What Is Double Cream? How To Make Double Cream At Home?

There are a lot of people who are looking forward to have a keto diet and there are many dishes which are perfect when it comes to low carb diet plan and high fat.

Cream is a product which is one of the most popular items in keto diets. People look for different type of creams such as Cornish cotton cream, double cream, devon creams and many different varieties.

You will be able to find these in magazines, shopping aisles, social media as well as online stores.

I’m big on keto.

You will be glad to know that there is a method with the help of which you would know how to make double cream.

What is double cream?

It is also referred as the heavy cream in the North America. A very thick dairy cream is double cream in actual.

The percentage of milk fat content in it is around 48%.

Also, double cream is a cream which is second thickest cream type when it comes to butterfat content.

People in North America think that whipped cream is heavy cream but in actual most of the whipped creams does contain 36 percent of butterfat at max.

Whipped cream is a cream which should not be mistaken with the double cream.

The production of double cream is done by the separation of butterfat from the milk with the use of centrifugal force.

The flavor of double cream is very rich and also it’s consistency is very thick as well. Double cream is ideal for the fruit salads, savory food dishes and also on variety of desserts.

People do love the taste as well as the rich flavor of double cream which does taste like the whipped cream, butter and also cheese and cream put together.

Now you got the answer to the question what is double cream? Let me tell you how you can skip the cost of shipping and make double cream at your home in no time.

How to make double cream?Double cream

It is a very easy process and it just takes the right tools to easily make the double cream at your home from milk and butter.

Butter is a product which is the solid form of the milk fat which is a product of the separation of the liquid part of the milk from fat portion.

You just need to reconstitute the cream. But, it is not as simple as putting back the butter back into the milk.

If you try to do the same, it is going to form butter milk which is completely opposite of what you wanted.

Butter is a product which floats on the milk and shaking the combination of both of them is going to clinging of fat. You need to follow of different process to achieve results.

To make double cream you will need a cream maker.

Cream makers are the kind of equipment’s which are simple and old fashioned and they are not a kind of product you will find easily in the supermarket.

You can try to get it from the eBay by searching for “cream maker” on their advanced search option.

Now let me tell you the steps to make double cream at home.

Ingredients that you need:

  • 100 ml / 4 ounces of the milk (or the heavy cream, you have to observe the ratios and increase the amount of butter in it accordingly)
  • 5 ounces of the butter which is unsalted.

Procedure to make double cream:

Put all of the ingredients in a pan which is fairly small and you have to heat it gently over about at temperature of 80 degrees Celsius of heat.

Once the butter in your pan is melted, you have to stir it and then you have to quickly pour the combination into your cream maker.

With the use of one hand, you have to firmly hold your cream maker and with the other hand of yours you have to pump the handle on there up and down with amount of force which is considerable

You have to take care so that you don’t spill it out.

Sometimes you might need to pump it up for a while but you have to make sure that nothing should come out into the chamber which is underneath.

In is a case in which you’d have to stop the process of pumping, when you remove the lid from equipment’s base of yours, and have to slightly loosen up the nozzle nut of it as well. Reassemble the maker of yours and then you have to get back to the work.

You will be able to see the double cream to come out in the small ounces with each and every thrust. You have got to be patient in this case because it is going to take a while to get all that double cream of yours to get formed.

Alternative method to make double cream

There is an alternative method to cream maker method that we have mentioned above.

For this method you need to put the mixture of melted butterfat and the heavy cream or milk) in a blender of high-speed and you have to let it blend for around one minute.

You will see that there will be some emulsification in there when you are done with the blending process. You will have to allow it to settle down you are going to get the double cream of yours

Why you have to for that extra mile if you want to get yourself some double cream?

Benefits of double creamBenefits

This is a cream which packs some essential vitamins and there are a lot of fats in there which are extremely beneficial for the health of yours.

These are some vitamins which are a great for the immune system of your body.

It will help you to protect the eyesight of yours and also the bodies as a whole from any kind of infection.

It is a potent dietary source with very essential vitamins. The double cream also helps in maintaining the good health of the skin of yours and also blood.

All in All

Double cream is very healthy and beneficial in keto diet.

You don’t have to even compromise with taste when you are on a keto diet and with the help of this article you got to know how to make double cream at home which is better than any double cream you will get in the market.

I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any questions regarding how to make double cream from heavy cream then you can mention them in the comments down below.