How To Get Into ketosis Fast in 24 hours (Complete Guide)

The ketogenic lifestyle is the most popular way of removing excess fat from the body nowadays owing to its efficacy to remove excess fat physiologically from the body, no fat pills required.

The staple American diet consists of high calorie and reducing that can be a tough challenge. It doesn’t suit the body to be removed from its natural equilibrium.

But if you wish to know how to get into ketosis fast, then let me tell you that you can try the new Ketogenic lifestyle, there are good ways to achieve your goals smoothly without any pain. You can achieve that state within 24 hours. To get into ketogenic state within a day is extremely important as it reduces all the associated feelings of hunger and satiety.

Hunger can be the last nail in coffin, if it strikes it becomes very difficult to keep upto your vow and if you feel full that helps in curbing those untimely food cravings and continue the ketogenic state you are in.

ketosis helps to achieve better mental clarity, upliftment in mood , a sound glucose and hormonal control.

This leads to decreased insulin levels, decrease triglyceride levels thereby helping the body to achieve sound body control and coordination.

Now let me tell you how to get into ketosis fast. The fastest way to get into ketosis requires that you eat 20g net carbs for the first two or 4 weeks of the low carb diet. It helps you to reach this Ketosis state smoothly and faster. Usually at this time the food habits change and also body adapts to a lot of physical changes.

Eating less carbs help you to fewer your cheat days owing to the less hunger cravings. your brain will rewire itself to embrace your will.

The following Ketosis plan helps you kick start your preparation with a zero carbohydrate approach. Here is the fastest way to get into ketosis.

Fastest way to get into ketosis

how to get into ketosis faster

Many people want to know how to get into ketosis faster. When the body starves and doesn’t receive enough glucose for its normal energy requirements, Ketosis kicks in which is a metabolic process that results from burning of stored fat which leads to buildup of ketones as a byproduct. This is a result of less carb intake.

Carbohydrates are not the only source of energy for survival and thus can be reduced to extremely low levels. Thus when the body is starving, the preferred choice to obtain the energy is from the stored fats.

An adult Liver can store up to 100-120g Glycogen thus only about 400 -500 calories are used by the body before the ketosis kicks in. Thus the liver converts all its stored glycogen to energy gradually because of starvation.

As the glycogen is converted to glucose, more insulin is produced which binds to its receptors on cells and pushes glucose inside the cells thereby bringing the blood glucose levels down. This is how the vital organs of the body get their share of energy.

When the glycogen levels reach the threshold point, the liver mobilizes it to produce glucose and at this time it cannot use glucose to drive its own energy needs thus it uses fatty acids.

This helps to know how to achieve ketosis fast and when you reduce your carbs to zero, it helps to achieve ketosis the fastest way and your answer to how to get into ketosis faster.

How to achieve ketosis within 24 hours?

To attain Ketosis you must drink plenty of water, take enough electrolytes, and consume moderate amounts of food. You must cut your carbs as low as possible usually below 20-net carb number as is used by many standard keto diet plans. You can know how to get into ketosis in 24 hours.

Here are some of the tips to do the same

Try food basics

Meat plus vegetable diet is a low in carb diet helping you to get into ketosis fast.

Basics include all of the following:-

  • good quality source of proteins
  • raw vegetable and assorted greens
  • Condiments low in carbohydrates.
  • Sugar free herbs.

Good quality proteins contain all the 8 required amino acids that the body doesn’t synthesize on its own. Foods such as poultry, meat, fish, cheddar cheese contain such proteins.

You must remove condiments from your diet and eat simple meals.

Keep account of keto recipes once you attain ketosis.

Worrying for calories in the beginning should not be done but eating out of habit must be avoided. You can continue to eat enough to stop the hunger though.

To know how to get into ketosis fast then let me tell you the glycogen reserves have to be depleted quickly. To know how to achieve ketosis achieve the same, you should follow the following Ketogenic diet plan.

1. Ketogenic diet plan


you can have some meat like Bacon, eggs and also ham for breakfast.

Sausage must not be used as it has carbs.

Instead of Bacon or ham baked chicken and fish piece can be substituted for breakfast.


A mouthwatering lettuce salad with a good protein source works wonders with a salad dressing that is sugar free.

Lettuce should be the main ingredient of the salad instead of putting in lots of extra raw veggies and the dressing should not contain one or 2 net carb number.

This helps to keep carbohydrates low.


Repeat the same menu as that of Lunch

2. Be active

The glycogen of liver maintains the blood glucose levels. It’s the Glycogen share of the skeletal muscles that is used during the activates. Skeletal Muscles pertaining to be the main parts of body included in movement and activity require high glucose and when their glycogen goes down, they start drawing their glucose from the blood that lowers blood glucose which lowers the insulin levels. It’s the liver that performs glycogenolysis and raises blood glucose levels. Thus more physical activity helps to burn glycogen and removes the glucose faster that helps to attain ketosis as quickly as possible. There are special work out plans with nutrition if you want to exercise as well.

