How To Clean Your Ears Safely

Some people feel blockage in hearing which is due to the accumulation of wax in the ear and want to know how to clean your ears. Some of you might already know that the cotton swabs we use to clean our ears are not safe at all and are not your answer to how to clean ears. Today we are going to tell you some ways in which you will be able to clean your ears safely.

How to clean ears?

How To Clean Your Ears

The best way to clean ears and for the ear wax removal is to go and visit an ear specialist. Doctors have the special equipment’s such as forceps, cerumen which are needed for ear cleaning.

If you want to know how to clean out ears at home and how to properly clean ears than follow these methods –

  1. Use of Earwax softener

There are many eardrops which are available on the local drug store. These drops are typically made from hydrogen peroxide. If you are not able to find the eardrops then you can also use

  • Baby oil
  • Glycerin
  • Mineral oil
  • Saline water

You have to put the specific no. of droplets that are mentioned on the bottle of eardrops and wait for 5 minutes. You have to put the drops in at intervals of time and then you will have to drain the solution with the wax out of your ear and clean your ear with a soft cloth. This is your answer to how to clean your ears. If the condition is not improved then you should visit a doctor immediately.

  1. Use of damp cloth

If you use cotton swab to clean your ear than you should know it is not safe to put it deep into your ear as it might make the earwax to go deeper inside the ear canal. You can use these cotton swabs only to clean the ear from the outside. If possible, instead of cotton swabs try to use a damp cloth which is warm to wipe your ears. This is a good answer to how to clean ears and is one of the best way to clean ears.

  1. Ear irrigation

This is a process which you can also use at your home and is a proper way to clean ears. For this, you will have to use a syringe and some slightly warm water with saline solution. You have to put it in your ear canal with the help of syringe and then lie for 5 minutes. After that you will have to sit and allow the liquid to rinse with the wax from your ear. Further clean your ear using a cloth. If you want it to be more effective than put some drops of wax softener in your ear and wait for 20 minutes before you go for the ear irrigation.

You might feel a bit uncomfortable because of the water inside your ear. This was another method of how to clean your ears and is one of the best way to clean ears.

These were some methods with which you would know how to properly clean ears.

When to use these methods

How To Clean Your Ears

Earwax is actually good for your ear and is produced by your body to block any kind of unwanted particle to enter your ear. In most of the cases, the unwanted wax will automatically get removed from your ear which your jaw moves.

In most cases you won’t need to remove earwax manually from your ear. But in some cases the earwax gets builds up more than needed and might affect the working of your ear. When the wax reaches this stage, it is called as the impaction.

You might experience these symptoms in this condition

  • Ringing of the ear or fullness.
  • Little bit of dizziness.
  • Pain or ache in the ear.
  • Improper hearing.
  • Odor coming from ear.

If you use ear plugs or any other kind of hearing ads then there is a change that you might develop these problems.

What to avoid?

How To Clean Your Ears

You should always avoid using any kind of things like keys, cotton swabs, pins or anything like that to clean your ears because they can push the earwax deeper inside of your ear canal and make the removal of wax harder.

Whenever you visit any doctor, he is always going to recommend you to not to put any kind of small object in your ear. This can cause an injury in your ear canal or might even cause damage to your eardrum. This can also cause damage to the hearing temporarily or permanent.

There are some cases when you should not try to use the process of ear irrigation for ear wax removal. Those cases are

  • If you have a week immune system
  • If you have diabetes
  • If you have any kind of damage in your eardrum

You should also never use the process of candling for the removal of ear wax from your ear. In this method a long candle is interested in the ear canal and this it is lit to easily draw the wax upwards with the use of suction. This is a method which was used earlier and is not safe at all. It can cause injuries in the ear and can cause permanent damage too.

When to visit a doctor?

You should visit a doctor immediately if you have blockage due to earwax in your ear. The symptoms include

  • Loss of hearing
  • Pain in ear
  • Fullness feeling in ear

This can also be a signal that you have an infection in your ear and searching for how to clean out your ears will not help you. Instead of searching for how to clean out ears, you should visit a doctor.

The doctor is going to quickly examine your ear and suggest you the proper treatment for your aid. He might also suggest you a proper way to clean ears.

How To Clean Your Ears

If you are in a condition where you have an ear infection then you should look for these symptoms

  • Drainage of fluid form ear
  • Improper hearing from one ear
  • Pain or discomfort in middle ear

If you notice any of these symptoms then you should visit a doctor immediately instead of trying to treat it yourself.

How you can provide protection to your ears

You should follow these tips if you want to protect your ears from any kind of problem

  • You should not listen to music loudly or should avoid any type of loud noises. Try to use earplugs when you are at a noisy place.
  • Never insert any object in your ears as it can cause damage to your ear or make the wax go deeper in the ear canal.
  • Don’t use earphones regularly and also try to keep volume of the earphones not high.
  • You should always dry your ears properly after bath and swimming as it can cause bacterial growth in your ear which will eventually lead to infection.
  • Do not neglect minor symptoms and visit your doctor regularly.

Final words

You should clean your ears only when the buildup of the earwax is more than necessary. You can try to use any of the ways that we mention above. The best way to clean your ears is the one which suits you the most and you are comfortable in doing so.

I hope we were able to answer on how to clean out your ears and tell you the best way to clean your ears. If you have any question or suggestions then you can mention them in the comments down below.

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