China’s Best Makeup Brands That Are Worth the Hype

Do you want the clear skin of your favorite Chinese celebrities? There’s no better way than investing in products made for Chinese beauty! Here is a list of popular brand that emphasizes porcelain skin and delicate purity.

Most popular makeup brands from China are worth the hype

1. Florasis Hua Xi Zi

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Without a review of Florasis, we can’t talk about Chinese cosmetics brands. Look at their makeup packaging! Florasis, also known as Hua Xi Zi in Chinese, strongly emphasizes traditional Chinese culture and style. 

You can see this in the intricate packaging and ingredient lists. Florasis beauty products cater to Asian markets. They are made with natural flower extracts and herb essences suitable for Asian skin.

These are our recommendations for this brand of makeup in China: 

We could review every Florasis makeup product, but the Florasis Floral Conscious Lock Lipstick is what stands out from this top Chinese brand. It can be purchased at the Florasis Online Store.

Traditional Chinese love locks inspire these lipsticks. Each lipstick comes in a lock-shaped protective sleeve. But we love what’s inside! 

The lipstick bullet features a scene from Zhang Chang’s ancient Chinese love story. We aren’t sure if these lipsticks would ever be used.

The Florasis eyeshadow palette with peony and moon relief is another luxurious beauty product we recommend in this Florasis makeup review. 

It can be found in the Florasis official store. As with the lipstick, intricate engravings are made into the shadows.  This instantly adds elegance to the palette. The palette is worth the investment, even if you don’t like bold shadow colors such as midnight green, gold, and bright red. 

Are you looking for Florasis products in Singapore? Online shopping is possible for the Florasis kit, which comes in a bundle with make-up brushes.

2. Colorkey

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Colourkey was founded in Guangzhou in China. It is one of the most respected cosmetics brands in beauty. Colorkey caters to young adults and has a vibrant makeup look, thanks to its collaborations with our favorite childhood cartoons. You can think of Hello Kitty, Doraemon, and the newest addition – Pokemon.

These are our recommendations for this brand of makeup in China:

Every Pokemon lover should have the Colorkey Pokemon Lip Gloss Set. It is available at the Colorkey Official Shop. 

This collector’s set features our favorite battlestars, such as Charmander, Jigglypuff, and Psyduck. It will make your lips glow with color while also giving you a juicy transformation. 

Are you looking for other COLORKEY X Pokemon products? We don’t bojio! You can now order the COLORKEYX Pokemon Powder or COLORKEYX Pokemon Eyeshadow Palette online (both available at Colorkey Official Store).

3. Judydoll

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You don’t have the budget to spend close to $100 on high-end branded makeup. You can still achieve similar looks using Judydoll. This is one of China’s most popular makeup brands, known for making high-quality dupes of expensive cosmetics at affordable prices. 

Judydoll is not afraid to use bold colors. You can think of lime green, tomato red, or aqua eyeshadows. This brand is perfect for anyone who loves artistic makeup!

These are our recommendations for this brand of makeup in China:

The Judydoll starlight highlighter powder is one of Judydoll’s most loved dupes (available at Judydoll official shop). This highlighter brick has a similar shine to the BECCA Shining Skin Perfector, but it’s only a fraction of its price.

The Judydoll All-in-One Palette is also worth considering (available at Judydoll’s Official Shop). These palettes are available in various colors and can be used as eye makeup, blusher, contour, or highlight.

4. Perfect Diary

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While Western beauty brands have dominated China’s beauty market for many years, Perfect Diary has made a significant breakthrough by taking the top spot on the list. 

With its affordable prices and high quality, this makeup brand is a hidden gem in China. With its iconic Cardcaptor Sakura Collection, the brand has made a mark on the beauty world. It continues to offer unique co-branding collections for makeup enthusiasts all over the globe.

These are our recommendations for this brand of makeup in China:

Perfect Diary and Sanrio have teamed up to create an irresistible Hello Kitty lip cream. The collection is available on Perfect Diary. 

It features a variety of vintage shades that are perfect for any occasion. These velvet lipstick stains last longer and leave your lips feeling soft and matte.

The Perfect Day x Sanrio Loose Powder was another successful launch by Sanrio. It is available in Official Shop and features popular characters such as Pom Pom Purin (Gudetama), My Melody, and Little Twin Stars. 

