Cute Shoulder Length Little Girl Haircuts Ideas in 2022

Young age is a wonderful time to experiment with your appearance, try new styles, and be stunning. Unfortunately, people get more conservative as they age. Young girls have many options for how to style their hair, regardless of length or color. You will be able to choose from the best haircuts for girls.

It’s important to make a wise decision about your haircut. This will be the foundation for all future styles. You want it to be easy to wear daily but also allow for more extravagant styles when you go out.

The rule of thumb is that shorter hair means less freedom. This is a controversial statement because modern haircuts often combine contrasting textures, unusual angles, and stately edges, which gives you more options to make each look different.

15+ Shoulder Length Little Girl Haircuts Ideas in 2022

While bobs, shags, and layered pixies are still very popular, many of these styles have modern twists. The long side-swept bangs look great with any modern haircut. Take a look at the gallery!

1. Cute Pink Strip of Color

Cute pink strip of color

Cute hairstyles for girls are often all about the details. You can have fun with your little one and add quirky touches. A funky pink hairdo down the side of a girl’s head is a great way for her to look more youthful and modern.

2. Clean Bob Haircut

Clean Bob Haircut

A short haircut for little girls is cute and classic. A wavy, blonde bob can be a great choice for little girls. It’s easy to manage, and it will look good. Air dry and then run (or walk) out the door. Easy is the best word when you have a toddler girl to keep track of.

3. Angled Lob Cut For Girls

Angled Lob Cut For Girls

Little girls may be very particular about their hairstyle, and it’s important to keep it simple and flattering for all textures. A bob cut at an angle is a good option for short hair, and this style will please both you and your little girl.

4. Long, cute layers

Long, cute layers

Change your child’s Plain Jane shoulder-length haircut. You can give your little one dimension and shape by adding layers to the bottom of her medium haircut. Although the effect is minimal, it can make a big difference to the look of your hair. The layers add life to the look, making it more dynamic and moveable.

5. High-Low haircut

High-Low haircut

Medium and short haircuts are for girls that include chin-length blunt hairstyles. Your little girl deserves a stylish and trendy hairstyle, and you can give your little one a chic, edgy, cute bob. This cut is easy to style and manage, which makes it a great choice for busy moms.

6. Textured Bob for straight, fine hair

Textured Bob for straight, fine hair

Fine hair can be styled in a medium-length bob with a slight texture. The haircuts for girls should be easy to style, and the hair will look shiny and sun-kissed with the honey-blonde color.

7. Layered Bob

Layered Bob

This technique, similar to the web, is another way to add glamor to a straight-laced haircut. Your hair should be cut short, in the same style as a bob. Ask your stylist to add layers. This trendy haircut is great for girls with round faces. This short haircut for women can be paired with cute clips to make it stand out from the crowd.

8. Long, classic uniform

Long, classic uniform

This long cut could be for you if you are a girl who loves timeless and classic trends. Your hairdresser should cut your hair to a length equal to yours. Pro tip: Use razors instead of scissors to cut your hair, and this can give a classic look and a modern twist.

9. A messy, shaggy look

A messy, shaggy look

The messy bangs and bob look is perfect for you if your style is effortless but cool. This gives you a hipster look while maintaining a feminine, detached appearance. The best thing? The best part? This is ideal if you prefer to spend your mornings responding to important emails rather than worrying about your hair.

10. Medium-wavy cut with bangs

Medium-wavy cut with bangs

Another one of those styles that girls refuse to let go of the latest trends is this haircut. This haircut is easy to style and can enhance your face shape. You can style your hair with beachy waves or add some color to it.

11. Extremely short bangs and bob

Extremely short bangs and bob

This look is for those who love to experiment with their hair regularly. This bold style can be a great way to show your inner diva. Ask your stylist to cut it very short when you get a bob.

You can choose the length that suits you best, from just below your temples to completely covering your ears. You can add some short bangs to an experimental short bob for more flair.

12. Razor cut for a short, pixie-style hairstyle with an undercut

Razor cut for a short, pixie-style hairstyle with an undercut

This is for those ladies with beautiful curls or waves who don’t know how to style them. This is a classic example of how an undercut can add a little edge to even the most basic hairstyles.

You can do a short pixie with most of your hair on one side, and you can now channel the rockstar spirit of the 90s by slicing off a small portion of your hair on the opposite side.

13. Wavy, short, and equal-length hairstyle

Wavy, short, and equal-length hairstyle

This chic haircut for girls is a stylish head-turner and will make you feel like you just returned from New York Fashion Week. This simple, modern hairstyle for girls is a favorite; it never fails to highlight the best in you.

