Lotion Bar Recipe Without Beeswax (In Detail)

The homespun lotion bar is super buttery, smooth and silky. The tint is smooth, luxurious and light on the skin. Let us take a look at how these lotion bars are made at home without the urge of beeswax. It’s not just vegan and beneficial for stretch marks. The homemade bars moisturize the skin to a great extent by melting the moment it comes in contact with skin.

You are the right place if you are in search of a diy lotion bars without beeswax, here we will discuss the method of getting it done without the need for beeswax.

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One may be wondering what is a lotion bar

A lotion bar can be explained as a bar that melts on the skin and comprises butter and different kind of healthy oils. Most of the time beeswax is included in the homemade bar lotion recipe so they remain solid. So lotion bar recipe without beeswax is great for healthy skin

The recipe of lotion bar recipe without beeswax is originated from the natural process of massage bar from Lush. It falls in the category of rare products that comes without chemicals or chemical fragrances. This may be a bit astonishing to most people but LUSH is not a fully natural beauty product.

A quite simple rule can be followed if one buys usual beauty products which will always be containing harmful elements in it. On the contrary, homemade soaps are something that is healthy for your skin and gentle on it. Hence discussing the method of lotion bar recipe without beeswax.

The term perfume or fragrance printed on the soap label portrays a secret mixture of different chemicals on scent and ingredients taken into consideration for fragrances as phthalate and diethyl. Fragrance can be related to dermatitis, allergies and or respiratory issues while making probable chances of impact on the reproductive system as well.

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How can a block of soap be made at home without the use of beeswax?

The lotion bars without beeswax is super buttery, smooth and silky. The tint is smooth, luxurious and light on the skin. Let us take a look at how these bars are made in a house without the use of beeswax. It’s beneficial for stretch marks as well. The homemade bars moisturize the skin to a greatly by melting the time it comes in contact with skin of the skin.

How can soap be made at home without the use of beeswax?

So let’s get back to the procedure of making the beautiful homemade soap recipe which is made in an absence of beeswax. The most 3 simple ingredients such as shea butter, sunflower oil, and cocoa butter. Additionally, this is one of the best recipes in which sunflower oil is mandatory yet it always is known as an optional element in the making of the homemade beeswax free soaps. The main catch here is that to produce a soap that has the perfect butter ratio, on the other hand, comprises 80% to 90% of the so-called items. That will also make sure that the homemade soap is rigid, solid giving it a proper shape. Also, the soap’s shape can be chosen, heart, rectangle, triangle, etc.

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Shea Butter

Shea butter is the king of the skin moisturizer. It is called the king of moisture because of politics, linolenic, oleic and stearic acids that safeguard and nourish the skin of a person who uses it. Using it daily can enhance the health of the skin, making it silky smooth.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is an ingredient that holds a sweet and lovely chocolate smell which is only if you go for non-refined cocoa butter quality. It is high in fatty acid composition. Hence helping the skin to stay hydrated for a longer time. The longer the skin stays hydrated the healthier skin will be. On the contrary, it also assists in minimizing the skin stretch marks and inflammation on it.

Bottom Line

The soap manufactured in the companies contains harmful ingredients that may degrade the quality of the skin in some of the other manners. On the other hand, using such products is said to be avoided due to some quite obvious reasons. Whereas using the homemade lotion bars is quite a recommendable option to go for. As it has a number of advantages, additionally it is something made at home in your supervision. So there are least chances that the bar of soap made at home can be hazardous in any possible manner. Also one can trust it fully as the product is made with the purest ingredients. Also, most soaps that are branded may boast of being the healthiest soap available in the market while the reality is that there is no assurance in making use of such soaps.

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All in All

This was the complete article on diy lotion bars without beeswax in which we gave lotion bar recipe without beeswax. These were the easy ways for making homemade lotion without beeswax and if you have any questions related to these homemade lotion without beeswax then you can mention them in comments down below.

If  you have any other method for how to make salve without beeswax then you can mention them in the comments as well.