15 Popular Androgynous Haircuts for Women to Steal 2022

Both men and women can wear hairstyles that are androgynous. They are a mix of “feminine and masculine” and tend to be gender-neutral. This is often because they combine elements from popular styles like buzz cuts, Mohawks, and fades with some of the most popular short haircuts and hairstyles such as pixie cuts and bobs.

Because they are shaved or have designs that require regular maintenance, many androgynous haircuts can be difficult to maintain. Others, such as a choppy haircut, require minimal styling and are easy to maintain.

What androgynous hairstyles and haircuts would you like to try in this year? Here are some of the most popular androgynous hairstyles:

15 Best Androgynous Haircuts

You can’t go wrong with a popular androgynous style if you consider a new haircut to transform your look. Here are examples of the most popular androgynous styles. Have a look, and be inspired to create your next gender-neutral cut.

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1. Two-Block Cuts with Icy Blue Curls

Two-Block Cuts with Icy Blue Curls

Although men primarily wear the two-block haircut, we love adding feminine elements such as the pop of vibrant blue, the perfectly arranged curls at the top, and the striking silvery gold color.

This cut is easy to maintain and care for because it has a long top/shaved sides. You will only need to style the long top. You can give your hair a natural wavy or curly texture by giving it a great wash.

2. Windblown Shoulder-Length Lob

Windblown Shoulder-Length Lob

Because they are versatile, long bobs (lobs) that reach the shoulders are a favorite among androgynous. You can style your long hair in various ways, including straightening, curling, or wind-blown.

The layers of the cut are long and create beautiful variations in length. They also allow you to style your hair with texture by having more stifled curls or waves. A deep side part adds volume and height to the top, softening angles and giving it a feminine, relaxed touch.

3. Coily Androgynous Crop with Tapered Sides

Coily Androgynous Crop with Tapered Sides

Because you can do so many things with them, coily and kinky textures are great for androgynous and gender-neutral looks. To give this cut a feminine touch, you need a curl product that holds and defines your coils.

You can add a masculine touch to your hair by letting some pieces fall uncut and allowing them to take their natural shapes. A skilled stylist who has experience with curly and coily hair is essential. You want a tapered cut at the bottom to keep your coils’ volume and bounce.

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4. Perfect Androgynous Pixie Cut

Perfect Androgynous Pixie Cut

Because of its versatility, the pixie cut has become a popular androgynous choice. Because it’s short, you can make it masculine if you wish.

It’s also not too long to allow you to style it in any combination of traditional masculine and feminine styles. This balanced pixie is the ideal androgynous cut for every occasion.

The top can be styled as shown. You can brush it to the side or slick it back to give it a more casual look. This short, sassy cut is endless!

5. Curly Taper with Burst Fade

Curly Taper with Burst Fade

Curls can transform any traditional masc hairstyle into something more feminine. The hair is cut longer at the top so the curl pattern can fully develop.

The back is tapered for a close-cropped, curved look that follows the curves and contours of the head, and it is shorter than the neckline. The burst fade around the ears gives an overall look and an elegant twist.

6. Side-Styled Pompadour Fade

Side-Styled Pompadour Fade

High fades are often seen as masculine cuts. However, when combined with a long pompadour, the look becomes softened and more balanced. You don’t have to style the pompadour in front. Instead, you can style it over the side, giving you tons more options for your look. This cut can look more feminine or masculine depending on what you wear.

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7. Wavy French Androgynous Bob

Wavy French Androgynous Bob

Because it blurs the lines between masculine/feminine, the French bob is quickly becoming a popular androgynous style. The bob is slightly shorter in the front than the chin to highlight the strong jawline.

Soft feminine touches are added to the cut by the longer back length, gentle waves in the center, and longer front. You can style it with almost symmetrical waves or sleek straight hair and side parts for a more masculine look.

8. Buzz Cut Soft and Fuzzy

Buzz Cut Soft and Fuzzy

The buzz cut instantly gives off a masculine look but leaving the hair slightly longer than usual changes the look. Your buzz cut will look softer and fuzzier the longer it is. Although you can wear a buzz cut of any length and still call it androgynous (or short, all-over), this buzz cut embodies the best elements of both masculine and feminine.

9. Pixie with a Messy Style

Pixie with a Messy Style

A short, sleek, symmetrical and shaped cut will help you channel your inner fairy. Piece-y and perfectly face-framing, this universally flattering cut will draw attention to your eyes and nicely highlight your cheekbones for a less traditionally-masculine vibe.

Use mousse to brush your damp hair. Start at the crown and work your way to the sides.

This pixie cut can be achieved with a little pomade or wax. To achieve the perfect pixie cut, coat your fingers in the pomade and pinch the ends.

