False Teeth: Everything You Need To Know

False teeth are also known as dentures. These are used as a replacement for missing teeth. They are made of Nylon, acrylic or metal. Also, they do fit over the gums of teeth and they can even replace all of the teeth of a person.

There are numerous benefits of properly fitted false teeth which include improvement in speech, increase in the self-confidence, better eating capabilities and many more.

False teeth can also provide extra protection to your remaining teeth as well.fake teeth

Different types of the false teeth

There are different types of false teeth that are available which include full dentures as well as partial dentures.

All of them does require fitting because of the fact that they do need to match with the shape, size and also color of your teeth. These fittings can only be done by the specialists who are prosthodontist or also by the general dentists.dentures

Partial dentures

These are used for the false tooth only if a person has teeth which are still healthy.

The dentures which are usually clipped around the teeth which is still healthy.

These are the clips which might be visible when a person talks.

Full dentures

These are the false teeth dentures which are used only when a person loses all of his teeth. There can a no. of reasons such as infection, injury or any medical condition because of which a person might need artificial teeth.

These artificial teeth set sit on a plate against the gums of yours. The plate as well as the gum fittings is made of an acrylic or metal.

Adhesive for the fake teeth can also be used to keep the dentures in the correct place.

Removable dentures

These are the traditional ones and come with benefits such as easy to clean.

They are also prone to slipping from their place easily, so it is recommended that foods which are sticky, chewy or hard should be avoided.

Adhesives can help to put them in the correct position but are usually difficult to use.

The dentures which are removable last more than 5 years.

If you want to know about the false tooth prices than let me tell you both partial as well as the traditional false teeth dentures fall in the same range which starts from $300.

Further the price increases up to $8000 according to what type of false teeth dentures you want.

This variation depends on the type of material that is used, total no. of teeth and also whether you are going to get single or the two plates.

Flexible dentures

These are also an alternative for the traditional false teeth dentures which are quite popular. They are made of the material which is extremely durable and also flexible and also are more comfortable.

These are also very light weight and very less bulky. They can easily last for around 5 years to 8 years.

Now for the false tooth prices let me tell you they are on the expensive side and can cost you around $700 to $3000.

Maintenance of the false teeth

Tooth careThere are a lot of bacteria present in the mouth of ours and we need to clean the artificial teeth of ours daily.

The dentist is going to tell you about the best way to clean the false teeth dentures of yours according to what type of the false teeth you got. For example, removing the partial dentures can make it a lot easier for you to brush and also clean the teeth of yours at night.

You can also use the different solutions for cleaning for the effective cleaning for your teeth. False teeth do require different type of solutions which depends on the type of materials they are made of.

Try to should handle your false teeth carefully to increase the total lifespan of the false teeth of yours. You should avoid any kind of damage to the clips during the process of cleaning.

Soak the dentures of yours overnight for the prevention of drying out of the false teeth.

You might also get some advice’s from your dentist regarding certain type of foods. You should avoid hot beverages and tough candies or the chewy gums.

Side effects of the false teeth


  • In the initial stages when you get yours false teeth, you might feel increase in the amount of saliva. This is quite normal and you will get used to it. Some people might also feel temporary nausea.
  • You might also feel difficulty in eating in the initial stages until you get used to the dentures. You should take liquid foods and foods which are softer initially.
  • Can face a little bit of struggle in speaking when you get false teeth initially. This is also very common when you get false teeth initially.
  • False teeth can also cause irritation or even soreness in the mouth of yours initially. This is very common. You should gargle using salt water and try to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • You can also experience high (BP) blood pressure when you get removable dentures.

Signs that false teeth need readjustment/repair/refit

false teeth repair

  • Cracks or chips in false teeth
  • Difficulty in chewing after adjustment period i over(which can take around a week)
  • Change in the fit over time(removable dentures might get slipped or even fall out often , which is quite normal after some years but they does require refitting)
  • Pressure from the point where the false teeth does fit into the place, especially after adjustment period is over.
  • Consistent changes in the speech pattern that does not go away after adjustment period is over.
  • Odor from false teeth.

 Alternatives for the dentures

false teeth alternative

There are some alternatives to the false teeth that some people might prefer.

There are false teeth implants which are actually permanent due to the metal screw which is places into jawbone for increase in the stability. People who want permanent false teeth can get these implants.

Veneers are the once which can help in improving the appearance of existing teeth by placing layer of the porcelain which is very thin over the front part of the teeth.

You can also get Bridges which is another alternative to the false teeth. They are made of fake teeth.

All in All

False teeth are a good replacement of teeth but they require good care. They are also quite expensive and you need to get them replaced after a certain amount of time.