Collagen Supplements | Types, Advantages And Safety Aspects

The initial thoughts about the context

First of all, you need to clear all whatever you know about collagen and its functionality. Quite recently, the well-known amino acids that has turned out to be a massive industry. Does not matter if you are looking for collagen products, essential bone broth supplements, dairy and meat products, various kind of amino acids which are usually constituted for the required proteins is what in the end is bought and ingested by consumer.  As acclaimed by Moyad, Mark who is the higher official executive and the Managing Director of curative and preventive supplements and medication based in Michigan University.

In the human body, its take on action

A human body generally makes use of amino acids to create cartilage, muscle, bone, hair, connective tissues, skin and what not. In reality there are several varieties of amino acids, however the most usual class of amino acids in the body which results in production of collagen. In simpler words, it’s the prime protein for structural development and for creation of skin and connective tissues.

As the collagen in the human body, its generating falls as and when the age increases and a body will then demand more of it for joints, strong bones, and for healthy skin hence adding up more value of collagen to the diet may feel like it’s easy like anything. That is the reason why many such products manufacturers have begun in selling/dealing of collagen pills and products. As Moyad states that they are majorly produced from wild animal’s body parts such as cow bones and fish scales (vegetarians be aware)

But, do these products really have got the potential?

Let’s see what can be done about that!

First let’s know what collagen powder is?

To be honest there are more than a dozen collagen types and every single one of them being comprised of various amino acids and peptides. Various kinds result in generating tendons and skin in opposition of cartilage. Hence making a way which is the best bet when talking about personal health and wellbeing, on the contrary the collagen products is comprised of collagen content may differ a lot.

Majority of the collagen peptides powdered product in the industry/sector holds a hydro treated type one-collagen which is pulled or obtained from the animal bones, fish scales and skin. The process of a collagen being hydrolysed actually in simpler words means the chains of amino acids which have been shattered to compact units, a procedure which lets the powdered collagen product to be distilled in cold as well as hot liquids.

Such kind of collagen over the time has remarkably become famous as the fact of being addable to any kind of liquid beverage of your choice. This includes a protein mix and comes with a two servings of majority peptides collagen offering about 18 gm.

The Advantages of Collagen powder

The intense study & deep analysis on the adverse effects along with the possible advantages of collagen products is still under observation, but let us take a moment of what already has been discovered about its advantages.

1. Good for joint-health

At present, the accomplished analysis results concentrate on condition of health of joints. Talking about the 1990 research which is been interconnected with collagen products and minimized early signs of arthritis. 4/5 patients who consumed a regular dosage of 40 milligrams of unprocessed state of type-2 collagen witnessed the drop-in pain by minimum 25 percent in accordance to 2009 research in IJMS which stands for International Journal of Medical Sciences. And also, itis mostly obtained for bones & skin of wild animals.

2. Improves Hair & Skin

Have a word with the nutritionists and they will let you know one of the biggest and most common pitfalls with respect to the supplements and food is making an assumption that when the food is swallowed it is converted in same form inside the body. This is not how the biochemistry and digestion in humans takes place.

3. The take on Digestion is for real

The proof of several amino acids is discovered and seen in collagen – specifically, one of them is known as glycine- which minimizes the flaming sensation of Gastro Intestinal and digestion issues. However, if any evidence is witnessed. Majority of the collagen does not get into the main product content, and is rather spectacled at particular amino acids in laboratory.

Let’s talk about the safety aspects

Just like any other product, the United States Food and Drug Association do not keep an eye on collagen which is in powder form for efficacy and safety until and unless a maker states its product can take care of any weakness, or if anything does not fall in the right place and they fall sick. And for the same reason, it’s very crucial to get done with a thorough research right before its accumulation.

Choosing a Collagen Product

Suggested by the experts to pick any food item over collagen products irrespective of what the scenario is, stated by all the experts at numerous renowned health institutes. We are well aware of all the advantages of consuming the protein rich items in food items, but unluckily are falling short on knowing the advantages of consuming such food items in solitary state.

With that being already said, the isolates of protein can be an excellent medium for reason being injured, sports, skin conditions, low appetite. Hence making it even more important to take a close look at the below pointers right before making the purchase of collagen products.

The 5 major pointers about collagen

  1. Pick the ones with the simplest components as the protein powder of collagen must be protein isolate of collagen AKA hydrolysed collagen, peptides collagen and hydrolysate collagen.
  2. Don’t go for the flavours as they may be having synthetic sugars which cause nothing but problems in gastro intestinal tract and may result into additional calories when you don’t even want it to be included in your system. Instead pick the standard version and included or mix a sweet ingredient for taste.
  3. Try looking for an outsourced product which is not based on accreditation of FDA while you select a consumable product, thoroughly go through the preferable such as Ul, USP & NSF which has been checked or scrutinized way beforehand.
  4. In the event of you being interested in consuming a supplement which contains collagen for 60 or 90 days.
  5. Majority of the consumers as consuming the usual and following the usual diet which comprises of various kind of protein content mostly found in seafood, animals, green vegetation products/food items, it’s a go for you.

Vital information about the collagen supplements

The studies also state that collagen supplements possibly offer various health benefits. In any case such information is not accredited by the experts and analysis wing. A few may have other content which collagen definitely can assist a consumer with:

  1. Sustaining a fit and healthy condition
  2. Sustaining a good body weight.
  3. Minimizing anxiety
  4. Enhancing mood
  5. Also providing an excellent growth in nails and hair

The various class of collagen and how it could be used

The collagen supplements do come in a wide variety. Hence an individual has the option to pick the best out of all other available which also is in favour to their health goals and objectives when deciding what collagen product types is best for them.

Mentioned below are some of the most usual class and variety of a collagen supplements one can come across either on online market spaces or retail stores which ever preferable


1. Type-one

Falls in the category of those collagen supplements which already exist in body of human beings and additionally extends support for a healthier and shiny brighter skin tone.

2. Type-two

This one does exist firstly in the areas where cartilage is present and can actively support to improve overall health condition of joints.

3. Type-three

The third type of collagen pills is a key player which supports and actively enhances the overall health of skin by enhancing the elasticity of the human body.

4. Type-five

The fourth type of collagen is something which will help in enhanced growth of placenta content in human bodies which is found in human and mostly female individuals and helpful for the expecting ladies.

5. Type-Ten

Such collagen type increases the overall growth and development of cartilage in the human body. Majority of the supplely will be comprised of the above mentioned and several others, sort of collagen. On the contrary in majority of the cases collagen is hydro treated or can say it being hydrolysed enables it being easily absorbed when consumed in the human body.


So down we come to the conclusion of this highly detailed article which was helpful in offering vital information for collagen products. Along with which we covered topics such as advantages, selection, types, etc. information. Hope this was helpful to you. Thanks for your time!