Ketosis Strips: Types, Usage And Best Buy’s

The first and the foremost thing you need to do when you are into a keto diet is to know how to fill your plate with nutritious and healthy fat food that will cut down the crabs and is a course the best way to keep you on the ketosis diet. In this process, your body will burn the stored fat content which will also lead to weight loss.

It is too good to be true that most of us do not know how to be balanced in this entire process of ketosis. So here is something interesting for you that will help you to understand how you can stay in the process. Before that, it is essential to know about the keto strips.

This is nothing but a process that will enable your body to undergo a test that will determine the level of ketones in your body that is produced especially when you are on a keto diet. This will act as a feedback that will enable you to understand how well you are going with the ketosis process.

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What is a keto diet?

The keto diet or ketogenic diet is nothing but low carb, moderate protein as well as high-fat diet. By undergoing a keto diet you will have lots of health benefits that also takes into consideration especially if you would like to reduce your weight, balance your sugar levels and of course longevity. To be more specific the main role of Ketone diet is to achieve ketosis which is a natural way to burn fat.

No matter how healthy you are it requires some time for you to get into the process of ketosis. Once you get adapted then it becomes very easy for you to maintain a proper balance. More specifically, the diet consists of 75% of calories from fat, 20% from protein and 5% from carbs.

For comparison, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that people get,

  • 20–35% of calories from fat
  • 10–35% of calories from protein
  • 45–65% of calories from carbohydrates

Once you start this process your body will undergo some changes and it is essential to keep an eye on it. To do this you need to make use of devices known as ketosis strips that will give you the level of ketones in your body.

Depending upon this you can very easily adjust and balance the overall ketone level that is required in your body. However if you are made in the keto diet then it is essential to know how you can balance ketone diet with the help of strips.

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Different types of ketosis strips

To be more specific one of the most accurate way to measure the ketosis is with the help of blood Ketone strips and urine Ketosis strips. Among these two urine Ketone strips are very affordable and of course very easy to use but still there are some drawbacks associated with it.

When you are undergoing urine Ketosis strips then you are more likely to measure only a few types of cases. At the same time, this process is less accurate once your body gets adapted to the entire ketosis process. This is probably one of the best choices especially for one who has recently started ketosis that will give you best results instantly.

But if you are following ketosis diet for many days and you would like to get accurate results then you should go through blood ketosis. Even this is also very easy and of course a reliable way to test for ketosis. This is a simple procedure which is similar to that of any blood test that you perform.

How to make use of ketosis strips

As already said there are two different Ketone strips,

1. Blood Keto strips

You should take care while doing this process as this requires some blood sample. Here is the procedure that you need to follow,

  1. Before undergoing this process make sure you wash your hands.
  2. Now you need to load the lancet with the needle, and then follow the instructions provided.
  3. Simply put the blood ketone strip into the ketone meter.
  4. Gently prick your finger and then collect a few drops of blood samples with the help of lancet.
  5. Be careful and make sure that the strip comes in contact with the drop of blood and wait for the result.
  6. Once you are done dispose the blood strip and lancet as suggested in the directions.

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2. Urine Keto strips

The urine Ketone strips are very easy which is similar to that of the pregnancy test. You have to pick up the keto urine strips of your choice and of course, the instructions may vary from brand to brand.  The procedure is mentioned here,

  1. You are first advised to wash your hands and then collect your urine sample in a cup.
  2. Then you need to simply that the end of the urine strip into the cup containing urine. Remove the strip after a few minutes.
  3. Wait for some time so that you can observe the change in the color of the urine in the strip.
  4. With the help of the color chart, you came very easily compare and know that ketone level of your body.
  5. Once the process is done you should carefully dispose of both the urine and strip and then wash your hands.

This is how you can perform ketosis the test using during strip which will help you to determine no Ketone to high concentration depending upon the color that you have examined.

It is recommended to undergo both of these steps as soon as you wake up in the morning. Because this is the time where you will find a balanced ketone that will give you the best results.

The best keto strips

1. Smackfat Ketone Strips

Smackfat Ketone Strips

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If you are looking for the best keto urine strips then Smackfat Ketone Strips are undoubtedly one of the best brands. You will find this product available with 100 strips which will give you a lifetime warranty.

2. Ketostix


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Here come another best ketosis test strips which are popular for its accuracy that will enable you to test ketosis level. Even this is also the best way to test via which also comes with a hundred stripes. This product is available in an airtight a container that will enable you to store the strips.

3. Perfect Keto Ketone Testing Strips

Perfect Keto Ketone Testing Strips

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This is one of the top-rated strips available in the market. When you purchase this Perfect Keto Ketone testing strips you will be given 100 strips along with a color chart that will help you to understand your ketone level. This is, of course, one of the best keto urine strips that you can be easily purchased and test.

4. Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System Bundle Kit

Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System Bundle Kit

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When it is now it’s time for you to find one of the best Keto blood strips and of course, this is one that will help you to test your ketone level. This device is a factor with a meter, 100 lancets, and alcohol wipes, along with both glucose as well as ketone test strips which are well arranged in a carry bag.

5. KETO-MOJO Ketone Test Strips

KETO-MOJO Ketone Test Strips

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This is also a Keto blood strip which is provided with 50 strips where you can also find a video that will help you to understand how to test for the Ketone level. The entire kit is provided with a lancet device, 10 lancets, and a testing meter.

The accuracy of ketone strips

Both the urine as well as blood Ketone strips are the best way to measure the ketosis level. If you are just a beginner then it is highly advised to use urine strips since your body is not ready to use Ketone effectively for energy which can be measured only with the help of your urine. Once new get habit treated with the ketosis process then your body gets adapted where you can very easily test it with the help of your blood sample.

With the help of the ketosis strips written have a check on your ketosis level and can also very easily determine the change of ketones in your body. On the other hand the Ketone strips start really very easy and affordable which can be performed by your own no matter even if you do not have any basic knowledge how to use them. Finally the keto strips are more accurate way to determine your ketosis level.

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Undoubtedly the use of this keto test strips how to become popular and is used by every person who follows a ketosis diet. This device has, however, help them to determine and have an estimated idea regarding the level of Ketone in their body. However, you can pick one of your choices and undergo the test and know about your Ketone level regularly.

I hope this article on keto strips with in detail information about ketosis test strips was helpful to you. If you have any questions related to ketone test strips or keto test strips then you can mention them in comments.