Blue World City review by Estate Land.

Blue World City review by Estate Land.

When it comes to purchasing, the first thing that comes to mind is the sustainability of the venture, but be assured that purchasing luxury residences in Blue World City Islamabad is among the safest choices today. Particularly, because the property market sees steady expansion, with both sale and rent, purchasing a residence in this housing development is the most acceptable alternative for making money. Let us explain why in further detail.


The Blue Group of Companies has created a magnificent project called Blue World City. The Blue Group of Companies was established in 1989 in Lahore, Pakistan, to provide modern architecture and construction services.

The excellent organization has now established a formal name in the property market environment in Pakistan, thanks to its substantial labour and services throughout the last 18 years. The developers have created a foothold in the development sector by creating a trustworthy and well-organized professional atmosphere. Besides the initial architectural modelling operations, the Blue Group of enterprises has developed into various industries, notably property development, marketing, IT assistance, and commercial printing. Furthermore, the Blue group of enterprises operates a number of business businesses as well as a range of convenience stores, and it employs over 300 people to achieve its objectives.

Trustworthy and Accomplished Owner

As previously stated, the Blue Group of Companies, which Saad Nazir owns, started this excellent housing enterprise. He is the son of a former Lahore deputy commissioner. He has finally implemented significant housing and business projects in Pakistan, including PIA co-operative Society, Center Park Lahore, Blue Sapphire, Blue market, and Blue technologies, prior to this auspicious housing scheme. The owner’s integrity and reputable name, as well as his extensive list of real estate triumphs, speak to his assurance and fantastic ability. His latest project, Blue World City, not only appears to be lucrative in terms of investment, but it will also be a never-before-seen housing development of this scale in Pakistan, ensuring that investing in it would provide good benefits.

International Developers & Master Planners

The master planners from China’s Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company created and created Blue World City. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company is a prominent multinational firm known for its outstanding advances around the world. This massive housing project is designed in conformity with international standards and employs cutting-edge technology to give Pakistanis improved living and business possibilities.

Pakistan’s First Chinese Development

Blue World City is Pakistan’s first housing community, being built with the assistance of Chinese engineers and professionals. Because the Chinese are well-equipped and masters at building cutting-edge real estate projects around the world, it is safe to expect that the implementation of the project will be exceptional.

Prime Location of Blue World City

Blue Word City is located on Chakri Road, close to the Lahore-Islamabad Freeway, near the CPEC route, and a small distance from Islamabad International Airport. Furthermore, because it is close to the future Ring Road Rawalpindi, its position is excellent. The project’s location is advantageous because it is encompassed by all the major connecting highways between the twin cities.

The proximity of the CPEC Route

The CPEC route runs close to Islamabad’s Blue World City, which would help the region’s socio-economic progress while also providing a plethora of business prospects. For those who are unaware, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a collaborative partnership between Pakistan and China aimed at increasing trade between the two countries.

Pakistan’s First Commercial Hub

With Pakistan’s largest bulk Chinese marketplace in its midst, Blue World City is set to become its first commercial centre. With the assistance of Chinese partners and at the highest degree of development and commitment possible. It will undoubtedly become the location of your dreams. The project’s success is aided by the project’s safe atmosphere, amenities, and desirable location.

Blue World City plots variety:

In Blue World City, there are a variety of residential and commercial plots available for reservation. Blue World City Islamabad offers residential and industrial plots on a flexible payment plan that covers 3 to 4 years, depending on your needs. Aside from plots, the housing organization is also offering Villas, Residential Apartments, and Duplex Apartments of various sizes.

Plots for Sale at Reasonable Prices

Because the housing project is still in its early stages, the costs of the properties available at Blue World City are significantly lower than those in the adjacent housing societies. This factor gives you a significant advantage in investing in the company and reaping the benefits in the near future.

According to the government of Pakistan’s most recent relief package, property possession is associated with potential dominance in investment banks, which has been characterized by getting good loans to cover the cost of the purchase price. As a result, investing in this enterprise at this pricing has never been easier.

Moreover, the plots here are accessible on a simple 3-5 year payment plan, after which you will receive immediate ownership of your plots and be able to build your ideal home in the Capital city.

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