21 Best Sexy Non-Binary Hairstyles Try This Look In 2022

It can be liberating to get an androgynous cut as a non-binary person. It’s one step closer to being the person you want. It can take time to find the perfect haircut, and it is often difficult. We’ll be sharing some sexy NB hairstyles that will inspire you!

21 Most Popular Non-Binary Hairstyles Look

1. Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs

The blunt bangs are one of the most versatile styles for fringe hair. These can be worn by everyone and can be adapted to suit many hairstyles. Straight along the face, it is a prominent feature of any haircut.

You can make them with any hair texture, but straight hair is the best because it emphasizes the precision of the cut. Bangs can make you look younger and hide any wrinkles or problem skin.

Bangs can be incredibly flattering and a great way to draw attention to your face, especially the cheekbones and eyes.

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2. Edgar Haircut

Edgar Haircut

The Edgar hairstyle is a modern take on the classic Caesar style. It is popular with people who desire a sleek, cool look that’s easy to maintain. The Edgar haircut is the same length as Caesar’s but has a higher skin fade.

This is great for adding structure to the hairstyle and creating contrast. The fade can make the hair look thicker and fuller by creating contrast with the hair at the top. This cut is compatible with all hair textures and compliments people with long faces, including ovals, angularjs, and long faces.

3. Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut, which is gender-neutral, is fun and expressive. The bowl-shaped appearance of the cut gives it its name. It has straight bangs and is equally long throughout. This cut was popularized in the 80s, but it has been modernized with modern twists in recent years to make it more versatile and wearable.

You can change the shape of the mushroom and experiment with different lengths to achieve the look that suits your face and preferences. You can pair it with a fade to add structure and make it look more cool and edgy. If you are bold enough, try a bold and vibrant hair color. !

4. Long straight hair with a middle part

Long straight hair with a middle part

Straight hair has a sleek, shiny texture and is great for short haircuts. It complements the middle texture, making it look more defined than curlier hair. Both men and women can have long hair, and it can be empowering for both genders, as it can challenge old ideas about what is traditional female and male.

The middle section highlights your facial symmetry and draws attention to your face. It is difficult to pull off, and it can be hard to adjust to unbalanced features. With long hair, the middle section is useful. You can tuck your hair behind your ears while keeping it out of your face.

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5. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

The buzzcut is a cool, easy-to-do hairstyle that’s both low-maintenance yet versatile. This short haircut is flattering for all hair types. The haircut will highlight your face, which will draw attention to your features. Variable lengths can be experimented with, but the hair should still be slightly longer at the top. If you want to modernize the look, pair it with an l up or a color change.

6. Curly Mop

Curly Mop

A mop haircut is a young style that can be cut for long or medium hair. The mop’s main feature is its fringe. This usually covers the forehead and part of the eye. However, you can adapt the mop from the 60s to get a modern look.

You can experiment with different fringes and parts. You can adapt the mop hairstyle to suit any hair texture. Curly hair is also a good choice, as the curls fall against the face and give the cut a softness. This hairstyle can be very flattering, bringing attention to your face and highlighting your best features.

7. Blue Pompadour

Blue Pompadour

A blue pompadour is a great choice if you want to express your personality and make your hair look fun. A brightly colored hair will draw attention to your personality and let you be playful. Many shades are available, from bright, vivid colors to pastels, so they can be customized to suit any skin tone.

Combining blue hair and a pompadour with your hair will make it stand out. This hairstyle is defined by the hair being swept backward to create volume. You can adjust it to your hair texture and length. It is often worn with shorter hair at the sides and back, creating a subtle contrast to the top.

8. Curly Fringe

Curly Fringe

Curly hair is a popular texture because it gives everything a more full and voluminous look. Curls are difficult to style and can cause damage. There are many ways to wear curls, including a curly fringe.

You will get a soft, youthful look due to how curls are placed against your face. As the curls add natural volume, the front of your hair will appear fuller and thicker. You can wear fringes with any haircut, and they are great for adding volume to your hair.

9. Natural Medium-Length Hair

Natural Medium-Length Hair

Medium-length hair offers the best of both worlds: hair that is long enough for styling and low maintenance but not too long to be difficult to manage. Medium-length hair is great for all hair textures.

Many gender-neutral styles can be cut at this length. This is a great way to showcase your hair texture. It can also be worn proudly on natural hair. You can style it in many ways, including braided. It can be styled in an afro if you are looking for volume and fullness.

10. French Crop

French Crop

The French crop is simple and elegant. A hairstyle that is relatively equal in length on the top, sides and back is called a French crop. It also includes a fringe. The fringe, which is typically longer than the rest, is the main feature of the haircut and is often more prominent.

You can achieve a French crop with any hair texture, but it looks best with naturally textured hair. It gives the hair a messy, untidy appearance. This cut is easy to style and versatile. You can choose to have a blunt fringe or a side-swept look.

