35 Clean, Cool, Stylish Men’s Haircuts for Square Faces

A square-faced is considered one of the more masculine facial forms and is great when paired with a range of hairstyles. It is distinguished by a strong jawline, a square forehead, and a straight side.

In the end, square faces tend to be sharp and angular, and the trick is to soften the angles of the face. If you’re unsure where to start, here are some of our most-loved haircuts for men with square faces. If you have a square face, look below for the best hairstyles that work for you.

35 Men’s Haircuts for Square Faces

1. Walnut Wave

Walnut Wave

The hair is divided roughly, the edges have been cut just a little short, and long hair is at the top. The top portion is styled as waves over the forehead and has lots of texture created using straight iron.

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2. Urban Pompadour

Urban Pompadour

This sweeping style blends nicely with his bushy brows and his beard. The hair was cut neatly around the sides, and the top was straightened and straightened.

3. Smart Brush Over

Smart Brush Over

Here we have rosewood-colored hair cut to be cut on the one hand, and the rest of the hair has been moved to the opposite side.

4. Undercut, with the Raised Fringe Detail

Undercut, with the Raised Fringe Detail

The sides are provided with a cut from a razor to connect with how long his facial hair is. The hair at the top was cleaned and oiled with a slight curl in the front.

5. Super Short White

Super Short White

This style was created by creating an elevated side parting and an undercut razor. The opposite side is slightly longer and was well-brushed in the direction.

6. Fountains of Curls

Fountains of Curls

Curly-styled locks look stunning on square faces, as you see here. The sides have been cut razor-sharp, and the locks are pulled back to create the appearance of height. Certain strands are being pushed forward so that they rest on the eyebrows.

7. Spruce Gold Locks

Spruce Gold Locks

In this fashion hairstyle, locks are cut using a short rear along with short sides. The hair on top with a beautiful golden shine is brushed on the head and then combed with fingers to add an even texture.

8. Bowl Cut with a Twist

Bowl Cut with a Twist

Although the mushroom cuts remain all the rage, this haircut has a cut that shows a slightly different look. The cut is based on the standard elements, like razor cuts and a rounded top style; however, the back is longer.

9. Fun Flipped Up Fringe

Fun Flipped Up Fringe

If you’re searching for an exciting style, you’ve discovered it. There’s a slight undercut near the ear, and the hair has been blow-dried out. The hair is then styled and swept forward to create a striking look.

10. Wrapped Up Man Bun

Wrapped Up Man Bun

In this image, we can have a look that begins with a cut that is graded, which stretches to a distinct high-parting. The hair on top is very long and has been wrapped up and then twisted to create an oblique man bun.

11. Brush Cut Pompadour

Brush Cut Pompadour

In this contemporary take on classic hairstyles, The hair has been given a cut-off brush in a way that has short sides. The hair on top has been put in a comb to create height similar to pompadour!

12. Brad Wears Relaxed Look

Brad Wears Relaxed Look

In this image, Brad wears long hair that falls slightly above his shoulders. The hair is straightened and parted and is tucked behind his ears.

13. Curly Hair On The Rise

Hairstyles with short sides and high tops are fashionable and work well with curly hair since they already have a natural texture.

14. Brush Me Up

Brush Me Up

To achieve this look, the top hair is put together with fingers to form tiny high points and height above the forehead, with the sides being cut short.

15. Light Pink with Long Fringe

Light Pink with Long Fringe

The hair here is cut to the same length. However, it is given to the body by scissors and then brushed. The hair on the front has been pulled back to fall over the eyebrows.

16. Dramatic Lines

Dramatic Lines

The edge of this style immediately grabs our focus, and it’s because it was cut with precision lines. The front part is combed forward; however, we can still see some space toward the back.

17. Swept Back

Swept Back

His hair is maintained at a consistent length and then straightened to make this look. The left side of the hair is placed behind the ear, and the right side has been pulled back to the side.

18. Polished Pompadour

Polished Pompadour

A short side has been connected to create long top hair. The hair was then straightened and blow-dried to create lots of volume and give a sleek appearance.

19. Blow Wave Heaven

Blow Wave Heaven

Blowing dry is crucial for these pompadour styles. This particular hair is styled into an enormous curl over the forehead, and the length extends back.

20. Updated Bedhead

Updated Bedhead

The latest bedhead designs like this are razor-cut sides, and the top part may appear messy, but the sections are straight-ironed and styled so that they fall gracefully.

21. Long Shaggy Locks

Long Shaggy Locks

If you want hair that frames your face, highlighting your powerful jawline, you should consider going longer. The slightly fuzzy style is positioned to the chin and is then pushed back behind the ears so that it doesn’t distract the features.

22. Forehead Side Sweep

Forehead Side Sweep

If you’re looking to reduce the length of your face, you can sweep long, soft curls across your forehead. The hair on the top is thick and tightly cut sides and a swoop that falls into a tiny sideburn.

23. Layed Twists

Layed Twists

The hair is twisted into tendrils and then layered carefully with shorter twists over the top. If it is pushed to one side, it gives it volume and a sense of interest while the rest highlights the jaw well.

