How to Create the Perfect EGIRL Makeup Looks?

We first had those VSCO girls, then we had the Instagram celebrities, and today the latest trend in makeup dominating Instagram is the trend of eGirl make-up. 

If it’s the first time you are aware of this trend or have seen eGirl’s makeup looks and want to give it a go, we’re here to help. This article will give you everything you must learn about this new edgy makeup trend that’s taken the world of digital media to the forefront.

What exactly is an eGirl?

The term”eGirl” or “electronic” girl refers to girls that are avid online users who are mainly gamers and anime fans. eGirl was initially employed as a derogatory term to denote girls thought to have created this image solely to draw attention to most male gaming websites. 

The term has become a subculture of edgy and bold women with punk and strong emo styles. The aesthetics of eGirl makeup are bold and bold. Eyes with striking makeup, such as eGirl eyeliner, and tons of blush and fake freckles. The adorable yet sophisticated makeup style is inspired by the styles of makeup that are often depicted on television and in K-Pop.

How do I create eGirl makeup looks?

EGIRL Makeup

Step 1:

Begin with your foundation makeup the way you would normally. Apply the base to prepare your skin, and ensure that your eGirl-inspired makeup can last throughout the day. After that, apply a light makeup liquid to give your skin a “my skin but better” appearance. 

Because eGirl makeup is focused on the cheeks and the eyes, Ensure that the foundation is light so that it doesn’t appear like it’s caked and weighing down your skin. Use the concealer to conceal your dark circles and cover any blemishes or scars around your eyes. 

Apply a small concealer to the eyelids to make them appear more luminous. After applying your cream and liquid foundation makeup, you can set your makeup with foundation powder to give your skin a matte finish and provide more coverage.

Step 2:

If you like an eGirl-like soft makeup style, opt for the peach, coral, and shades of pink. hues on the lids. Apply a thin wash of color and blend it out with an angled, fluffy blending brush to create an elongated and blurred appearance. 

However, if you’re looking to show off your style and personality, try bright and vivid eyeshadow shades and color your eyes with shades of green, blue, or red. 

Applying eyeshadow, apply only one or two shades to highlight the lids. Try not to want to create an imposing cut crease appearance, or opt for bold eyeshadows that smoke to achieve this look.

Step 3:

The fun part is now that it is winged eyeliner! Make a bold and thick line across each lid for an iconic eGirl eyeliner style. The larger the wing, the more impressive. Utilize the Black liquid eyeliner to make sharp wings that bring the whole look together.

Step 4:

Apply some mascara to your lashes, and fill with eyebrows to complete your eye makeup. Make sure to use fluttery, wispy eyebrows and natural-looking lashes to recreate an eGirl makeup style.

Step 5:

It’s the perfect time to put on the blush. The makeup of eGirl is known for its excessive blush and red noses. So apply a good amount of your preferred blush shade, not only on your cheeks but also on that bridge on your nose. Use a big blend brush to ensure that the bright blush color isn’t muddy and blends in with your skin effortlessly.

Step 6:

Make sure you highlight your bridge and the tip of your nose using an illuminating highlighter in powder and give a soft sparkle to your cheeks by using a liquid or cream highlighter.

Step 7:

Put the final details to your makeup by making faux freckles using the brown color of eyeshadow or liner in brown. Making your eGirl makeup an extra step is also possible by adding a small black heart on each eye. Make the hearts using an eyeliner pencil eyeliner or search for stamps and stickers if you aren’t sure about your fingers!

Step 8:

 eGirl lipstick can be done in either of two ways: apply a peach or a nude lipstick to create a soft and feminine look that is eGirl-inspired, or color your lips with an edgy Blood Red lipstick to give a hint of gothic to your appearance. You can also apply a colored lip balm to increase the natural color of your lips but keep an eye on your eyes and face.

Step 9:

 Secure your eGirl makeup look by applying some spritzes of cosmetic setting spray. This will not only prolong the longevity of your makeup but also aids in making your makeup products blend to enhance your appearance.

Here you go. A quick and simple makeup tutorial from eGirl so you can create this chic makeup look and be part of the club!

Top 5 products for egirl Makeup

EGIRL Makeup

There is no need for many cosmetics to apply Egirl makeup. If you’re looking to learn how to apply egirl makeup, you can find it on YouTube or conduct a Google Image search for the best makeup for girls. I’ve done extensive research about makeup for girls and have reduced this to the top 5 makeup products to use for egirl makeup. must own.

