Different types of meats: Advantages & Concerns

A short introduction to the title

There exist different types of meats which has been an integral part of human food for thousands of years. In simpler words, meat is beneficial to consume and can provide a wide range of most required nutrients.

Let’s take a look at different kinds of meat

So, which one of all the meats is healthier?

1. Pork

The pork is among the famous different types of meats or different kinds of meat across the globe. Although some chaos on the problem. This is due to it holding an abundance of the protein, myoglobin which is the main reason for it being red in colour. Nevertheless, the pork slices are used as

  1. Ham
  2. Bacon
  3. Jamon
  4. Salami
  5. Prosciutto
  6. Sausages


  1. A great source of thiamine
  2. High amount of vitamins
  3. Enhances metabolism and protects against heart diseases.
  4. Affordable


  1. In contrast with the other meat types or different kinds of meat, pork holds massive amount of fatty acids from omega acids.
  2. Though being important for health, has a deranged omega 6/3 ratio which can cause inflammation in GI tract.

2. Beef

Major chunk of the masses has developed an idea that red meat is beef. There are numerous beef products as well as beef cuts, drawing up from rib eye steaks to hamburgers. The general health suggestions usually commands picking the red meats which are leanest of all, free from any fatty beef portions which are great for health.


  1. Although, alarmists concerning the excess beef fat content, the major beef fatty acid is oleic acid. Just in case this is the first time you heard it, it’s the primary fat present in olive oil.
  2. Beef contains an extensive range of advantageous complexes such as conjugated linoleic aid, glutathione and creatine.


  1. Over eating of beef can result in hiked circulation of iron to dangerous levels in a bunch of consumers.
  2. These hiked levels of iron flowing can result into cardiovascular illness and cancers.

3. Mutton & Lamb

Both mutton and lamb are close sorts of meat, with a single primary variance. Lamb is originated from a sheep under 12 months old. Whilst mutton is a product that comes from a fully-grown sheep. And similar to pork and beef, there can be a wide range of lamb slices – hence lamb chops are pretty famous


  1. In general, both mutton & lamb are highly nutritious
  2. Due to grazing of sheep on green pastures omega content is optimal.
  3. Lamb holds a wide variety of healthy and essential elements specifically B vitamins, zinc and selenium.


  1. It is way costly than all other kind of meats available.

4. Chicken

Beside pork and beef, chicken stands as the big-3 in terms of popularity. Anyway, chicken is a diverse category of meat which is falling in the category of poultry. The people usually see it as white meat instead red meat.


  1. It is very affordable being very cheap at cost.
  2. Ideal for the ones who are seeking less calories/fat, chicken provides a compact portion in contrast with different meats but over similar content of protein.


  1. Because of trading chicken supply- and equal to chicken-pork holds a massive quantity of omega-6. Either this is too chaotic to handle it relies on whole diet.

5. Turkey

Yet another category of white meat, possibly renowned for it being used at the Christmas festival. It has got a great taste in comparison with chicken and is rarest kind of poultry. Just as acknowledged above, most famous kind is the roasted one.


  1. A rich protein content meat offering 18 grams protein in every 150 calories served.
  2. Just like chicken, turkey offers a massive quantity of Vitamin B, phosphorus, selenium and potassium.
  3. An overall rich source of top-class protein.


  1. Risk of bacteria content is higher than red meat.

6. Venison

The venison is the tender flesh of deer and is one of the rarest meat types of all. In the past few years, sales of venison have shot up the sky due to it being a healthy meat type.


  1. As a deer resides in the forest, it is one of the soundest and most organic types of meat.
  2. The brilliant quantity of omega ratio indicates the advantages of a creature that dwells on natural nutrition.
  3. Comparatively higher nutrients and vitamins in comparison with beef.


  1. It is costly
  2. It may be risky to consume as some deer are subjected to CWD.

7. Duck

A less known meat type, although is quite popular in China, wherein the ‘Peking Duck’ is a pattern dish. Similar to turkey and chicken, one may regard duck as a white meat type.


  1. Consuming it may offer a good amount of phosphorus, vitamin B & selenium.
  2. Mentioned vitamin is necessary for energy and sound immune system.


  1. Preparing duck at residence is great. But stay informed about it being consumed in China with sauces that’s prepared with synthetic oils, sugars, sauces.

8. Wild Boar

Wild boar is a wild pig which resides in the forest which comes in list of meats. And the prepared meat is called ‘wild boar’. In simpler terms, wild boar comprises a greater content of essential vitamins and proteins and a compact quantity of good fats in comparison with usual pork.


  1. As it dwells in the wilderness, the meat has a greater content of fatty acids & omega three essentials.
  2. Also consuming it may offer selenium, zinc and vitamin B.


  1. Although having a high quantity of omega three and omega six, the ratio is uneven.
  2. It can be dangerous due to being affected by the trichinella spiralis pollutes the meat.

9. Bison

This is a class of red meat which is not just nutritious but is highly lean. And for the same reason, it is a great selection of meat for the ones who seek to avert from fat and concentrate on higher intake of calorie slightly less.


  1. The grass-fed Bison is highly nutritious having an abundance of omega three.
  2. Bison meat provides an exhaustive range of vitamins and nutrients for lesser calories.


  1. It is very costly
  2. Hence an unaffordable meat type for the ones who wish to consume it.

10. Goose

This is a sort of poultry which falls under the white meat category and is specifically much renowned across China, Middle East and Europe


  1. A great source of the most essential vitamins and nutrients.
  2. Just like the other poultry substitutes, it is highly nutritious and beneficial for health.


  1. Varying on sites, it is tricky to discover goose meat for consumption.
  2. It may contain bacteria which can be dealt by cooking it thoroughly.

11. Rabbit

Despite the concept of seeing rabbit as a meal possibly feels weird. It’s a usual sort of meat in selective countries. But is quite familiar with the population of France where it is seen as a tasty delicacy.


  1. A dependable source of b12 vitamin and is high in selenium content.
  2. Rabbit serves as a major provider of omega six to three portion amid meat.


  1. The rabbit meat usually is contaminated with tularaemia pathogen.
  2. So, it’s quite possible for meat of uncooked rabbit to carry this virus.

12. Pheasant

Labelled as a premium meat and credit goes to the lip-smacking taste. This is quite famous across the U.S and Europe.


  1. A great source of vitamin B
  2. Grazing them needs space and green pastures which ensures the best taste.


  1. No advantages reported so far.
  2. Similar to all kind of poultries, before consuming it, should be thoroughly cooked or ensure no pathogens or poison remain in the pheasant.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, all types of meat are good and healthy. Just the fact that meat types vary in terms of nutrient content, price and taste. Hence concluding the list of meats consumed across the globe.