This ultra-fine powder is transfer-resistant and smudge-resistant, making it perfect for wearing under your mask! It blurs imperfections without creasing and caking. 

The set includes a fluffy kabuki toothbrush, a great deal for budget-minded beauty lovers! You can also check out the Highly recommended Perfect Diary Products.

In stunning golden packaging, we also spotted the CNY collection Perfection Diary ReadMe Lipstick. 

This is sure to make this a great year for the Tigers! You don’t have to look further to find the best Perfect Diary products in Singapore.

5. Flower Knows

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Baozi and Hana have a long history of being avid cosplayers. They are two of China’s most popular cosplayers, with more than 232 thousand fans on Facebook. 

Since then, they have retired from cosplay to start Flower Knows, a China makeup brand known for its extravagant lolita packaging. Every Flower Knows product is infused with kawaii vibes, making it almost impossible to resist! 

These are our recommendations for this brand of makeup in China:

The Flower Knows Small Angel Feather Lip Gloze, purchased at Flower Knows Official Store, has set the standard for packaging beauty products made in China by makeup brands. 

These liquid lipsticks share many similarities to the neo-renaissance pillars but have a more adorable twist. They are sure to get envious glances in the makeup room. 

Floweri Knows makeup reviews reveal that the lip glaze is easy to use and sets into a smooth texture for comfortable everyday wear. The lip glaze is available in nine different pigmented colors to match different skin tones.

The delicate vintage porcelain eggs trinket box looks exquisite and precious. The Flower Knows Flower Goddess Charving Blush is a reinterpretation of these 20th-century masterpieces. 

It can be purchased at the Flower Knows Official Store. This will reveal a pigmented pink blush made with organic ingredients suitable for all skin tones. It blends seamlessly and gives your skin a radiant glow.


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CHIOTURE is the new trendsetting figure in Chinese makeup. CHIOTURE was founded in 2009 as a skincare brand focused on natural ingredients. CHIOTURE added makeup to its product line in 2014 to make it a more holistic brand. This best-selling Chinese cosmetics brand has been producing viral beauty products yearly. 

You don’t want them to sell out, so keep an eye out for their latest launches!

These are our recommendations for this brand of makeup in China:

The CHIOTUREX.D Lip Balm is the ultimate expression of wanderlust. Each bullet is protected in a lilac bag that captures the beauty of the night sky. The moisturizing lip balm is highly pigmented and can also be used as lipstick. 

The CHIOTURE purple storm lipstick set (available at Bernard Silas’s shop) is a must-have for anyone who loves galaxy-like purple hues. 

The lipstick set comes in three finishes: matte, satin, and glossy. These CHIOTURE lipsticks will leave you speechless with their fantasy-like packaging.


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Let’s make way for the new kid on the block! FLORTTE was founded sometime in late 2018-early 2019. Their adorable packaging is what attracted our attention to this China-based makeup brand. 

FLORTTE’s eyeshadow palettes come with cute keychains and eyeliners in brightly doodled colors. 

This Chinese makeup brand is not only a great choice for packaging design but also because of its exceptional quality. Below, discover what you should add to your makeup collection!

These are our recommendations for this brand of makeup in China:

FLORTTE has a knack for reproducing stationery using their makeup products. Think Salade De Fruits Liquid Eyeliner. Their Ultra Fine Eyebrow Pencil, available on Mia Beauty, has a vibe similar to a multi-colored scrapbooking pen. 

These eyebrow pencils may look like pens, but you will see a big difference in how you apply your makeup. As you master those hair-like strokes, the formula glides on easily. 

This eyebrow pencil can also promote hair growth. This formula is rich in ginger, which stimulates hair follicles. It also encourages the growth of brow hairs. Each strand is strengthened by the vitamins found in ginger to stop them from falling out.

FLORTTE offers more than just eye products. FLORTTE’s I Love you Jelly Lip Oil (available at The Colourist Malaysia) nourishes your lips and gives you perfect pouts. 

This lip oil is formulated with avocado extract and jojoba seed oils. It hydrates your lips and protects them. The lightweight formula doesn’t cause greasiness or tackiness. 

The texture of this lip oil is almost water-like and doesn’t stick to your lips. The silicone applicator is what we love the most. It keeps things clean and hygienic. This brush is easy to clean and will not introduce any impurities to the formula.

