Ear Wax Removal Using Hydrogen Peroxide

What is the role of ear wax in your ear?

Ear Wax RemovalEars are the part of your body which does produce a good amount of wax so that it would protect the ear canal of your ear from any kind of infection and entry of water. There are some cases in which ear might produce more than needed wax in your ear. This isn’t a major problem and it is not at all necessary to remove it. But, if you feel uncomfortable and want it to remove then you can do it.

There are many methods for ear wax removal. You can even use eardrops which are made for ear wax removal. There are the solutions which consist of a chemical called hydrogen peroxide which makes the wax get softened and help in ear cleaning.

How to remove ear wax using hydrogen peroxide in ears?

Ear Wax Removal

There are many solutions available which does contain the chemical hydrogen peroxide. This solution helps the wax in ear to get bubbled up which will make it softer and help in ear wax removal. The most common brands for these eardrops are Murine and Debrox.

How you can use the eardrops

  • First of all you have to lie down in such a way that you’re the ear with wax should face upwards.
  • Put the eardrops in the ear canal of yours as per the instructions on the eardrop.
  • You have to lie in that position for around 5 minutes.
  • Then you have to sit and use a tissue to clean all of the liquid that comes out of the outer ear.
  • You will have to do the similar process for your other ear.You might have to put the ear drops in your ear even more than once every day for few days which is your last step for your question how to remove ear wax.

If you want, you can make the solution of eardrop at your home also for ear wax removal. For this, you will have to use both water and vinegar and put it in a small bottle with a ratio of 1:1. But, I would recommend you to consult a doctor too before you try all these methods.

Are there any risks?

Ear Wax Removal

The answer is yes. If there is any kind of injury in your ear and you keep using these eardrops for earwax removal than in can cause infection in your ear. If you have any kind of infection or injury in your ear then you should never use the eardrops containing hydrogen peroxide in ear for earwax removal.

Also, you should never put any kind of object inside of your ear for the ear wax removal. If you are in a condition in which you feel that the ear wax is not coming out of your ear or it is struck and you do experience any kind of discomfort than you should consult your doctor immediately.

 Are there any other ways for ear wax removal?

If you feel like hydrogen peroxide in ear for ear cleaning is not working for you, than you can try to use the process of ear irrigation. In this process you have to use an ear syringe which will be used to put a mixture of some saline mixtures and water in the ear of yours to lavage your ear. This process is a bit uncomfortable due to the water inside your ear.

You will be able to find these products in any drug store and also online. You have to follow the instructions properly before you start this process. If you are uncomfortable in doing the process then you can go to the doctor who will do the same for you.

You can easily find products such as the cotton swabs which are completely worthless. You should never put any kind of object such as paperclip, pins or anything in your ear because they might push the wax in your ear deeper inside and cause damage to your ear canal and in some cases also your eardrum. If you use these products for earwax removal and feel any complications in your ear then you should immediately consult a doctor.

What to look for?

Most of the people’s ears create earwax in enough amounts and you won’t need ear wax removal. This wax is made to protect your ear from any kind of infection and blocking the entry of any unwanted particles. Most of you won’t even need to operate for ear wax removal manually or go to any doctor or search for hydrogen peroxide ear. In most of the cases, the wax moves out from the ear on its own.

But in some of the cases the wax produced in ear might be too much and more than necessary. This can cause the

  • Middle ear, inner ear infection.
  • Slight pain in ears or itching inside of the ear.
  • Difficulty in hearing.
  • Growth of bacteria which might cause infection in ears.
  • Ringing in ears.
  • Can also obstruct the view of doctor in your ear and can hide any serious problem deeper in the ear.

You should consult your doctor if you suffer from any of these symptoms. You never know how big the problem is until you go through the complete checkup and once you are done, the doctor will tell you about the problem in your ear in detail.


Final Words 

So this was the complete article on ear wax removal. Overall using hydrogen peroxide in ear for ear wax removal is safe and you will be able to get some relief using this method.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to hydrogen peroxide ear then you can mention them in the comments down below.



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