floss before or after brushing

Should You Floss Before or After Brushing Teeth?

There is a synergy between flossing as well as brushing which are going to lengthen the life of yours and also improve the cognitive abilities of yours.
False teeth

False Teeth: Everything You Need To Know

False teeth are a good replacement of teeth but they require good care. They are also quite expensive and you need to get them replaced after a certain amount of time. Read this article to know more.
Side Effects of Steroids

Side Effects Of Steroids and Health Problems

Steroids are the hormones used by athletes to enhance performance. To know about the side effects and health problems follow this article.
How To Clean A Retainer

How To Clean A Retainer (Complete Guide)

If you use and wear a retainer, you might be thinking about how to clean retainers. Here are some methods of how to clean a retainer.
Jaw pain after filling

Jaw Pain After Filling? Here Are A Few Reasons Why

An individual may experience jaw pain after filling after a usual dental procedure. Here we have provided few reasons for the same.
inner ear infection

Middle, Inner Ear Infection(Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis)

Ear infection is a kind of problem which is common in adults and many people are suffering from it. You should not ignore it as it could turn out in a major problem.
ketone meter

Top 9 Ketone Meters For Home Testing

Ketone meters are needed to monitor the amount of ketones in our system. After a lot of research we have listed the top ketone meters in our list.
receiving blanket

What are Receiving Blankets? (Everything You Need To Know)

Receiving blankets are the type of blankets which are very soft as well as snugly and they are perfect for you children. They have other uses as well.
Dental Glue For Crowns

Dental Glue For Crowns: Complete Guide

Dental glue are intended to abutments, affixed into the implant which is interconnected to the bone of the jaw. Here is the complete guide for the same.
ketosis strips

Ketosis Strips: Types, Usage And Best Buy’s

Use of this ketosis strips has become popular and is used by every person who follows a ketosis diet. Here are 5 best ketosis strips available in market.

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