard

You may have been a hippie-styled hair styler your whole life. Why not bring your style to your 40s? For men who want to look trendy and rugged, a casual man bun with a full mustache is a great choice.

18. Short but precise

Short but precise

This hairstyle is perfect for elegant men. This look can be achieved by cutting your hair shorter and fading both sides. Next, style your hair with a gel or stronghold styling spray, and this will make you look polished and neat while being easy to maintain.

19. Short Chop with Receding Hairline

Short Chop with Receding Hairline

It’s time to show off your receding hairline gracefully by getting a neat and tidy haircut. You don’t have to look old, but it is okay to show your age confidently. For busy men, a short, choppy cut is the best hairstyle, and it is easy to style and clean every day.

20. Sleek Pompadour with Beard

Sleek Pompadour with Beard

A slick-back pompadour paired with a natural mustache speaks elegance and luxury like this. This hairstyle exudes old-money vibes. This timeless, classic style doesn’t require you to be a billionaire.

21. Messy Spikes

Messy Spikes

This hairstyle is easy to manage, no matter what time it is. This hairstyle can be worn with a shaved side for a more modern and clean look. This hairstyle is perfect for men in their 40s who want to appear effortlessly put together.

22. A Head Full Of Waves

A Head Full Of Waves

For full, luscious hair, messy hair with natural waves may be the best option. You can get a perm if you don’t have naturally wavy hair, and this style is best if you have a light beard that highlights your gray hair.

23. A sleek side-swept hairstyle with a beard

A sleek side-swept hairstyle with a beard

A sleek, elegant side-swept style with a natural white hairstyle is the ultimate in grace and class. Graying hair and a natural beard show how content you feel with your age, giving your appearance an air of luxury and seriousness.

24. Messy and Unrelated Dreads

Messy and Unrelated Dreads

If your dreadlocks have become loose, you don’t have to keep re-doing them. You can get a quick haircut while your dreads are still in place and let them grow naturally.

25. Smart Short Quiff

Smart Short Quiff

For business-oriented men, a spiky quiff is the best choice. It can be paired with salt-and-pepper stubble, giving you a bright look and showing that you are responsible. Different shades of gay can add texture to your beard.


Is it okay for a man to have long hair after age 40?

Men over 40 can have long hair; for men over 40, long hair should be well-kept. If you have naturally curly hair, a cut that doesn’t shave your hair and keeps it curled is the best option.

Can a haircut give men over 40 a younger look?

Men over 40 can look younger by getting a shorter cut on one side and a longer length on the top. A neat haircut is another key to appearing younger after 40. For a younger look, a neat haircut is key. You should choose a cut that flatters your face if you’re bald. Thinning hair makes you appear older.

Are men over 40 able to use the man bun?

A man bun is appropriate for men over 40 if the hair is long enough to support it. A man bun won’t look as good if you have long hair. These Hairstyles for Men over 40 will provide great tips and ideas on how to style your hair. You don’t have to be a stumbling block when trying new hairstyles, and you can take your age with you and decide how you want your hair to look.