Top 20 Amazing Short Haircuts For Women In 2022

If you’re planning to change your hairstyle in 2022, then look at these top short hairstyles for females. They’ll give you ideas for the coming year! In the same way, even if you have short hair but are bored with your current hairstyle, you can opt not to change your hairstyle too much.

However, it would be best to consider a new and exciting style. A simple thing as highlights or even cutting off a few inches could make all the difference.

For ladies who have long hair, who are planning to cut it, we have some intriguing ideas for shags, bobs, long hairstyles, etc. Scroll down to see the latest images!

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Frankie Sandford short hairstyle – A sexy short cut with side-swept bangs

The casual, young cut keeps the attention on the gorgeous brown eyes of Frankie and her fashionable red lipstick. The Asymmetrical bob is a classic style that always gives modern vibes and conveys a distinct yet feminine appearance.

The short side of the profile is skillfully laid down into sharp, cute areas that frame the eyes and focus attention on the cheekbone. The rest of your hair has been cut into long, sleek layers that create an amazing side-swept, smooth fringe that blends seamlessly with the contour.

Karlie Kloss Short Style Cute short wavy hairstyle with side-swept bangs

Ideal for a modern ‘undone style, this young style is suitable for women of all ages. The appearance is natural, with a few ‘cut-off’ waves that add volume to the sides. One side is hidden behind one to create a comfortable accent of symmetry.

The parting is slightly off-center and gently parted to expose the forehead. Karlie’s healthy and shiny hair frames her features and emphasizes her eyes in a carefree hairstyle that is perfect for hair that is fine!

Jane Fonda Short Hairstyle with layers for mature women over 60

Jane hasn’t lost the exquisite sense of style she possessed throughout her lengthy acting career. The style she wears suits her perfectly, with an elegantly side-swept fringe that covers the inconvenient forehead lines and is reduced towards the temples.

This makes the perfect frame for her gorgeous eyes. The color scheme ensures that her style is always fresh by blending warm blonde tones, neutral and light brown!

Selita Ebanks’s short hairstyle is a fashionable deep straight side-parted straight hairstyle for women

Selita Ebanks's short hairstyle

With hair pinned close to the head and the cute shoulder-over-shoulder look, the style reminds us of the retro look of the 1930s. But, the stunning color contrast and cutting technique create a trendy and contemporary look! However, this is a “pixie-cut,” not as we have come to know it! If you’re looking to create an impressive, modern-day style, copy this!

Lauren Conrad short hairstyle – beautiful medium length ombre bob hairstyle with long bangs

Lauren Conrad short hairstyle

Lauren is keeping us guessing with this picture of an Asymmetric medium-length hairstyle. Is her hair cut to one side, or is it an appealing twist to the “false bob”? We believe it’s a fake hairstyle, illustrating how versatile haircuts for bobs are!

The beautiful ombre runs down from a light golden brown end with one of the newest shades of golden that truly make the hair appear like “spun-gold” thread! With long locks adorning the lower part of her face and modern, sexy curls, Lauren is stunning in this stunning red-carpet photo!

Cindi Leive Short Hairstyle Chic side-parting haircut of a fairy with bangs

Cindi Leive Short Hairstyle

Another attractive variant of the shorter haircut has an angled side parting and a side-swept, asymmetrical fringe. The shorter version features a fringe that emphasizes Cindy’s forehead. It’s perfect for ladies who wish to add a bit of length to their faces.

The mid-brown shade has subtle coppery highlights that give dimension and stunningly compliment Cindy’s brown eyes. The subtle highlights look natural and are perfect for making fine hair appear thicker!

Anne Hathaway Short Hairstyle – An iconic short pixie cut perfect for summer

Anne Hathaway Short Hairstyle

Anne’s stunning cut, featuring its side-swept, symmetrical fringe and short side points, emphasizes her dark brown eyes. Everyone agrees that she looks younger and lives in a flattering, short haircut.

She reflects the change by switching between blonde, a major fashion, and her dark brown hair. With short hair, it’s simple to switch colors to stay on top of every trend!

Frankie Sandford Short Hairstyle – Cute shortcut with highlights

It’s a sharp asymmetric cut that makes beautiful geometric shapes on Frankie’s face. The parting of the side on the lower side is cut on the sides, creating an angle to the profile. It is made with exact side points before the ear is cut to emphasize the cheekbones and eyes.

Overall, this shape is a stunning sleek round shape cut upwards at the crown. The longer length of the side is swept down to the forehead and the other eye for a stylish appearance. This style is easy to maintain and is perfect for people with thick straight hair with natural volume!

Braids for short hair (Cute hairstyle for short hair)

This is an amazing new style that we’ve not seen before! The hair is cut to a beautiful long chin-length bob that is layered, with only an ounce of curl apparent in the beautiful shape that appears in perspective.

In keeping with the current trends, the design has some natural volume at the top, as well as the forehead is highlighted with a gorgeous twist.

In addition to the stunning appearance, another tress is gently braided along the sides and secured under the hair’s back section.

The loose side tresses over the ear soften the lines, and the stunning somber technique provides subtle highlights that work wonderfully with the darker blonde color of the base.

Cute short hairstyle for women with spiked cut pixie

Cute short hairstyle for women with spiked

Photographed in white and black to highlight the sharp razor cut edges and jagged look, the pixie cut is an extremely ‘hip’ image. The ends are made of textured material to create sharp spiky tips.

They are then made into a trendy cockscomb quaff at one’s head’s top. This gives a nice height at the top and above the short fringe, with a feathered edge, softening the line along the forehead.

