Should You Floss Before or After Brushing Teeth?

There are a lot of different theories already available on the topic you should floss before or after brushing teeth?

Some of the people argue that you should floss first because of the reason that when we floss, plaque as well as bits of some food that we eat does get loosened and also it should be brushed away once you are done with the process of.

Fluoride is a chemical in the toothpaste that does makes a better contact we the teeth if the removal of food that is wedged in between a person’s teeth is done before we do brushing.

The argument here is for brushing the teeth first and then you should go for flossing is that when you brush your teeth first, removal of bulk of plaque which is on the teeth is done.

When are done with flossing after that, it does force every bit of the fluoride which is left remaining on a person’s teeth from the process of brushing into the spaces which are left in-between.

There are many arguments on brush or floss first and here is our opinion on it which will make it clear for you should floss before or after brushing teeth?

As long as you ask this question do you floss or brush first? It does mean that you are a person who do both and that is what matters.

How Brushing and Flossing are linked?floss before or after brushing teeth

There is a synergy between both the flossing as well as brushing (and it is not the order in which they both are done) which are going to lengthen the life of yours, will improve the cognitive abilities of yours, and also it is going to keep the teeth of yours healthy as well as beautiful.

Unfortunately, there are people who do one process or the other one, they’re going to floss or either brush.

How Flossing works?brush or floss first

Flossing is a process which tend to be thought as a process which is secondary, maybe due to the reason a phase is there that all of us have been told since the childhood of ours which is, “Brush, then floss.”

Imagine you are staining only the front part of the fence as well as the back of a fence, but you are neglecting to paint insides of a fence – you are done with staining the front as well as the back of the fence of yours, but sooner or later you are going to notice that the insides of fence is going to rot for sure.

This is very similar to the teeth of yours – if you are a person who neglects to the process of floss, sooner or later you can still have cavities in between the teeth of yours.

Our thoughts?

It is a myth which is very widespread that you will easily be able to get away just with brushing.

Flossing is a process which does clean out all of the different parts of the teeth of yours that the toothbrush of yours will not be able to do so.

Doing brushing and not doing flossing will eventually lead to gum disease, cavities, and might even lead to heart disease.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you do floss first or you do brush first, it is completely your preference! This is your answer for should you floss before or after brushing teeth?

What we recommend?do you floss or brush first

I will recommend you that you should try to stick with whatever process works for you the best so that you will be able to stay in the habit of doing both brushing as well as flossing and don’t worry about brush or floss first.


So this was the complete article on floss before or after brushing teeth? I hope you got your answer to do you floss or brush first?

This is a process which you should practice regularly and it doesn’t matter in what order you do it.

If you have any other questions related to brush or floss first then you can mention them in the comments down below and if you do have any other suggestions then you can mention them in the comments as well.