7 Things You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

If you are person who is having a bad hair day or you are a person who doesn’t have long hair or maybe you are a person who doesn’t have full enough or maybe lack of the highlights and you want to get hair extensions done the you are at the right place as we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about hair extensions.

Here we have got a list of 7 points in which you will be able to know what all things you should look for before you get extensions hair. Before you invest all of your time, as well as the money you should know, is it worth it?

We will include all of the necessary information such as how are they added, hair extensions cost, how long they will last, how to take care of them, what are the different type of hairs that can be used and all of the questions which are similar and are generally asked.

extensions hair

Here is the list of 7 things that you should know about extensions hair

1. How Hair extensions are added

Most of the stylists who do hair extensions use keratin bond or they use the method of hair weave. In the process of keratin bonding, there is involvement of attachment of the micro strands of the hair which are dipped inside of the keratin which is very much similar to the hair stands which is near the roots and they are done in presence of heated applicator.

Keratin bonding is a process which does work for most of the hair types. Most of the women who are African-American do get weave which does require a stylist who can braid the hair of a person in the cornrows which will help them to give the hairs a look of the curtain which can be further sewn onto braids.

There are clients who do opt for the process which does include threading of the hair with the help of loop which is at one end of the micro hair strand which does get tightened nearby the scalp. The press on extensions in seconds gives you instant hair.

2. Cost of Hair Extensions

Many people have a question in mind how much do hair extensions cost? Here is the answer to it. Hair extensions cost starts from $275 and further hair extensions cost ads up with $60 for every additional track that is sewed. Hair extensions cost for keratin bond does cost around $800 to $1400 and the reason is the stylists do add 80 to 150 pieces of human hair which are tiny in the hair. Different stylists can spend a different amount of time on their clients to make the desired look for their clients.

If the care for human hair is done well then surely they can be used again. This was the answer to how much do hair extensions cost.

3. How long can a weave or an extension last?

There are different stylists who do recommend getting a touch up for your weaves every six weeks. The hair extensions of keratin bond do last for about 4 to 5 months. If you get extensions hair of micro loop then they will last for few weeks if you are a person who doesn’t get irritated by the tiny loops which are close to the scalp of yours because there are many people who do find it irritating.

4. Type of hair that you should use

If you are looking for hair extensions that don’t damage hair then let me tell you that extensions hair are made with the help of human or synthetic hair. If you are a person who does wash your hair on a daily basis then you should avoid getting synthetic hair. When it comes to human hair, they do come in different degree of quality.

There are some manufacturers who do blend the synthetic hair and the human hair together. There are grades of human hair which vary. The Remy’s hair is the ones which are of a high quality due to the fact that they are stored in their original condition. This was your answer to hair extensions that don’t damage.

5. Type of experience you should look for in a hairstylist

All of the states do not require any kind of license when it comes to addition of hair extension so you should take a proper consultation with the hairstylist so that you will be able to have a discussion about the hairstyle that you need and also you should ask him what type of hair they are going to use for the hair extensions.

Have a good look at the portfolio of the hairstylist and you should also ask him to show his work to you. You can also ask him to let you watch another client of his to getting extensions.

6. Problems you face when you get Extensions Hair

This completely depends on the method which is used when you get your extensions hair. You should prefer to get track extensions or the weaves to avoid any kind of damage because it does not pull the hairs out.

If you are a person who has straight hair then you should get keratin bonding due to the fact that the hair will not hold the braids which are required for the weaves when you get hair extensions.

7. Taking care of hair extensions at home

The combs, as well as the brushes, should be used only which are recommended for the hair extensions of yours so that there would not be any kind of damage caused which might ruin your hair.

All in All

So this was the complete information that you need to know related to hair extensions. You should keep these points in mind when you get extensions hair.

I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any questions or suggestions then you are welcome to mention them in the comments down below.