Black Liquid Liner

EGIRL Makeup

The best makeup looks of egirl utilize black liner. You will require a very delicately tipped black liquid liner since you’ll create an extremely distinct wing around the corners of your eyes. 

Additionally, you’ll require the ideal black liquid liner that can draw on various shapes or designs beneath your eyes as part of the aesthetic of egirl.

As you can see in the picture, there’s an emphasis on the eyes. It’s almost doll-like with a black strap liner with extremely sturdy wings.

In the next image, you will see the lines drawn below the eyes, using hearts and other shapes you require to draw using a black liquid liner with a very fine tip.

In this picture, the dark liner that is winged is actually below and above. The big eyes that are winged indicate that the women are girls since the look is more pronounced than a normal winged liner.

The top black liquid eyeliner from Kat von D. Now KVD Beauty is the Tattoo Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner which can be purchased in Sephora at $29.00. 

KVD Beauty Tattoo Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is the most effective eyeliner for girls because it doesn’t leak, so whether you have to create long or short bold lines, you’ll be able to know that this liner won’t move.

It’s available in black and “Trooper” or “Mad Max Brown,” a dark chocolate brown if you’re looking for something soft. This KVD Beauty Tattoo Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is a high-pigment vegan formulation with an ultra-fine brush tip. Finding a liquid liner as fine as this one by KVD Beauty is hard.

Bright Eyeshadow Palette

EGIRL Makeup

You’ll need to never lose focus on your eyes, making them appear kid-like and dramatic. You’ll need an eyeshadow palette that comes in many shades. 

Colourpop is the most affordable eyeshadow palette, which is vibrant and will match any mood you’re in. Colourpop also collaborates with cute animated characters like Sailor Moon and Powerpuff girls.

If you’re looking for moody blues and more cool pastel shades, try this palette ” On Cloud Blue” eyeshadow palette. If you want a warm, feminine look for your girl, try an edgy pink palette from Colourpop like”Cloud Spun. ” Cloud Spun” has a large assortment of vibrant pinks that range from light to vibrant coral tones.

It is also possible to purchase the larger eyeshadow palette of Colourpop that is more on the rainbow side if you’re planning to make two different looks with your eyeshadow. 

Colorpop’s Dream Big Palette from Colourpop includes six monochromatic eyeshadows in single palettes that can be purchased within the entire vault that retails for $74 (likely to go on sale for just $37).

Bright Cream Blush

EGIRL Makeup

The look of blush for edgy women is over-exposed, well-colored, and high on the cheekbones. You want something simple to blend but gives you a very flushed look. 

The cream blush with the best pigmentation is highly pigmented and can be found in the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush because it’s extremely easy to build it upwards and blend into. 

All you need to do is put a tiny dot on each cheek to create an extremely pigmented and strong blush. 

This Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush that comes in “Happy” is one of the coolest pinks that gives you an enormous pop of color on your cheeks. If you like more orange-y coral shades, this color “Joy” is also a top-selling blush with a stunning finish of Rare Beauty.

Freck Freckle Pen

EGIRL Makeup

If you’re not familiar with the makeup style of girls and want to be aware that girls have a charming innocence and freckles make them look less secure. 

If you’re not planning to make cheek art, you can use a freckle pencil as the best method of getting those adorable freckles.

Brand ” Freck” was launched recently on Sephora along with ” Freck the Original Freckle,” which is the best item to purchase at the store. Using Freck, you will achieve long-lasting faux freckles that look exactly like the real thing. 

It is available in black to give an even more striking look. However, If you’re looking for an edgier look, you can go for something more natural, like the color ” Freck Noir,” which is a more natural freckle.

Kaja Heart Melter Lip Gloss Stick

EGIRL Makeup

Kaja is the ideal makeup brand for girls as the shades are vibrant, and you can create them as gentle or striking. Kaja’s Heart Melter Lip Gloss Stick is loaded with pigment, but it’s a shiny gloss. 

A lot of women keep their lips bright and shiny. Therefore this gloss has a high-quality pigment that lasts all day, or at least during the live stream.

I’ve tried the lips gloss lighter in the pink shade called ” Sweet Talk” up to the deep plum shade of ” Be Mine.” You can tell by the names they’re very cute, and the packaging features an adorable heart that perfectly matches the girl’s style.


In the end, to achieve the most flawless e-girl makeup, you’ll need just five products to achieve the style you’re after. If you have any additional suggestions on how to achieve the most flawless girl makeup, please share them in the comments section below.