Here’s How Pokimane Looks Without Makeup 2022

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is probably one of the top Twitch streamers worldwide. Pokimane began streaming during college and realized quickly that she could make her love into an occupation, accumulating thousands of fans. Pokimane is not a stranger to controversy.

Her dirty side has been exposed in a variety ways. But, no one was aware of how discordant her followers became when she streamed with no makeup.

The fans of Pokimane first saw the streamer without makeup in a stream that took place on the 23rd of October, 2018. The original video of this stream was later removed.

Still, Newsweek revealed that Pokimane offered viewers a glimpse of her daily life through a video showing how she applied makeup while getting ready for the camera.

It’s not like Pokimane or her most loyal fans could have anticipated the astonishing response to the video.

Pokimane revealed how she appears without makeup

Pokimane revealed how she appears without makeup

In the words of Newsweek, Pokimane wanted to give viewers a peek at her routine. In her headline-grabbing Oct. 2018 clip, the actress spent about two hours applying her makeup with a full-on camera view while doing hairstyles.

She was occasionally available to answer inquiries, as well. The infamous “League of Legends” streamer explained her method in depth. At the moment, Pokimane reportedly told her viewers that she was worried about the stream.

As reported by Newsweek, the streamer stated, “I feel so naked, and I don’t have any makeup on; therefore, if you think I look different, I’m sorry.”

The stream seemed to go without incident, except for some people trolling Pokimane on the chat. However, the backlash that followed the stream was not long after. Pokimane has criticized herself as a “creepy” audience in past episodes; however, some angry viewers quickly went to the extreme.

The followers compared her makeup and makeup-free looks

followers compared her makeup and makeup-free looks

Dexerto said that a significant part of the backlash started when a user on Twitter whose name was Pexi V tweeted a side-by-side photo between Pokimane in makeup and unmakeup.

The photos’ reactions appeared extremely intense, and the poster deleted their Twitter account shortly after. Before that, the photo of the two sides had already garnered over 1,000 Retweets.

On Twitter, others began sharing their side-by-side photos of Pokimane. Most of these posts came from people scathing about Poki’s look. However, other users posted the picture without makeup to defend Pokimane.

Many of the streamers and creators have shown that they support Pokimane. Professional Esports host Eefje Depoortere a.k.a. Sjoks, wrote, “Just want to say that [Pokimane] is among some of the beautiful individuals I have met from the inside out, and those who give her s**t because she put herself on the internet streaming naked should take a look.”

Pokimane and other streamers retaliate against critics

Pokimane and other streamers retaliate against critics

The outrage over her unadorned face has prompted Pokimane to address the social media haters as quickly as possible. On the day the entire controversy began to rage, Pokimane tweeted to support positive body image. She assured her followers on Twitter that she is satisfied with herself just as she is.

Others streamers shared photos of themselves in no makeup to show their solidarity with Pokimane. Misty tweeted a photo of her face without makeup and the caption, “You’re beautiful no matter what you choose to do.”

Tiger Lily also posted a picture of her face, both with and without. Tiger Lily took Pokimane’s trolls to task by writing, “For ten years, I resent my naked face due to people who were similar to you.

Be more mature and treat people with more compassion.” PixieKittie, along with Rina Andreina, were just two of the streamers of other females who shared selfies of solidarity.

Another vote of support for Poki was provided by the gaming reporter Rod “Slasher” Breslau, who tweeted, “Women can dress and wear make-up the way they like because they are themselves and not to impress men.” Breslau asked users to stop being insensitive to Pokimane’s stream.

Pokimane has come out naked at least once since then

Pokimane has come out naked at least once since then

Pokimane wasn’t at all concerned by the controversy about her stream without makeup. On the day following her debate broadcast, Pokimane increased her efforts by sharing numerous photos sans makeup.

She encouraged her fans to be aware that “no person looks perfect 24/7” and asked us to “be gentle to one another.”

The renowned streamer was not averse to not revealing her naked face in front of cameras. Since the initial controversy, Pokimane has streamed multiple times without makeup.

In the two months following her first stream without makeup, Pokimane went barefaced for the stream together with beauty streamer Edgar.

The stream concluded with Pokimane appearing hilariously painted to look like Pepe the Frog. She has also held several “getting dressed” streams for her followers.

Then, in May 2020, Pokimane posted more non-makeup images to demonstrate her skincare routine. She stated in the tweet that she had been trying several different things in the quarantine period and wanted to share her experiences with her followers.

Pokimane continued to spread her self-love message and positive attitude through tweets that read, “[I]’m proud of how far I’ve come and that I’m now comfortable enough to share unfiltered photos with no makeup.”

How does Pokimane keep her skin free of blemishes?

How does Pokimane keep her skin free of blemishes

Pokimane acknowledged that she is willing to go the extra mile to ensure she takes excellent care of her skin. Her YouTube channel shared an extended video explaining her meticulous skincare routine.

She didn’t have skin problems as a child and shared that her skin was “one of the main factors in my self-confidence.”  However, when she hit her 20s, that was the time her skin began to act up.

“I began experiencing numerous skin issues which I could not solve, such as bumps, acne, spots in my forehead and all those things, and it lowered my self-esteem [downward gesture] lower,” she explained.

Through a lot of experimentation, the Instagram star managed to develop a skincare routine that she likes and discovered the secret ingredient that eliminated her skin issues.

Her regimen for beauty included twice cleansing the skin at night using the balm, using various products, and occasionally masking and applying a large amount of sunscreen. 

