5 Best Keto gums for ketogenic lifestyle

Ketogenic lifestyle involves a few side effects including dry mouth and also bad breath. This sometimes leads to little embarrassments when people are around. For this very reason keto gums exist which are also really good when it comes to best breath mints. They activate salivary glands in the mouth which keeps the mouth moist and also freshen your breath.

Many people have a question in mind that can you chew gum on keto or are there any keto breath mints available in market? Well actually you can have gum on keto but they should be keto specific.

Gums of many brands are available in the market but few are meant for Ketogenic lifestyle.

Best of them have been listed below

1. Epic Xylitol Keto Friendly Gum

Epic Xylitol Keto Friendly Gum

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An easy to reach gum, offering multitudes of benefits such as protection from cavities and fresh breath, and this keto friendly product does not contain simple sugars and thus helps to maintain your keto levels.

It has been designed to reduce dental caries and improve the overall dental health.

It also helps to remove the left-over of food stuck in the teeth.

As it has 45% more xylitol in comparison to other gums, it is generally sweeter than the rest. Sugar cravings can easily be countered using this gum and also it is a natural gum containing no aspartame.


  • Has more xylitol
  • does not contain aspartame
  • NO gluten present, no added artificial sugars
  • Nice flavour


  • flavour does not last long
  • Loses consistency after a while of being chewed.

2. PUR Gum


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The product PUR Gum has proven time and again the reasons why it’s the best buy for Keto lovers.

PUR Gum is a good alternative for all those Sugar filled and Sugarfree Aspartame filled Gums in the market. It is purely natural and doesn’t contain artificial flavors.

And those who suffer from celiac disease need not worry as it is also gluten free.

Gluten free diet also helps to avoid inflammation elsewhere in the body besides being effective in celiac disease. These are one of the best keto breath mints available in the market.


  • NO added Aspartame
  • Sugarfree
  • Completely Vegan
  • available in many flavors
  • diabetic friendly
  • No gluten
  • No GMO


Flavours do not last long

3. Xyla Ricochet Keto Breath Mints

Xyla Ricochet Keto Breath Mints

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While being on a strict keto lifestyle these mints help to freshen the breath and keep the mouth moist. Although not really being chewing gums, they help achieve the same goal.

Grinding and sucking these mints will give the same benefits as that of a proper Keto gum.

Safer for diabetics, this gum contains 98% xylitol and have a great flavour.

Ingredients of these mints are fewer including peppermint oil, xylitol and Natural colour from beets.


  • completely natural mints with 98% xylitol
  • diabetic friendly
  • no aspartame added
  • good flavour


  • Flavour is lost quickly
  • Very brittle

4. Spry Xylitol Keto Gum

Spry Xylitol Keto Gum

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Spry has long been advertised as a dental hygiene product. It has been designed to improve oral health. It can give you good moments of fresh breath during times of ketosis. Of this I have no doubt.

It has many areas of work. It also helps to reduce acidic reflux by activating salivary glands thus neutralizing the acids in your tummy. Surely will be able to keep the mouth moist for a longer time than other gums. But because of less Xylitol present, it is less sweeter than other gums in the market.


  • Has xylitol
  • protects against tooth decay
  • no aspartame added
  • Helps to reduce Acidic reflux
  • Hydrates the mouth.


  • not much variety and robustness in flavours like other brands
  • not very sweet
  • Flavour doesn’t last long

5. Xyloburst Cinnamon added keto friendly gum

Xyloburst Cinnamon


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Just like aspartame, xylitol is also an artificial flavouring substance meant to enhance sweetness; Xyloburst keto friendly gum uses this substance in its gums. This gum is not only keto friendly but also helps to keep the teeth clean.

Additional benefit with Xyloburst gum is that this gum is that it is also free of GMO. Genetically Modified Organism poses serious health risks if taken.

Cinnamon taste adds to its value.

Wish something sweet?

Have this gum to remove the carb cravings.


  • epic flavour and no aspartame added
  • Aids digestion
  • Gluten free, No-GMO
  • Makes your mouth moist and counters bad breath


  • little expensive
  • chew it continuously and it loses consistency after sometime

Desired qualities of a Keto gum

Being on a ketogenic lifestyle it is necessary to be careful about the type of Keto gum you use. A stick of gum can have as much as 2 g carbohydrates and also added simple sugars. Chewing even a few sticks can easily transition your body back from ketosis and thus can lead to a total failure. Therefore the ideal qualities of a KEto friendly gum should be that it should not contain unnecesary carbs, must have good flavour to freshen you breath and also help keep the mouth moist at the same time.

A lot of brands designed and market their gums as diabetic friendly and for those who are conscious of their carbohydrate levels. Thus, for a ketogenic lifestyle they are simply the best

 A common ingredient: Xylitol

The hidden added sugars can totally mess up your plans of having a ketosis lifestyle. Xylitol is an artificial sweetner that is comparably safer and without side effects unlike aspartame which is known to cause dementia like changes in the brain.

Xylitol is comparably cheaper, tastes sweet, is totall natural and contains less calories.

Proper doses of xylitol help to improve the oral health as has been suggested by some studies recently. Xylitol is actually a sugar-alcohol by nature having the molecules of both sugar and alcohol. It can be easily found in many natural food items such as fruits and some vegetables. Thus it is considered to be completely natural and healthy.

It does not contain fructose that causes insulin resistance and metabolic probelms in the body. Thus it is diabetic friendly. Its glycemic indexx is just 7 while that of a normal simple sugar is 70!

All in All

Chewing keto friendly gums while being on ketogenic lifestyle offers multitudes of benefits.

It moistens the dry mouth, helps to freshen your bad breath and kick those carbohydrate and sugar cravings. But opting for other sugar laden gums can mess with your lifestyle bringing you back from ketosis and drain all your valuable efforts.

Many Sugarfree gums contain bad chemicals like aspartame which have been proven as disastrous for your health.

Apart from brain damage, Aspartame has multitudes of negative effects such as ADHD, frequent headaches and digestive ailments.

Thus, keto friendly brands must be choosen that are naturally sugarfree without any harmful chemicals. Which keep the mouth moist, freshen the breath and are low on carbs.

That said; always reach such brands of keto gums to keep a check on your ketone levels.

I hope we were able to answer can you chew gum on keto and tell you about some of the best breath mints for keto available in the market.