IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50 Review

The first time I saw IT Cosmetics’ CC+ Cream on a person up close, I was amazed. My coworker came into work and appeared suspiciously radiant (her skin looked glowing even in the presence of fluorescent light). I was intrigued when she informed me that this cream was the only thing she was using.

It’s not only me. This cream for CC has gained a loyal following due to its ability to provide coverage (and sunscreen!) without the cakey, heavy feeling. As I’m always looking for ways to have flawless, dewy skin, I was keen to try this. Was it able to meet the hype? Find out what I thought about it in my opinion.


Ideal for: Normal and dry skin (oily-skinned people could benefit from it too, but there’s an oil-free alternative)

Usage Makeup: Face, skincare, hybrid

KEY INGREDIENTS: Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, collagen, niacinamide, peptides, hyaluronic acid

Potential Allergens: Lemon peel oil phenoxyethanol and orange peel oil tocopheryl acetate, extract of cinnamon bark



PRICE: $39.50

About the BRAND The company was founded in 2008. IT Cosmetics is a beauty brand founded by former anchor Jamie Kern Lima. The company was initially noticed through QVC, the QVC online shopping site, before being bought by L’Oreal in 2016.

Concerning My Skin: normal with only minor breakouts

IT Cosmetics CC

Regarding my appearance, I’d call myself to be pretty fortunate. My skin type is average–not too oily or dry, and breakouts aren’t a frequent event for me. I’m also lazy and don’t really do much in the means of makeup or even skincare. 

On a typical day, I’m not motivated to do more than wear a bit of moisturizing cream or sunblock. When I apply makeup, I prefer using the minimum amount to balance my skin tone without creating a glaring odor that I’m wearing makeup at all. I’ve observed that IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream was the perfect match for my routine.

Ingredients: Skin-friendly

One of the things I loved the most about this product was the formulation. It is packed with ingredients that are good for the skin, such as Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and collagen. It was like an additional dose of moisture and skin care within my makeup, which I appreciate every time.

It also provides broad-spectrum mineral protection SPF 50 due to the combination of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. While it’s unlikely to substitute the sunscreen I use (shoutout to the great Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen), it’s nice to know it has an extra layer of built-in protection.

With the added ingredients, it also functions as a foundation, which is great because it removes an extra step (especially for lazy people like me). I believe this is the reason why my skin loved it. It was hydrating but not oily and nourishing for my skin.

It’s important to note that the brand has several other variations of the CC cream, such as one that includes light-reflective colors to add a glow and the alternative that is oil-free with a matte finish.

Shade Range: Pretty Limited

IT Cosmetics CC

Recently, I’ve faced issues with full-coverage formulations making me look like a face mask (or breaking out completely), and CC creams aren’t making enough of a noticeable difference. Also, I’ve had issues matching my skin tone, which has subtle golden undertones that are neutral. 

Certain foundations appear ashen, while others are too red or cause me to look orange, and that’s not perfect. The color selection was my main issue regarding my experience with this CC cream. 

It is available in 12 different shades. Of the 12 shades, only three are suitable for darker skin tones (the dark hue, Deep, is also not very deep).

So my options were quite small. In addition, in contrast to the other CC and creams for BB that are available, this one has an impressive amount of coverage, so cheating on the color match isn’t as simple as in other formulas with lesser pigment. 

I picked Rich, which turned out to be a good match. I generally do well using more yellow-toned foundations (Rich is designed to suit people who have warmer yellow tones); however, I prefer to stick to neutral foundations whenever I can. If I had leaned towards cool-toned foundations, the foundation would not have been a good idea.

The Feel: Super-light

Fresh from the bottle, the CC cream feels like an ordinary foundation but like a serum. It’s not goopy and thick; however, it floats between. All in all, I enjoyed the way it felt because I didn’t feel it. One pump covers my backhand, and it spreads easily across my skin. It certainly has a non-weighty appearance and didn’t cause any irritation to my skin.

The Results The Results: Dewy Skin

I didn’t require much of this product to make a significant improvement. To cover my face completely, I applied just a tiny bit more than a pump and then applied it using a Beauty Blender (notorious for sucking up the product). 

However, I was still able to see improvements. It’s certainly buildable, also, so if you desire greater coverage, you can certainly achieve it. It doesn’t appear to oxidize as much, although I noticed it became a little darker after drying. If something did work best for the skin, I have later on.

The Value: Excellent for those who don’t utilize the product in a huge amount

IT Cosmetics CC

The ingredients that are good for the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and peptides, made the price ($40 per bottle) worth it to me. It’s priced similarly to other top-rated formulas and may be slightly less expensive than other premium CC creams I’ve tested.

In the end, I believe it’s an affordable price for the amount you pay. However, I’m not usually using many products in a row, so this one will likely last me for quite a while. If I could have known that I was going to


Delivers seven items all in one!

  • Full-coverage foundation
  • SPF 50+ broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen
  • Brightening color corrector
  • Serum to combat aging that hydrates
  • Primer for a porous finish
  • Dark spot concealer
  • Moisturizing day cream


  • Apply the cream to dry, moist skin. Otherwise, the formula’s texture becomes fluid if combined with other products.
  • Only apply two pumps, or I’m sure you’ll be using too much product!
  • Make use of a makeup brush when applying your product. the fundamentals

Is IT Cosmetics CC Cream Worth It?

IT Cosmetics CC

In the end, I think that it is true that the IT Cosmetics CC cream is worth the price. It’s worth the money and effort of figuring out the best way to apply it in case you’re someone who, like me, spends the time to figure out how to apply the full coverage foundation so that it doesn’t take too much.

Of all the products I have in my makeup bag, this CC cream has been the only one I invest in, and I will continue doing this in the years to come!

Final Verdict

Overall, I was pleased with IT Cosmetics’ CC+ Cream, SPF 50+. I would consider using it if I needed to smooth my skin and give my complexion more. 

However, I was ultimately disappointed by the limited color options, especially for people with different undertones and complexions than mine. 

I would suggest this to those looking to achieve a radiant natural, makeup-free look, but be aware that the tiniest colors could not justify it. If the brand were released in more colors, I’d be more inclined to recommend it.