10. Two blocks are cut in a Shaggy Style

Two blocks are cut in a Shaggy Style

This cut looks great on either a male or female face because of its two distinct “zones,” which are the long, shaved top and sides and the shorter back and sides. The mascy vibes are provided by the length variations and buzzed sides and back, while the platinum hue and well-coiffed style add a feminine touch.

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11. Short Taper with Long Quiff and Side Part

Short Taper with Long Quiff and Side Part

Tapered cuts are shorter at the neckline than standard one-length styles and are lighter and more lightweight. This length variation can be either masculine or feminine, depending on how it is styled.

This style is more feminine and features a long, voluminous quiff with more volume at the front and deep sides. You can also make it more androgynous by adding texture to the hair or slicing the style back.

12. Curly Tapered Androgynous, Curly Tapered Crop

Curly Tapered Androgynous, Curly Tapered Crop

Natural curls can be used to your advantage with this androgynous tapered crop. The tapered crop is shorter towards the bottom, allowing you to concentrate volume exactly where needed.

This cut features stacked layers that increase the volume around the cheekbones. It makes your cheekbones stand out while downplaying your jawline to create a balanced, neutral look.

13. Layered, Long-lasting, and Sleek Cut

Layered, Long-lasting, and Sleek Cut

Although longer lengths might appear more feminine than more masculine initially, the small androgynous elements of this cut give it a more balanced look. The length is broken into long layers that keep the ends flexible and lightweight for a dynamic texture.

This cut is effortless because of its sleekness and slight bend (not quite waves) in the hair. For a more masculine look, tuck your hair behind your ears. Or wear the center part with the front pieces hanging down, which will soften the texture.

14. Androgynous Pixie with Fringe

Androgynous Pixie with Fringe

Pixie cuts are a great option for a gender-neutral cut that doesn’t restrict you to one style or look. The longer top of the cut is brushed forward to create a fringe that covers the forehead, and this flatters oval and square-shaped male faces.

For a feminine balance, taper the length around the back and sides, and this keeps the cut clean and follows the contours of your face. You can change the style by styling it to the side with a center part or slicked down.

15. Long-Top Side Swept Pixie with Short Sides

Long-Top Side Swept Pixie with Short Sides

Any pixie cut with deep side parts will have a softer, feminine touch. A long-top pixie cut like this is the best option to downplay masculine features, like an angular jaw or prominent Adam’s apple.

The long top can be styled to the side by a deep side piece that starts at the temple. Keep the forehead flat with a little gel, and make your eyes the focal point of this cut. This cut is easy to style and wash, and the sides and back have been shaved shorter for contrast.

Things to Consider

cheekbone-grazing bangs with a bob, short taper

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re looking to change your look to be more androgynous or flatter yourself with a new, gender-neutral cut.

Decide which features you wish to highlight: Cuts that frame your face around the cheekbones or eyebrow level will highlight your eyes if they are your most prominent feature. To add a feminine touch, highlight your cheekbones.

You can pair cheekbone-grazing bangs with a bob, short taper, or pixie. Do not hide your jawline if it is one of your most striking features. Try a shorter or jaw-length cut with more feminine touches like curls, waves, and color. You can balance it.

Decide which features you would like to be downplayed: It might be a good idea to downplay some of the more masculine features to achieve a gender-neutral appearance. A strong jawline and prominent Adam’s apple can be softened by adding curves, extra length, or side-swept styles.

To soften a short hairstyle, curl or wave it. Side-swept styles “loosen up” masculine features by creating a diagonal line. An androgynous style can be given a feminine touch by a longer length, even if it is just at the top or in a section such as a quiff.

You have many styling options: You might feel more masculine today but still want to express your feminine side with your hairstyle tomorrow. You want to choose an androgynous haircut that you don’t feel restricted by or bored with.

The more versatile a haircut is, generally speaking, the better. A shorter buzz cut is better than a very short one. To create different fringe and parts, opt for a longer pixie than one that is too short. You can make many different looks by choosing a cut that can be used in many different ways. This will ensure that it has both masculine and feminine elements.

Consider maintenance and daily care: It would be best if you considered how you will maintain your new haircut. You will need to trim your hair more often if looking at styles with very short or shaved sections, such as undercuts, fades, and two-block cuts.

You will need to style your hair more often to achieve the perfect shape and look for longer hairstyles. As you narrow down your choices, remember to take care of and maintain it. You won’t get overwhelmed by bi-weekly trimming that you didn’t anticipate.

Final Words

Your haircut is one way you communicate your essence and identity to the world. An androgynous haircut will suit you if you are all about balance and creating a gender-neutral look. You can stay ahead of the curve by selecting one of our trendy androgynous haircuts for your next barbershop or salon visit. This will allow you to pay tribute to both the masculine and female essences within you while still looking your best.

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