Ketosis: 11 symptoms and signs that you are into ketosis

It is one of the most popular as well as one of the most effective ways to lose your weight and also improve the health. If you follow the ketosis diet correctly then it will help you to reach your levels of blood ketone. This is a diet which consists of low carbs and high fat.

It is a type of diet which makes your body to undergo some adaptations which are biological and include the reduction of insulin levels and increase the breakdown of fat. However people are really curious about the ketosis symptoms and what are the signs of ketosis.

Here in this list we will include 11 signs and symptoms with the help of which you would know what does ketosis feel like.

1. Weight loss

Weight loss

It is a diet which is highly effective and makes you lose weight. There are many studies which have shown that a person who is following the ketosis diet will experience long term as well as short term weight loss when they switch to the ketogenic diet.

You might experience weight loss at a faster rate in the first week. Some people also believe that the weight loss is primarily due to the carbs which is stored in the body and also the water is being used. After the first week you will experience to lose wait at a constant rate as long as you follow the diet. If you want to know how to tell if you are in ketosis then you should check for the weight loss as it is one of the most common ketosis symptoms. There are also some ways with the help of which you can loose  15 pounds in a week.

2. Bad breath

Bad breath

Many people have reported that they have a bad breath when they follow the ketosis diet. It is a very common side effect which can be felt by many people. Also many people who follow the similar diet have reported that they have a bad breath which is kind of fruity. This is another symptom with the help of which you would know how to tell if you’re in ketosis

The main reason behind it is the elevation in the level of be specific the acetone which is a Ketone that exits the body from the urine and the breadth of yours. Well actually it is a positive sign and you don’t need to worry about it. You can brush more than twice a day and also use gums which are sugar free to resolve this issue.

3. Increase in focus and energy


There are many people who follow ketosis diet has reported tiredness, brain fog and also feeling sick when they started a low carb diet for the first time. This is also known as low carb flu. The long term ketosis dieters has reported that the feel increase in their focus as well as their energy.

Your body should adapt to burning of excess fat for the fuel instead of the carbs when you start at diet which consists of low carbs a large portion of the brain of yours starts to burn ketones instead of the glucose when you go for ketosis. It might take several days or even weeks for its proper working.

Elimination of the carbs can also help you in the control as well as the stabilization of the levels of blood sugar. This could help in the increase of focus and also improve the functionality of your brain. Many people have the question in mind that how do I know if I’m in ketosis and they can look for this ketosis symptom.

4. Suppression of appetite


There are many people who have reported that they feel loss in hunger when they follow the ketosis diet. The reason behind it is still not clear and is in the investigation stages.

It might be due to the increase in the vegetable as well as protein intake long the alterations done to the hunger hormones of your body. The reduction in appetite might be due to the effect of ketones on the brain. The people who have the question in their mind that how do you know when you’re in ketosis can look for this symptom from the various ketosis symptoms. You can take a look at proper nutrition diet here.

5. Increase of ketones in the urine or the breath

Ketones breath

You can measure the level of ketones in blood with the help of a breath analyzer. This is a device which helps in the monitoring of the acetone which is one of the main ketone out of the three present in the blood during the ketosis.

More Acetone will leave your body if you are in a stage of ketosis and it will give you a good idea of the level of ketones in your body. You can use the analyzers for the Acetone breath as they are considered quite accurate but they are a bit less accurate when it is compared to the blood monitoring method.

You can also use the special strips which are a good indicator when it comes to measuring the presence of the ketones in the urine. This is a method which is very cheap and you will be able to measure the level of ketones in your body each and every day. They are not very reliable when it comes to reliability.

If you are curious about the question how to know if you’re in ketosis, then you can use this method to know if you are into ketosis.

6. Increase of ketones in blood

Blood ketone

This is the most reliable method which is used to measure the ketones is by measuring the level of ketones in your blood using specific meter. It is a device which helps in the measurement of level of ketones with the help of calculating the total amount of the beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in the blood of yours. The primary key tone which is present in your bloodstream.

It is one of the most accurate methods which are also used in many research studies as well. It requires the withdrawal of blood from the tip of the finger of yours.

You can buy these test kits from the drug stores but let me tell you they are a bit expensive because of which most of the people don’t use them. You should perform the test once in a week.

This is the best answer to your question how do you know when you re in ketosis.

7. Insomnia


This is one of the biggest issues when you are into ketosis and most of the people who changed their diet for the first time suffer from this problem. There are many people who have reported insomnia or waking up in the middle of the night when they reduced the intake of carbs drastically for the first time.

This is a problem which improves usually in some weeks. There are many people who have also reported that they slept even better once they completely adapted the diet of ketosis.

If you are going to start ketosis for the first time and looking for how to know you re in ketosis then you can look for this ketosis symptom.

8. Issues in digestion

Issues in digestion

When you are into ketosis it means that you will have to change the type of food that you eat drastically in a short period of time.

Issues such as the diarrhea and the constipation are one of the most common side effects when it comes to ketosis symptoms. Some of the issues that you have are common and should go away after sometime.

You should remember that you have to eat a lot of food which consists of fiber which helps in good digestion of food even when you are into ketosis. You should also remember that you need to eat diverse food to reduce the risk of digestive issues.

9. Fatigue


When you enter into ketosis for the first time then there is a quiet good chance that you might feel weakness as well as fatigue. This is one of the most common side effects and ketosis symptoms. It is a common reasons due to which people quit even before they get into ketosis fully.

This is a side effect which is completely normal and natural and it is because of the fact that you are forcing your body to adapt to a completely new and different type of system. You should know that this kind of adaptation is not going to happen overnight. It is usually 7 to 30 days before you get into ketosis fully.

You can take some of the electrolyte supplements to reduce the effect of fatigue in the starting days when you switch from your normal diet to the ketosis diet.

You should also know that to overcome fatigue you should never take steroids because of the side effects of steroids on body.

10. Decrease in performance for short time


As I told you earlier due to the removal of carbs in your diet there is a good chance that you will feel more tired and also there would be a decrease in the performance of yours during your workout sessions.

The main cause of this is due to the reduction of muscles glycogen stores. It is the main as well as the most efficient source of fuel needed for the intensive exercise.

You should not worry because after several weeks the performance of yours will become normal and you will feel that the diet is actually beneficial for you. This will even help you to burn fat even at higher rates in the future as well.

11. Nothing at all

There are some people who don’t feel anything at all when they get into ketosis even for the first time and it is also completely normal and you should not worry.

All in All


Everybody is different and everyone can feel different type of symptoms according to their body. Some of the symptoms might show positive effects and some of them night show negative impacts as well.

There is nothing to worry about as ketosis is it quite normal process and you can try it if you want to lose weight at a faster rate.

So these were the ketosis symptoms as well as the signs of ketosis. You can also know how to get into ketosis. There are also ways with the help of which you can achieve ketosis in 24 hours as well.

I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any suggestions then you can mention them in the comment down below.

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If you have any questions then you can mention them in the comments as well.