The back and sides are cut into tapered, long tips to emphasize the jawline. They finish off with a smooth edge around the nape of the neck. A great look for a cool individual image that flatters your face beautifully!

Amanda Forrest Short Hairstyle – Cute spiked short hairstyle for women

Amanda Forrest Short Hairstyle

Always a pioneer in fashion, Amanda’s curly cut featuring a rough texture showcases her unique personality and love of her fashion. Her dark brown base color is highlighted throughout by a cool, light blonde.

The front portion is styled in a distinct quiff, which creates an attractive height on the top. This short, easy-care hairstyle is ideal for keeping stylish and trendy!

Short hairstyle for summer Cute Layered Short Hairstyle with Bangs for Summer

Short hairstyle for summer

This cut is based on the body of thick hair to give natural volume and a curly crown. The hair is styled forward and side-swept away from the crown, creating a long fringe that covers the eyebrows and smacking the eyelashes.

It adds a dash of peek-a-boo cool and gives a trendy, fashionable style. The hair is subtly accented with vibrant copper hues providing a youthful, easy-care style with a wavy look to emphasize the stunning style. This trendy haircut is chic and is perfect for looking fresh during summer!

Samaire Armstrong’s Short Haircut – Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle

The latest hair color formulas, enhanced by modern technology, provide a new range of stunning hair colors, with delicate copper and gold shades that flawlessly match those gorgeous polished metals!

Samaire’s fashionable and flattering chin-length hairstyle also features subtle somber techniques that create the graduated shades of pale to medium gold change invisible down the softly brushed hair! The result is stunning and looks great with her elegant gown and golden-toned skin that is the pinnacle of fashionable hair!

A short pink haircut for females

Short and flirty The avant-garde hairstyle highlights how the rainbow color can be employed to create a stylish style. Many stars embraced the rainbow colors last year, but only actress Helen Mirren sported the feminine hairstyle, which is becoming more fashionable in the current season.

The style employs color to highlight the various layers of a well-cut beauty, with light champagne blonde on top and a darker pink highlighting the hair’s tips. Below the shorter hair on the nape is with a deeper rose-gold hue which is a stunning illustration of modern-day sophistication.

Miroslava Duma Short Hairstyle – Stylish Wavy Bob Hairstyle suitable for casual events

Miroslava Duma Short Hairstyle

These sleek hair waves frame and flatter the face, giving Miroslava an air of retro 1930s elegance. This look is great for straight, fine hair and different hair types because the shape is close to the face and is more sculpted than the voluminous.

The off-center part keeps the asymmetrical fringe that’s so loved – since the center part isn’t suitable for all facial shapes and is often boring. The smooth, glossy waves are kept casually, with one side hidden behind the ear to highlight Miroslava’s gorgeous face!

Devin Star Tailes Short Hairstyle – Modern Haircut Short black hairstyle for women

Devin Star Tailes Short Hairstyle

This contemporary style of the classic basin-cut bob fits Devin extremely well. Her hair is thick and shiny, making it ideal for a precise cut using razored tips that shape it into a smooth, round form.

A full, thick fringe can be overwhelming for smaller faces. However, Devin’s huge eyes and sharp jawline are highlighted by this striking design. The expertly carved line around the face is adorned with cute, razor-sharp tips that finish the style with just the right amount of softness!

Maria Bello Short Hairstyle – Center parting curly curls style

Do you not love these modern, loosely well-defined twists! Cut-off waves with a slack edge are among Maria’s most popular styles and keep her at the forefront of hairstyle trends.

In addition to highlighting the amazing flow of this look, the mix of medium-golden blonde and lighter blonde hues is just right!

They create the illusion of greater depth and volume and add volume to hair which is why this easy, modern cut is perfect for giving fine hair additional energy!

Evangeline Lilly Short Haircut – Stylish short ombre hair with the bob cut with bangs

This bob is shiny and thick due to skilled cutting hair, styling, and highlighting. It looks great on medium-to-fine-textured hair. The cut is long and layered with a few shorter tresses cut in the face to soften the lines.

The smooth side-swept fringe looks elegant, contrasting the softly defined waves that create interest and volume on the edges. The lighter brown hue goes perfectly with Evangeline’s light skin tones.

The gorgeous highlights along the sides draw attention to the color dots visible in her eyes. The highlights create depth in this stunningly well-balanced cut. The short ombre hairstyle works well for square, oval and heart-shaped faces.

Christina Hendricks Short Haircut – Beautiful brown wavy hairstyle to wear in spring

Christina is blessed with a stunning porcelain complexion, blue eyes, and stunning auburn hair. She always appears gorgeous! Here’s a lovely fresh approach to the asymmetrical look that includes the long bob cut curled to the ends to create a timeless retro style that dates back to the 1960s.

This hairstyle can be equally effective on curly, thick straight, fine, or straight hair and on all ages too. The side-parted can be adjusted to match different facial shapes. It’s an appealing creative juxtaposition between the smooth upper fringe and the vibrant flowing curls below!

Abbe Short hairstyle of Raven – The latest trending hairstyle for women of mature age

This is a wonderful illustration of how haircuts can enhance the face. Choosing the perfect color for your unique skin tone will instantly brighten and lift your face. This medium bob can create an attractive curved frame around Abbe’s face, with the sides increasing in volume and an extra dimension at eye level.

This is a great design to balance your face’s width when needed. The ends curve just below the chin, which mirrors the jawline to create a beautiful harmony of form, too. The crown is gently pulled to give a nice height, and the fringe of the forehead has a soft wave to make the line appear softer!

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