Top 3 Keto Breath Meters And Analyzers (Detailed Review)

A lot of people prefer ketogenic diet in order to burn much body fat in less amount of time and efficiently. A body that is in ketosis drives all its energy needs from its stored fat.

The benefit of ketogenic diet is that it helps you to reach your weight loss and slim figure goals far earlier than the usual dieting strategies.

But how to know whether or not you are having ketosis?

The usual components of a ketogenic diet are very Low carbohydrate, proteins in moderate amounts and high amounts of fat.

Following ketogenic diet produces ketones in the body that is called a ketogenic state which burns the stored fats in the body to obtain energy.

This therefore produces a dire need to know about the progress of ketogenic state that you are in. which is why you will need devices like ketone breath analyzer to monitor the accurate ketone readings. Just breathe into the device and know about it all.

Necessary changes can be made in the diet according to your ketone levels which are shown to you by these Ketone breath analyzing devices.

What is Ketobreathalyzer?

breathalyzers or breathanalyzers detect compounds in an individual’s breath and measure them accurately. a Ketobreathalyzer works in a similar fashion to those devices that are used by the traffic police to measure Alcohols and other substances in the breath. They are also called Keto breath meters.

Other ketone tests include blood test to analyse ketone levels and urine tests via urine strips to know the level of ketones in your urine. A keto breathalyzer removes the need for strips and the unnecessary hard work associated with the other way of testing and simply analyzes your breath and shows you accurate results in no time. Although there exists a difference between amounts of ketones in blood and in breath , a keto breath meter helps you to know how well your body is coping up with the ketogenic lifestyle and how well is it using that stored fat for energy needs.

Acetone is produced in the body as a byproduct of fatty acid metabolism in ketogenic state and is used as the energy. Keto breathalyzer detects the level of acetone in your breath to lets you know whether or not you are in ketosis.

the optimum level of ketones for weight loss is 1.5-3 mmol/L.

Thus keto breathalyzers provide amazing benefits even over other Keto breath meters.

A big confusion is therefore which keto breath analyzers are the best buy?

The following is about the best buy ketosis breath meters available out there in the market.

List of top 3 ketosis breath meters –

1. Ketonix breath analyzer

ketonix breath analyzer

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To be able to keep up with the ketogenic lifestyle you need to have accurate results.

And you would wish to own a device that would help you to analyze your results quickly, accurately and is cheaper comparable to most of them out there in the market.

With Keto breath meter from Ketonix all of the above has been made true. You can enjoy a good ketogenic lifestyle using Ketonix breathalayzer which is a great ketosis breath meter by spending relatively few bucks. A great advantage is that one can use this keto breath meter over a thousand times and all you need is any USB outlet to charge it. Yes it doesn’t require batteries.

This is an Amazing device to keep track of your ketogenic plans by taking keto breath test to reduce your weight and all it takes is to just blow your breath into it.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of the device.


  • Assessment of ketosis through highly illustrative diagrams
  • Can be used over a 1000 times.
  • no ketone strips required
  • travel friendly and accurate


  • needs power source
  • Takes 30-40 mins to connect to the software before it starts.

2. ketolQ ketone breath analyzer

ketolQ ketone breath analyzer

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This device has made the analyzation of ketosis very easy using a semiconductor sensor technology to give accurate results which is exactly what you wish to have.

All you’ve got to do to analyze your ketone levels is to multiply the reading on the screen by 10 and then divide the result by 2., which shall provide you accurate ketone reading.

This breath meter gives you a goo estimation of your BAC (Blood Alcohol conc.)

This breath analyzer is carefully tested and sanitized in the US and the company ensures top quality product.


  • travel friendly
  • affordable
  • accurate
  • provides cash back guarantee of 100% including shipping
  • tested by dieticians
  • good product service

No cons

3. Keto-Expert keto breathalyzer

keto-Expert keto breathalyzer

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The product of a highly reputed company of experts always enjoys higher market share of customers. And as an individual you obviously look for the product that’s worth the penny.

One such product is Keto-Expert Ketone breath analyzer.

This device has been designed particularly by keeping Ketogenic lifestyle lovers in mind and by highly qualified biochemists, keto enthusiasts, dieticians and keto experts. It gives you accurate results the number of times you use it. And unlike others you do not need to plug it to some smartphone or computer to charge. It just takes less than 30 s to give results. This device also uses the semiconductor sensor technology for the keto breath test.


  • Perfect for keto diet, Atkin’s and Paleo lovers.
  • travel friendly
  • affordable


  • Uses batteries.


Keeping a track of Ketosis has never been an easy task and other inconvenient invasive methods such as blood ketone test added on to the difficulty of not being very accurate and also painful. Keto breath meters help you analyze your ketone levels anywhere anytime without any stress and are very quick that saves a lot of time.

Having said, keto breath analyzers are the best tools you can own to achieve that fitness goal “a dream of many but a reality of few.”