How To Know If Someone Has A Secret Crush On You

How to know if a guy has a crush on you secretly, or what are the signs a woman has a secret crush on you. How do you know?

We have been having crush since the time we didn’t even know the meaning of a “crush” properly. Having a crush is a different feeling altogether but if someone has a crush on you, it can be confusing; your mind constantly looks for signs she secretly has a crush on you or for signs he has a secret crush on you. 

If you are here and you are reading this, then there are high chances that you have an admirer. At times it is really difficult how to know if someone has a secret crush on you but what is even more difficult is to open up and talk about your feelings; to tell your person that they are crazy about you and want you to notice them.

We have the perfect tell the tale signs he has a secret crush on you and if you are a pretty lady in your mind then signs she secretly has a crush on you.

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1. They find ways to be around you

The first way how to know if someone has a secret crush on you is to recognize if they keep finding ways to be near you. If it’s a school/college spice then they try to be on the same group project, or in the same club, an office romance, then the same break timings and do they arrive and leave the office just when you are about to? Coincidence? NO.

2. Physical touch is oh so often

A slight grace to the arm, a light touch of the fingers, or maybe a tuck of hair behind the ears. It is simple, if you like someone, you get the urge to touch them. Do they often end up touching you “platonically” or find reasons to. Then this one of the signs she secretly has a crush on you. 

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3. Body posture  

When trying to impress you, your crush will do a lot of things. Along with their actions to get you to notice them; subtle actions – postures are also pretty evident signs. Every gesture means something, have you seen them angle their body especially their feet towards you. Other than this there are many attraction indicators with far more studies supporting them.

4. Bringing you food

Food has honestly been a love language. It’s the expression of care, has always been. If they bring your favorite food it is a manner of saying that I remember every detail and I intend to keep you happy? Make sure or ask you often if you have eaten or not? Bring you small snacks? All for what? To make you smile.

5. Eyes are always on you

Do you find eyes googling your way? You catch them looking your way? They gaze you way frequently? Well, can you blame them? You are their crush. Of course, the poor soul will look at your godly face.

6. Laugh at your lamest jokes 

Another answer to your how to know if someone has a secret crush on you conundrum. Does it happen that you make a joke and you immediately realize how lame it is? Actually, everyone realizes how lame it is; everyone except her. Well, a clear sings a woman has a secret crush on you.

7. They share it all

If they are not awkward then from there feeling to their food. From their efforts to their time. They want to be a part of your life just as much they want you to be a part of their life hence, they share it all and do not hesitate in doing so. This is one of the signs he has a secret crush on you or one of the signs a woman has a secret crush on you.

8. You are always on the radar

You are hungry? They know. You don’t like that person? They know. Your mood is actually bad but you are faking so that nobody sees it? Yes, They know. They know you to well, you are always on their radar. They make sure you have every little thing you need. Yes, They have a crush on you!

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9. Become nervous around you

Want to know if a guy has a crush on you secretly? Or a girl that matters? They find reasons to be with you but the moment they are alone with you they become nervous, fumble, and get weirdly awkward around you. 

10. Find reasons to be in touch

Do they make reasons to meet or talk to you again and again, making excuses. Like borrowing your stuff or annoying you a lot. Just basically doing everything to be in touch with you.

11. You compliment and they blush red

Your presence is enough for a blood rush to their cheeks.

Whether you are figure out how to know if a guy has crush on you or trying to find signs a woman has a secret crush on you. If you compliment, they blush and awkwardly form thank you, then this is a big give away.

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All In All

Hope this list helped you figure out how to know if a guy has a crush on you secretly. Feelings are complicated little things, messing with our heads and hearts. Turing the course of life. Even when life has a lesson to teach us at every turn, some easy, some tough, and when we meet people, they become an important part of that journey. You like them or they like you. You hate them or they hate you. It does not matter, because they will still be a part of that journey; now it depends on you whether to make this ride of life a smooth one or a rough one.