Latest 7 Stunning BTS Without Makeup Photos 2022

Beauty lovers understand that makeup can be a wonderful method to show off your personality. Do you feel a bit fiery? Don your red lips. 

Do you want to put together the latest fashions? Try the cat eye. In a creative mood? Try out a variety of bright makeup.

A lot of guys need to take pleasure in makeup. This is why it’s pleasing to witness BTS getting on the beauty trend. They are famous for their sultry shadows and luminous liners with their dewy, AF-looking complexions, and I’m not in awe of it. 

Do you not love when J-Hope slays with a smokey cat eye? What happens the time Jin wears a delicate lip gloss? The beauty is so real for these guys. I’m wondering if there’s any makeup collaboration coming up that would only increase their huge net worth.

However, BTS is amazing without the aid of makeup. Makeup aisle. The boys are incredible and have no faces of being beaten to death. Do you need evidence? These are the pictures of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook with and without makeup.

What Do They Look Like Without Makeup?

The makeup tool is powerful. It will instantly determine a person’s public image, and it’s an integral part of being a K-pop star.

However, since we’re so used to seeing our most beloved models sporting stunning makeup and glam, we cannot help but wonder what they would look like without it.

BTS is often regarded as “the “defining K-pop group of our generation.” Their charisma and beauty are well-known all over the world. 

How do they keep their looks? Discover the secrets to the beauty of the group’s seven singers and discover why they’re considered the most beautiful K-pop band (even when they’re not performing).

Stunning BTS Members Without Makeup Photos

1. V

BTS Without Makeup

V is stunning when he wears makeup; however, he is equally beautiful without makeup. He’s always beautiful. On the stage, he typically wears contact lenses and eye makeup. Also, he has an eye mole and a gorgeous nose. 

He occasionally changes his hair’s color in a transition from blonde to dark. However, regardless of his hair or eye color, he is radiant skin everyone would like to have.

However, our “visual king” admits that his skin is becoming oily and dry. He’s also worried about his skin becoming tight and brittle, which is why it is his goal to avoid it. He recently revealed that he’s looking for the best products for his skin type and will not quit until he has the right ones.

Once, on a V-live live broadcast, the actor shared his naked face in front of the camera and showed his pimples. He declared to be”friends! “friends!” 

Some people wouldn’t consider those pimples that bother them as friends; however, Taehyung appeared excited and joyful about this, which made him appear adorable!

Although he’s adorable, he’s also extremely confident. He’s not afraid to reveal that he suffers from pimples as well. Perhaps we should follow in the footsteps of V and proudly display our pimples!

V’s Beauty Secrets

BTS Without Makeup
  • He also uses facial cream. He believes applying many layers of the cream before bed benefits his skin.
  • On trips, he utilizes moist cotton pads and toner to control his face’s moisture.
  • The lotion is an essential component of his daily routine. He applies more than the amount he requires.

2. Jin

BTS Without Makeup

Jin , the one we call “worldwide handsome,” can wear no makeup and still appear perfect! Jin’s flawless skin is a dream. Many girls adore his porcelain face. His face is sweet with a heart-shaped design and gorgeous pouts that are plump. 

His makeup style isn’t quite as vibrant and vibrant as his fellow members. It’s naturally light and is like his look without makeup.

Jin is considered the most senior of the group (he is known to make jokes about his dad). Even though he’s getting older, Jin treats his skin well, which is why you won’t see wrinkles on his flawless face. Skin care is important for him. He’s very conscious of his appearance. 

If there’s something that worries him, the sun, it’s exposure. When the skin is exposed to the sun for a prolonged duration, it may cause the loss of moisture and cause dry and dry skin.

To keep the “flower boy” image, He focuses on keeping an energized and glowing complexion. We all can be sure that he’s successful in maintaining his radiant skin! What’s his secret?

Jin’s Skincare Tips

BTS Without Makeup
  • Sheet masks for skin are his absolute favorite cosmetic product! After a long struggle with the scorching heat, his skin requires rehydration to make up for the loss of moisture. Sheet masks are his absolute must-have.
  • He has a very nutritious diet.
  • He uses sheet masks after sun exposure.
  • Sheet masks are recommended whenever you feel the skin feels dry. They will not only hydrate your skin but will also lighten your skin.

3. Jimin

BTS Without Makeup

Jimin’s dark eyes are his signature style. However, even without eyeshadow, he’s extremely attractive. His dewy cheeks and glowing lips are stunning. 

What’s the mystery to this? A costly line of beauty creams? An expert dermatologist? Surprisingly, Jimin confessed that he follows the most basic and standard skin care regimen.

While he’s not revealed details about his routine for skincare, Jimin didn’t deny that he’s aware of his routine. 

His care for his smooth and soft skin is a way of self-care since his mind relaxes after taking off makeup and washing his face. Jimin states it’s relaxing to let your pores air after performing shows and concerts!