And the ingredient she swears by is Benzoyl peroxide. “I tried a variety of things to remove my bumps .However, no one removed my skin as effectively as a good benzoyl-peroxide cream” She said.

Pokimane is trying to remind everyone that, regardless of how many products you apply to you, there are imperfections that will always be there, and you must accept these imperfections.

“I think that there are many things we want to get rid of that are the normal thing to do as an individual,” she said. “Of course, it’s best to apply skincare for improvement however you can, but be aware of what’s the norm or goal you’re attempting to attain? Is it realistic?”

This is the Shady Side of Pokimane

This is the Shady Side of Pokimane

She’s the most-loved female streamer of Twitch (and it’s the sixth-most popular all around at this point). However, this time around, the tenure of Imane “Pokimane” Anys hasn’t been without controversy.

The Moroccan-Canadian quit her chemical engineering degree to explore a career in gaming. It proved an excellent decision — she rose to fame by playing Fortnite and League of Legends in 2017 and won the Shorty Award for Best Twitch streamer on the way.

Her ascendance up the ranks of the game was rapid, and, at times, the stream queen appeared invincible, but every online player has a story to tell.

The more famous you become, the more people look into your past, and, as Pokimane found her way, trying to cover up your mistakes only makes things more difficult for you.

While she’s been a streaming celebrity for a couple of years, in the last few days, the player and YouTube star have already had several controversies to her name, public apology statements, and even more controversy.

So, she’s fast getting to be one of the controversial people in the online gaming community. But do they believe the claims made about her are real?

Do they believe she deserves all the snark directed at her? It’s up to you to decide. Let’s examine the dark aspect of Pokimane.

Pokimane used the word n-word two times in live streams

Pokimane used the word n-word two times in live streams

Many internet celebrities have demanded an apology for behavior that is racist, and on March 4, 2019, Pokimane joined that list.

A clip from the past that featured a streamer using the n-word twice in around 15 seconds came back online, and she went to Twitter to attempt to be clear about what she was saying.

“Hard to comment about the context of this video because it’s very old (I’m close to turning 23 and was a minor in that video).

However, it wasn’t said in a derogatory or racist way,” she said, noting, “It was a time in which using the term was more popular and was used as a substitute for the word “dude.'”

Pokimane was later quoted as saying she didn’t use”the “hard R” when she spoke of the word, a position she reiterated in her apology video on YouTube in August of 2020.

The Twitch star chose to address her controversy within one post, including what she described as “inappropriate” usage of the word n-word.

“Although I have never used the word without malice or in a contextual context, or even the hard R, I’m still trying to emphasize that I am not a fan of the use of this language,” she said.

“I would love to return in time to change how I used to speak in the past. It’s not possible, but I believe my actions regarding my language choices for the past couple of years will speak for itself.”

The actress also used a racial slur in her now-deleted tweet

The actress also used a racial slur in her now-deleted tweet

Pokimane’s use and misuse of the n-word aren’t limited to just that one live stream that was embarrassing.

The player also made use of this word on a later deleted tweet she believed to be approximately five years old when she made her apology video in 2020, in which she reassured all of her millions of YouTube viewers (and those who stopped to watch the drama) that this type of language is not acceptable.

“I do not want my removal of these tweets or my silence today to appear as if it’s not,” she said.

“I’ve commented on this issue previously; however, honestly, my words or remarks were not even close to being sufficient… I’m just trying to say that I am truly sorry for any harm or offending anyone through the way I spoke.”

The woman was accused of using the word “n-word” again at the beginning of 2019 after another incriminating video of a Livestream began being circulated.

It appears that she uses the word while engaging in League of Legends, but according to her, only people who haven’t been trained to hear the n-word. The gossip-monger on YouTube, Keemstar, tweeted the video.

Pokimane called him a “fake gamer” because he didn’t realize the meaning of what she was saying.

“I used the term “this anivia” (sounded like “this Olivia”), also known as a champion in League of Legends,” she responded, adding that “On the actual Stop teasing likes and propagating lies.” While some expressed affirmation in the remarks, others were not persuaded, and neither did Keemstar. Keemstar: “I hear HARD G!”

Pokimane was accused of being a ‘fake B***h’ in an online fight that turned heated

Pokimane was accused of being a 'fake Bh' in an online fight that turned heated

Pokimane’s dispute in the past with Keemstar is traceable to November 2018, in which she called Keemstar, the DramaAlert host, for making fun of an SSSniperWolf fan.

“It’s okay to dislike the creator of another content stream but don’t be a victim of the innocent fan,” Pokimane twitter. Twitch star tweeted. She added, “Realize you’ve got an audience who will also be attacking the creators, and most people don’t like receiving hate like this.”

Keep (who said the fan was”virgin”) I was not a fan of Pokimane’s comments. In a video to her, he referred to her “whole overtly” as a signal to indicate she’s the type of “fraud” with a “fake” online identity and caused Poki to create her video.

“I believe I’m being authentic by not encouraging your type of behavior,” she replied. “Imagine the content creators made fun of and attacked others’ fans?”

The reaction of the community was divided. Many believed that Pokimane was correct in expressing her opinion, while some felt that she had taken a joke too seriously.

“Calling someone a virgin is an act of humor — that’s no way to attack, and it’s just a joke,” Kim responded. According to Keem, all Pokimane did was grab an opportunity to appear attractive.

“I was able to see the whole thing through,” he said, noting, “You’re a fake b***h.” Pokimane attempted to make a stand and stop the feud in an end-of-day tweet; however, her first scandal wouldn’t go away quickly.