24. Fallen Side Quiff

Fallen Side Quiff

Short sides highlight an attractive square face, and the textured quiff on the top is a nice way to add an interesting touch. Sloping towards the side, the quiff slips gently across the forehead’s top to create an informal appearance.

25. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

It is said that the cutting of the buzz is among the most straightforward cuts you can make. With only a few hair-related distracting factors, the sharp aspects of an elongated face shine.

We all know that the square face shape is considered one of the most masculine designs. So making your hairstyle as easy as a buzz cut can add more emphasis to your square face.

The buzz cut can be a long way from the same as a shaving head, and it’s important to maintain some length. Otherwise, you’ll risk over-exposing your face. You’ll notice a trend of cool cuts on this list. This is one of these and is designed to highlight the attractive features of a man with a square-faced face.

26. Comb Over

Comb Over

The comb-over is a classic and is among the most popular hairstyles for males with square faces. The comb-over is a visually appealing and attractive square facial hairstyle for males which softens sharp features. Men’s square face hairstyles can highlight their highlights or soften their features, and the combing over will do the latter.

If you’re cutting this style, you’ll want to cut the sides of your face shorter than the hair on top. If you maintain those sides the same length as your hair on the top, the face won’t be highlighted. Instead, your hair will be the center of attention.

A majority of square-face haircuts for guys make use of short lengths to the side. This cut is perfect to wear in formal settings for men with square-faced faces.

27. Top Knot

Top Knot

Then, we’ll look at hairstyles that are top knot. The hairstyle has become more popular in recent years, similar to the man bun. However, some distinct differences make this one of the most desirable hairstyles for guys with square faces.

The top knot must-have hair with a length of two inches at a minimum. However, the longer your hair is, the easier you’ll be able to do this hairstyle.

In this hairstyle for this hairstyle, your hair should be pulled up to high on your head, and it’s then tied. If you’re unsure where to secure your hair, the region is called the crown.

Due to the hair that is long over the top, it is advised that you keep your sides short to emphasize features on the face that are square and make it among the top haircuts for square faces for men.

Additionally, you should let a few hair strands fall easily. If you do it correctly, it will stop your hairstyle from looking perfect.

28. Pompadour With Fade and Beard

Pompadour With Fade and Beard

The once-popular pompadour is seeing a revival in recent years due to the rise and the recognition of beards of large sizes. The pompadour is a great match for thick, well-groomed beards. To make this one of the best men’s square face hairstyles, it is essential to cut the pompadour short.

The goal is to keep the focus on your face with sharp facial features. A long pompadour is the opposite of this idea, and the short pompadour works extremely well with a full beard.

29. Side Swept

Side Swept

Then, we can have a fairly modern side-swept. Most male hairstyles with square faces are considered classics, and classics are tidy. This particular haircut could be the sole other exception. It’s among the most striking hairstyles for males with a square-faced face.

Because of the asymmetrical nature of this type of hairstyle due to the asymmetrical nature of this style, there are short elements that go well with square faces.

One side of your hair will be lengthy, and the other will be short. The hair’s part will beautifully split into two lengths, which creates a striking contrast to the sharp angles that surround your face.

30. Floppy Fade

Floppy Fade

Hair falling loosely falls across one’s head, which is easy and smooth without the use. Hair falls into a smooth cut, a stubbly style that complements the beard and adds a dimension to the whole head.

31. Winning Curls

The deep sable-colored hair retained its curly texture and was trimmed to an attractive length. The curly curls have been styled and pushed away from the face.

32. Shaggy and Suave

Shaggy and Suave

This is a stylish look that you can wear from work to playing. Hair has been straightened and brushed upwards at the crown, and the texture was given to it to make it slightly spiky.

33. Relaxed and Laid-Back Look

Relaxed and Laid-Back Look

In this photo, Ethan Doyle sports a casual but funky look. The hairstyle was made by blow-drying the hair and then styling the sides to the back, while the front is higher and turned back.

34. All Business

All Business

In this style, the hair is parted in the middle, and the sides are slicked back. The hair on top is tied on the sides with an occasional wave on the forehead.

35. Sleek Look With Brush Over Detail

Sleek Look With Brush Over Detail

The shorter sides are left loose, while the top hair was smoothed away from the face following a blow-dried to give the style a lift. A portion of hair has been pulled across the left side to the right.


What haircuts should men with square faces steer clear of?

To balance the characteristics of the square-shaped face, avoid hairstyles with lots of volume at the sides. Also, stay clear of a middle part instead of opting for an angled side part or a hairstyle with fullness or the top height.

What is the ideal haircut for males with square faces who also have thin hair?

If you’re suffering from receding hairline, males with square faces look stunning by slipping a crew or buzz-cut haircut. For men with thin hair around the top of their heads, a quiff or pompadour style will complement the shape of your face and hide the area of hair loss.

Do those with square faces look good with long hair?

It’s true, but make sure the length of your hair extends (or is smaller) than the jawline. Hair that falls short of the jawline can make your face appear wider. Find styles that include volume at the top of your hair too.

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