Since BTS travels frequently, their travels can hinder their skincare routines, especially when they’re on the plane for a long period. 

Travel like this can be extremely dehydrating for the skin. Therefore Jimin suggests drinking plenty of fluids to remain hydrated. Simple, isn’t it? Water, after all, provides amazing benefits to our well-being.

Jimin’s Advice

BTS Without Makeup
  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. If your body is dehydrated, your skin is dry.
  • While you go through your cleansing routine, You will not just remove your makeup and dirt but also cleanse your mind. This will make you more relaxed.

4. Jungkook

BTS Without Makeup

We love”The Golden Maknae” not only for his talents but also for his looks. He looks so handsome due to his height and muscular build, yet there is a sweet and cute side. He can be sweet and innocent. 

He can also be fun. He is sometimes a bit snarky with his BTS brothers as he loves to express his feelings funnily, and his older siblings find him adorable.

He’s sexy when serious, but he’s loved when smiling. Is there anything the young man isn’t able to make us feel happy about?

Jungkook is a fan of an active lifestyle. Recently, he shared that when it is about looking after his appearance, he is unhappy whenever he has acne pimples.

If we’re stressed and tired, it’s easy to see a pimple on our faces, and Kookie isn’t an exception. We all have experienced this ailment that causes acne to be a nuisance.

 Jungkook’s Skincare Secrets

BTS Without Makeup
  • He treats pimples by applying cream and toner in the morning and later in the evening.
  • He applies cream and toner each morning and at night.

5. Suga

BTS Without Makeup

Snow White isn’t the only one with skins, so white is like snow. Take a look at the whiteness of Suga’s skin! Fans who have met Suga in person will claim that he has the most beautiful white skin. 

And, with his sweet Gummy smile and eyes that look like foxes, he is a charming person. What is the secret ingredient that gives him his smooth, milky skin?

Unfortunately, he does not have any tips for beauty to impart. He was born with that look. His radiant, white and flawless face is pure. In the past, Suga admitted that he was guilty of not taking good care of his face.

Of all the members, he performs the least amount of skincare maintenance. In contrast to the other members constantly applying moisturizer, toner cream, and lotion, Suga doesn’t do much to his skin.

Suga’s Skincare Secret

BTS Without Makeup
  • It’s not too much. He was born beautiful.

6. J-hope

BTS Without Makeup

As a celebrity, J-hope believes maintaining your appearance is the most important thing for any celebrity. He is very courteous, looks his best when interacting with his friends, and greets them with a smile. 

Despite being without makeup, J-hope’s face is flawless and smooth. He still will do his best to impress everyone who wants to meet him. He’s a very nice guy!

J-hope’s Skincare Tips

BTS Without Makeup
  • Apply toner and facial cream at the beginning of each day.
  • Follow the five steps. The five steps include essence, toner cream, acne treatment, and cream.
  • Visit your trusted dermatologist regularly.
  • He is a cheerful personality with a positive mindset and a humorous personality. His optimistic attitude helps keep his skin looking good.

7. RM

BTS Without Makeup

What could be the skin care secrets of our clever and brilliant leader? Is there an explanation based on science for the products used by him? 

Are you analyzing chemicals in creams and toners? RM, like other members, is conscious of maintaining his skin’s fairness. He is an incredibly strong leader and rapper; however, his beauty is equally impressive.

Despite being without makeup, his skin appears soft and smooth. In the past, RM opened up about his routine when it comes to skincare. He said that his skin tends to be dry, and he tries to keep it moisturized to keep it from becoming flaky. 

He stated, “My skin is dry most of the time, and my biggest concern is keeping it [moisturized]. I get zits from time to time, and that concerns me as well.”

RM’s Beauty Tips

BTS Without Makeup
  • Sheet masks for working for a long time are beneficial. Mediheal is his favorite brand, and they carry a broad range of masks to select from.
  • Utilizing essences helps keep his skin smooth.


Who is the most beautiful without makeup in BTS?

Jin. Jin Jin, Jin, our “worldwide handsome,” can be without makeup on and still look perfect! Jin’s natural smooth skin is a dream to behold.

Who does most makeup in BTS?

Jungkook. Jungkook is among BTS members who experiment with using makeup the most often, even though his style is often natural and in line with BTS’s.

Does BTS wear makeup daily?

They also wear makeup when performing on stage as well as when they perform in the music video. There are also makeup products inspired by the artists that are available for the Armed Forces members to purchase.  Although they don’t use makeup often, many of the BTS members do wear makeup when filming music videos or performing.

Who is the cutest of BTS?

Jungkook is, without a doubt, the most beautiful participant in a K-pop group. Jungkook is the smallest member of the group, and everyone in the band loves them.  As stated by Jimin, Jungkook is an excellent singer, and we believe it! Due to his talent, charming appearance, and good attitude, Jungkook is very much loved by the Army.


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