8. Carslan

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Carslan is one of China’s most luxurious makeup brands. Carslan partnered with top designers who have previously worked with high-end brands such as Dior and Hermes to improve their packaging design in 2021. 

This is something we’re keen to spend our money on. The best Chinese cosmetics brand also puts a lot of effort into research and development. Carslan spent many years developing a lipstick formula in its lab. It’s no wonder that almost every Carslan product sells well!

These are our recommendations for this brand of makeup in China:

The Carslan Oil Control Liquid Foundation is an excellent choice for oily skin types. This featherlight matte foundation is infused with pure black truffle and powerful antioxidants. 

It stays on flawlessly for up to 24 hours without oxidizing. There’s even a moisturizing option for girls with dry skin!

The Deer Sculpture Highlighter powder was created by Carslan and Dunhuang Museum (available at Carslan Official Store). The highlighter is embossed with the image of a deer enjoying the horizon. 

The Buddhist wall art and sculptures inspire what Dunhuang, China, is famous for. The shimmery champagne-gold highlighter is suitable for those with warm skin tones, while the peach pink highlighter will suit more people with cooler skin tones.


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ZEESEA is a relatively new brand in the beauty industry, but they are quickly gaining popularity around the world. The brand has created a new wave of makeup trends with its new collections. 

Forbidden City and Enchanting Egypt are two examples of a new makeup trend rooted in history and culture. ZEESEA is the right place if you are tired of using cutesy makeup products and want to try something new.

These are our recommendations for this brand of makeup in China:

The ZEESEAX, The British Museum Enchanting Egypt Eyeshadow Palette, comes with a range of jewel tones and glitters. This palette is inspired by the treasures found in Egypt, including jewelry, amulets, and goldware. 

Although the palette contains some unusual shades, such as blue and green – most of them are perfect for everyday use.

The ZEESEAX British Museum Alice in Wonderland face makeup primer is your ticket to the magical world of Alice. It’s available at the ZEESEA Cosmetics Shop. This is one of ZEESEA’s most popular products. 

The primer contains antioxidants and has anti-aging benefits. It is 70% water, which provides all-day hydration and helps your makeup stick beautifully. 

It comes in three colors: purple for pale skin, green for neutralizing redness, and nude for natural makeup.

10. Focallure

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Focallure is a great choice for beginners in makeup. It offers the holy grail products at an affordable price and is a favorite among makeup artists. An eyeliner that is as good as CLIO’s pencil liners costs $3. 

Don’t miss out on our savings! Focallure also makes multi-purpose makeup products that are easy to use. Focallure products are easy to use and can be used by beginners in makeup.

These are our recommendations for this brand of makeup in China:

Focallure Waterproof 1.7mm Gel Pencil is the perfect choice for flawless, one-stroke eyeliner magic (available at Focallure Official Shop). You won’t have to worry about your lids being too thick at 1.7mm.

Are you looking for a concealer that will cover up redness and conceal dark circles? It’s a dream come true to own the FOCALURE High Coverage Waterproof Longstay Lightweight Concealer Plate (available at Focallure Official Store). You can mix and match five different concealing and color-correcting shades (think pink, green, and orange) to make your concealer.

11. O.TWO.O

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O.TWO.O is another top Chinese makeup brand worth considering – especially if your preference is western-inspired, budget-friendly makeup. O.TWO.O is a Chinese makeup brand that offers full-coverage makeup in bold colors. This makes it easy to achieve a more sexy and sultry look.

These are our recommendations for this brand of makeup in China:

Feathery eyebrows are very popular in the US. These bold brows can be easily recreated with the O.TWO.O Brow Makeup Kit (available at O.TWO.O Singapore’s Official Store). 

The kit includes an eyebrow shaver and a spoolie to smoothen your brow hairs. Our eyebrow guide will help you create different styles of brows.

Long-lasting natural lashes are possible with eyelash growth serums. Eyelash serums can cost up to $100 per tube. This can make them expensive for budget-minded people. The O.TWO.O Eyelash Nourishing Essence is less than $6. The serum is made with natural botanical ingredients. Apply it to your lashes twice daily, and you’re done! You can say goodbye to eyelash extensions and falsies!


These are the best affordable cosmetics brands in China. You can continue riding by watching the most well-known Chinese dramas with your favorite actors and actresses from the mainland. Delicious Chinese snacks will give you a taste of China’s vibrant culture.