How To Remove Gel Nail Polish In 7 Easy Steps

Round the clock working mothers, professionals and people in the corporate sector, here is something really important that you may not have been paying attention to Nails! Be it a handshake or simply signing a document, your nails always take the highlight.  The steadfast time-warp of the day does not provide enough room to take good care of them even for the simple tasks of removing nail polish.

What we face instead is the irresistible desire to bite off the scraps of hue shades on the nails. However, this makes the nails prone to damage and compromises with the shape, health and the appearance of nails at various levels. But, resisting the irresistible is almost as imperative as drinking enough water.

Every cloud has a silver lining, so is the case with removing nail polish or gel nail polish.

Is there a guide on “how to remove gel nail polish at home?” Or as one may put it in slang, “how to take off gel nails?” Surely yes! There is an exhaustive guide on the same. You can absolutely remove your nail polish or gel nail polish without compromising on their health and safety, provided, you follow all the directions properly, and with patience.

Experts often face questions like, “how to remove gel polish?” or “how to remove gel nails?”. Is it possible? Of course, anything and everything is possible.

how to remove gel polish

Here are some 7 Key Instructions that You Must Follow.

1. Dig Out Some Airy Room for The Activity

Don’t rush, glitch of time only worsens the situations, especially when you are doing something which might enhance your appearance by leaps and bounds. A well-ventilated space provides room for acetone to get diluted in the air which, if breathed in, can cause serious biologically hazardous problems in the long run.

So, binge on some good prime videos while you’re doing this, it may take half an hour. Don’t make it a race.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so goes with removing nail polishes of your nails.

2. Top Layers First

Removing the nail polish with a nail polish remover in one go can be the first instinct of most of the people. However, filing down the top and thick layers is a better and recommended route. This lessens the use of nail polish remover which is otherwise not a healthy thing to be exposed to skin. Do it gently and in a rhythmic order, and sway the polish away (only a few layers)! You will now observe a rather coarse paint on the nails, as the gel of the nail polish has been removed.

3. Guard Thy Epidermis!

Next, is the essential step of protecting the skin from the nail polish remover, as it contains nothing but humongous amounts of acetone which is known for converting supple textures of skin into a scorching desert! It dries everything up. Making use of a cream with thick consistency or a cuticle oil ( if you want to go that specific ) is advisable.

4. Wet Some Fluffs

Now, you need to dip your nails in a bowl of acetone, or you need to soak some cotton balls in acetone along with a little bit of cuticle oil to remove the nail polish. Soaking the cotton balls is a recommended and more efficient procedure as it provides more spatial specificity. Cotton-balls will let you apply acetone at select locations and would prevent the use of unnecessary acetone which in turn would reduce the surface area of your skin that comes into the contact of acetone.

Just concentrate and saturate the cotton-balls with ample amount of acetone. Simple.

5. Shield Your Tips, Use Aluminum!

Before you set on to remove your nail polish, wrap square-cut tit-bits of the aluminum foil around your tips. Place a soaked cotton ball to remove the nail polish off the finger you desire and secure it with aluminum foil, provide it stability. Using a non-dominant hand first would make things a cake-walk.

Repeat, repeat and repeat the same along with all the ten nails. This may pose some difficulty in following the guidelines as all your tips would be occupied. Evaluate your progress.

The gel nail polish should appear to be breaking apart and flowing away like icebergs, some tit-bits can be removed with little or minuscule pressure. If not, go back to the previous step and use be more generous in soaking the fluffs this time.

6. Some Grease Please?

After being done with the aforesaid process, apply some pressure with cotton balls ( soaked obviously ! ) to remove some stubborn spots. You may use a nail stick, however, if removing the spots is still taking an effort, you need to seriously reconsider the possibility of soaking the cotton balls again and then following the previous steps with more sincerity and patience.

7. Water Is Life, Afterall!

What water is to you, coconut oil is to nails. So, after you are done with removing nail polish or gel nail polish, did your talons in coconut oil or into cuticle oil to trench them of the thirst that has been caused by acetone.

And that’s it!

All in All

So this was the complete article on how to remove gel nails and I hope we were able to answer your question for how to take off gel nails. how to remove gel nail polish

So, when next time you are presented with the complaints of “how to remove gel polish” or “how to remove gel nail polish at home?” make sure that you’re the first one to answer.

Till then, Happy Nails!