3. Stay Hydrated

Water is a magic medium which is the basis of life that helps to run all the basic function inside the body such as metabolism, excretion, transport of nutrients, structural etc.

The main reason to focus on water intake here is that it helps the liver to metabolize fats and remove excess weight your body owns.

Without enough water the kidneys start using medullary nephrons to concentrate more waste in less amount of water to be excreted. This is the backup mechanism of kidneys to deal with dehydration. But this too has its limits as ultimately it’s the water that is needed. So drinking good amounts of water is required to lessen the burden on kidneys.

Besides this some of the kidney functions are taken up by liver to lessen the burden and thus cannot mobilize fats so quickly being on multitasking. Thus ketone production doesn’t take place that quickly as it should. This means the keto diet requires more water than the usual low calorie diets.

Thus the golden rule to drink water is to divide your body weight by 2 and drink the resultant amount of water in ounces. Example If you weigh 200 Pounds, you need to drink 100 ounces of water in a day.

However it is important to drink the water in spaces for example you can fill a 25 ounces cup of water and drink it 4 times a day morning, noon, evening and night. To add some flavor to the water adds some lime in it. This has a side benefit of giving you the much required Vitamin -C so why not take it!

4. Focus on appropriate food intake

Avoid eating snacks throughout the day until and unless the craving is really strong.

To enter ketosis faster, you need to cut the carbs as much as possible. But if you eat all day long. You will not be able to normalize your insulin levels and so your blood sugar.

Hunger automatically goes down once you enter ketosis. So worry not!

Just make sure when hunger strikes, foods favorable to ketogenic diet are consumed.

For that matter of fact small can of tuna mixed with mayonnaise works wonders or cheese sticks can also be a good substitute in case you are in a hurry.

5. Ensure electrolyte intake

Kidney usually flushes good amount of electrolytes including macro and microelements down the urine. This is especially the case with the keto diet. Some important electrolytes are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and chlorine.

Once deficient, the body shows various symptoms like

  • Muscle twitch
  • exhaustion and fatigue
  • mood swings
  • delirium
  • anterograde amnesia (in some cases)
  • headaches
  • abdominal pain

Take appropriate amount of Salt (Sodium Chloride) to fulfill the sodium and chlorine deficiency. Sodium is a prime necessity when your body is in a Ketogenic diet.

To cut carbs you have to cut potatoes from diet which are actually a good source of potassium, Thus to fulfill the potassium deficiency you must either take some potassium supplement or use Lite salt which is a mixture of sodium and potassium.

Calcium and Magnesium deficiency can be likewise fulfilled by using the right food and supplements. However too much magnesium can cause bowel issues thus avoid too much intake of it and try to obtain it naturally.

If you are not in a hurry and then there are also easy ways to get into  ketosis as well.

The way ketosis works and how to test for it

fastest way to get into ketosis

The process of Ketosis occurs once your glycogen reserves start depleting and the liver starts producing ketones to fulfill the demand. But production of detectable levels of ketones in blood and urine is going to take time which is more than the time required to get into ketosis.

The change of color on Ketone strips indicate that ketosis is going on as per planned but the thing is that this is not always accurate because you may not see the color change and yet ketosis is underway because the strips only detect those ketones which have not been used by the body yet.

You can also know the symptoms as well as signs that you are into ketosis as well.

Also, different sticks test for different ketones.

  • Urine sticks test for acetoacetate ketones
  • blood sticks test for beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones in keto fast
  • Acetones are excreted from sweat, breath and into blood thus can be tested by ketone blood meters, Ketone breath meters etc.

However, limitations exist for each type of testing method for keto fast and not all methods are completely accurate, the results are partially accurate.

As the time progresses, the body starts making fewer and fewer acetotate ketones that are then converted into Beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones, the energy currency for the brain.

Acetone also diminishes as the low carb diet progresses.

In the beginning 3 weeks there is insulin resistance in the muscles and they burn fatty acids and do not obtain ketones, glucose for energy from the blood stream.

However the muscles ensure to use ketones only if high amounts are present in the blood. But being an athlete uses more energy and thus utilization of ketones is more in athletes which are an exception.

The insulin resistance in muscles helps to save the glucose for the brain and other tissues that do not have the mitochondria like Red blood cells. Slowly and gradually as the time passes the body learns how to produce and utilize the ketones efficiently for body’s needs.

As the body gets more and more efficient, fewer ketones appear on strips and thus you must not worry.

Less amount of Glycogen triggers ketosis and not the number of ketones.


keto fast

This was the complete article on how to enter ketosis and how to get into ketosis fast. Ketosis is difficult to achieve specially in 24 hours and gain the knowledge for how to get into ketosis in 24 hours. It’s a gradual state and body needs time to become efficient. Thus you must take care of your nutritional needs at this time and do not stress if this state is not achieved within a day. There are other diet plans such as HCG diet plan on which you can have a look for reference.

If you have any other question related to how to enter ketosis then you can mention them in the comments down below.