Although the idea behind this cut has been modified over the years, it remains the same. You need to cut your hair at a standard length, add some barely-there waves and have your new trendy haircut. Accessorize your hair with a stylish hairband.

14. A short pixie with straight hair

A short pixie with straight hair

We’ve been talking about pixie hairstyles for years. The pixie cut is the most popular unorthodox hairstyle for women. This variation can be used if you have straight hair.

You can style your straight hair in a pixie cut for a more sophisticated look and add an undercut. It’s sleek, chic, and extremely sexy. For a stunning look, you can temporarily color your undercut.

15. Medium hair can have bobs

Medium hair can have bobs

This stylish haircut is perfect for medium-length hair. This trendy haircut is suitable for any occasion, from casual to formal. You will be the funkiest, funky woman with these cute bangs.

16. Trending undercut

Trending undercut

All haircuts for girls serve the same purpose: to allow one to express themselves. A designer undercut is a great option if you want something unique.

Ask your hairdresser to cut your undercut in the shape you desire. What’s the best part? You can cover up your look if you find this style too formal. It’s that easy!

17. Basic Undercut

Basic Undercut

If you don’t like the style above but still want to be trendy, why not try a simple undercut? This style can give your look an extra boost without looking too flashy.

You can choose the area that is most suitable for you based on your preference, and this will enhance your physical aesthetic. You can do double-takes by putting your hair up in a ponytail.

18. Back are short bangs

Back are short bangs

It’s the trends that we least expect to return, like bell-bottoms or chokers. Short bangs, a 90s favorite, are back with a bang. This trendy haircut for girls may make you nervous, but it is a great way to show your glam side.

The short, eccentric bangs are a great way to emphasize petite features, especially for women with small, round faces.

19. Blonde Ends

Blonde Ends

You should laugh at anyone who calls you a blonde, even if it is to insult you. You might share this article with those who are still skeptical. Y’know, as empirical evidence. Despite the jokes, the popular blonde ends with dark hair have been a hugely popular look over the years.

20. Burgundy babe

Burgundy babe

Burgundy, a vibrant and sophisticated color that compliments skin tones well, is a great choice. You can color your entire hair or just a few sections with highlights, and you also have the option to dye your ends a vibrant burgundy.

21. Pastel colors are pretty

Pastel colors are pretty

This is a relatively new entry to the list of trendy hairstyles for girls. Pastel colors are very soothing for the eyes and pleasant to look at. Why not try a pastel color for your hair this year?

There are many pastel shades available. A pastel hair color could make you stand out from the mango people, regardless of whether you prefer pink or purple.

22. Charismatic Coral

Charismatic Coral

Despite the many variations in Indian skin tones’ appearances, warm colors will always bring out the best parts of us. A coral shade can make your hair stand out and show your personality. You can color the tips of your hair to add some color to your everyday look if you’re intrigued by the idea of having a bright coral head of hair.

23. Ombre Obsession

Ombre Obsession

Ombre hair is a popular choice and never goes out of style. An ombre style is a way to add elegance and class to your hair by gradually mixing different colors, usually from darker to lighter tones. This look is sophisticated and modern for today’s stylish woman.

24. Teal the deal

Ombre Obsession

Teal is one of women’s most popular hair colors, and this bold and vibrant combination of blue and green creates a mysterious crown of hair. If Kylie Jenner’s teal hair isn’t proof of her style enough, how about this?


Q. What to Consider Before choosing hairstyle?

When choosing a hairstyle, there are many things to consider. Consider how it compliments your face structure, highlights your best features, and how it enhances your confidence.

The choice of hairstyle for a woman is a major part of her personality, and I recommend choosing the best style that suits you based on your taste and discretion.

Q. I want to experiment with my hair, but I work for a very formal organization. What can I do to add some personality to my hairstyles?

You can choose from many different hairstyles for girls without having to compromise on your professional standards. You can choose from light layers or heavy bangs, depending on the length of your hair. For the option of pining them up, make sure your bangs are long enough.

You can go for something edgier by getting a simple undercut, and this is easy to hide with your hair down. Choose subtle browns for your hair colors. You can go full brunette, or you could even sport some highlights.

We recommend sticking to simple pins and scrunchies with muted, sober colors for accessories. Depending on the rules of your workplace, you might also consider light-colored hairbands.

Q.My curly hair is getting too much. What type of hairstyle should I try?

You can have beautiful ringlets, but you want to make a change. You can choose to smoothen your hair or do a rebonding process. A shorter, more unconventional cut is a good option if you have medium to long hair. It would help if you considered a pixie cut with undercuts. You can dye your hair your favorite shade if you want a change requiring less commitment.