11. Mermaid Mullet

Mermaid Mullet

Although the mullet hairstyle can be controversial, it is very flattering and easy to do. This cut is defined by shorter hair on the sides and top, with longer in the back. The mullet can be done with any hair texture and type, despite its unusual appearance.

If you want to update your hair, you can experiment with different lengths. You can even pair it with faded or shaved sides. Bright, bold colors will make you stand out from others if you’re a person who takes risks and is playful. Unnatural colors can highlight your cut.

12. Half up, half down hairstyle

Half up, half down hairstyle

The half-up, half-down hairstyle can be worn with any length of hair and can be styled in many ways. It can be done in various styles, from elegant and sophisticated to casual and messy. This hairstyle can be worn with any texture. While some versions of this look are traditionally feminine, others can be used to suit any gender.

This is done by pulling the hair at the top of your head away from your face, opening it up, and drawing attention to your eyes. The rest of your hair can be left as it is. This half-up, half-down hairstyle is great for those who want to experiment with their hair and grow it longer. It’s also easy to style.

13. Pixie with Choppy Fringe

Pixie with Choppy Fringe

The pixie haircut is a shorter hairstyle that’s considered androgynous. The hair is kept at the same length across the head with a longer fringe. This style is very versatile and flattering for all face shapes. You can experiment with different lengths, finishes, and even your fringe when you cut the pixie.

Choppy fringes are great for adding texture to your hair and giving it movement. A choppy fringe can make your hair look thicker and fuller. A fringe can make your hair look younger and conceal wrinkles or forehead lines.

14. Party Hard

Party Hard

You can achieve the hard part by cutting a line through your scalp using a trimmer or razor. This creates a parting in the hair and gives it structure. It makes the hair look neat and polished.

This can be done on all hair types, but it is most effective for short hair. You can play around with the style you choose to pair with the hardest part of your hair, but the simpler, the better. You can give it a fade or undercut to add some sharpness and contrast to the hair’s top.

15. Quiff with Undercut

Quiff with Undercut

The quiff haircut emphasizes volume and can be worn by any gender. To achieve volume, you should brush your hair upwards and backward. You can achieve the quiff with any hair texture.

The length of the top can also be altered depending on your preference. You can also pair the quiff with an undercut to give it structure and contrast. The shorter sides and back will make the hair look fuller than the top.

16. Long Curly Curtain Bangs

Long Curly Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs look great with any hairstyle. You can adapt them to fit all hair types and lengths. Curly, long curtain bangs can soften your appearance. These are great for framing the face, drawing attention, and highlighting the eyes.

The rest of your hair can be kept the same length so that the curtain bangs blend naturally. Or you can go bold and daring. You can achieve this by cutting the sides and backs short while leaving the bangs longer. This will create contrast and high impact.

17. Shag haircut

Shag haircut

The shag haircut was a popular 70s style that musicians loved, but it has been modernized to feel youthful, fun, and fresh. The choppy, heavy layers create an unstructured look. The crown is the thickest layer, and the layers thin out towards the ends to give the hair movement.

This cut is versatile and can be adjusted to suit any hair texture. It’s also very flattering for all face shapes. You can style it in various lengths, and a fringe or bold color will make it stand out.

18. Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob

The shaggy bob has a texture and features layers that increase volume and movement. This is the perfect cut for anyone who wants their hair to look fuller and thicker. This cut can give texture to shorter hair and compliment most face shapes, and it can also be worn with different fringes and partings. This haircut has a casual yet stylish look that is both effortlessly cool and trendy.

19. Short Comb Back Hair

Short Comb Back Hair

The classic comeback is a short haircut that involves slicing the hair from the roots. This style creates volume and texture and is ideal for professionals. It is important to keep your hair away from your face, which can help open up your face and highlight your features.

You can comb your hair in various lengths, but it looks best when the hair is short. To give your hairstyle structure and create a subtle contrast, the top of your hair should be slightly longer than the sides and back. It will suit most faces.

20. Messy Two Block Haircut

Messy Two Block Haircut

Two-block haircuts are a popular Korean style that is both expressive and fun. You can create it in many ways, but the main feature is that the hair is divided into two blocks: the top and bottom of your head.

The top hair is longer, while the bottom (the back and sides) is shorter. This style is new and can be adapted to many colors. You can experiment with the finishing, such as different lengths, parts, or fringes.

21. Short Natural Hair

Short Natural Hair

It’s empowering to embrace your hair texture while keeping it short and practical is easy. Natural hair can simplify hair care and grooming, and hair is also less dry and in better condition when kept short.

You can style your hair in various ways, including a cut or a braid. You can focus the volume on the front of your head by brushing your hair forward and upward.

Final Words

Your hair is an important part of your appearance, and it’s worth trying different styles and finding the right cut for you. We hope you found this guide helpful. These cute, non-binary hairstyles will allow you to switch between your gender effortlessly.

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