30 Best Newest Cool Haircuts For Black Boys In 2022

When you are choosing haircuts for black boys, You want the hairstyles to be trendy and practical at the same time. Therefore, you should go for hairstyles that are easy to maintain and can make your child appear like a cool person.

With the variety of amazing hairstyles for black guys available, there’s a good chance you’ll discover the one that’ll make your child content with his hair. Let’s take an in-depth look at our choices of haircuts for black boys.

30 Newest Hairstyles For Black Boys

1. Dreads with a Fade Haircut

Dreads with a fade haircut

If you’re not quite ready to let go of the long hair, A high fade could be a great way of improving your look. The high fade creates an appearance and places the dreadlocks on one side of your head while maintaining the other part of the hair tidy and neatly shaved. Ombre highlights can help in increasing the look and appeal of hairstyles.

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2. Drop Fade

Drop Fade

Drop fade is a style that will never go out of fashion. With striking arc effects on the sides, the drop fade remains popular and in style. The barber will keep your hair a little longer, making the transitions smoother. It is striking when you consider the curving lines on the sides. It is a great idea to think about how adorable it would appear on your child.

3. Temp Fade

Temp Fade

Although high tops are typically hairstyles neat and afro-like, choosing a more wild, natural look can also be attractive. Combining this look with a cool high fade will help create a more sculpted look and highlight the long hair on top. It’s a common male style that is sharper and doesn’t need additional hairstyles.

4. Skin Fade

Skin Fade

Skin fades are also called bald fades, and it’s an eye-catching and striking option. Combining a skin fade with a sharp-up is suitable for boys with afro-textured hair. The sleek lines and sharp lines can make your child look more masculine. The skin fade is also juxtaposed with twists to give it more structure and personality.

5. Trendy Outer Fade Haircut

Trendy Outer Fade Haircut

Although most fades will concentrate on the whole front and back, it is possible to choose a subtler but equally attractive fade. Trendy Outer Fade is a simple one that focuses on the neck’s temples and the nape of the neck. It creates a more rounded look and emphasizes the top. It’s a simple but professional task, and the result is stunning.

6. Diagonal Fade Haircuts

Diagonal Fade Haircuts

Apart from giving short hair waves to add a touch of flair, It is also possible to opt for the diagonal fade rather than straight edge fades that are standard. A Diagonal Fade shapes the look and creates a chic gap between hair and skin. A diagonal fade is a great choice if you prefer an elegant and clean look.

7. Short Crops

Short Crops

To keep your child’s curly hair tamed and secure, You should consider this particular cut. Buzz is cutting the side and leaving the top of the hair a little longer to showcase the unique kinky appearance. Also, a slight highlight on your natural texture could provide a wonderful solution.

8. Trendy Kinky Curls

Trendy Kinky Curls

One of the most effective methods to showcase your naturally curly hair is to clean the sides with an easy fade, which is the taper. Just enough buzz is left to create a sharp line around the temples and smooth the transition to the fade.

9. Undercut Curly Top

Undercut Curly Top

This kind of cut is perfect for curly hair tops. It can give your child the look of spicks and spans because it takes a significant amount of hair off the backside. It’s a style that can be adjusted to the atmosphere you want. It ranges from a high skin fade during summer to a light shade for a more school-like style.

10. Short Curls

Short Curls

The short curly hairstyle is tapered at the top, with the sides and the back with an undercut. However, hairstyles can be customized depending on the barber’s expertise. The curls are reduced in size and then rounded using shaping spikes.

11. Creative Haircut

Creative Haircut

This is a hairstyle that is a freestyle that has a refined appearance. It provides the softness of curly hair that extends up to your neck’s nape. The two sides are given skin fades that create stylish, masculine looks. It isn’t a matter of receiving a haircut in an artisanal barbershop in your neighborhood or a professional. The barber can create an individual style you can do alongside your kid.

12. Vintage High Top

Vintage High Top

A little like the pompadour hairstyle, a traditional high-top is a way to leave the front higher than the back to create an attractive symmetry. A low fade is a great way to enhance the beauty of the haircut. It is possible to include a hairstyle element or line for something different.

13. Geometric Trendy Haircut

Geometric Trendy Haircut

There’s nothing more attractive than a clean line drawn on perfectly done hair. This is an art of a skilled barber. The haircut consists of the perfect afro top, flawlessly faded sides, and a symmetrical line that seems almost like a dream.

14. Flat Top

Flat Top

The Flat Top is a unique design from the boys’ haircut. It has a flat top with an incredibly low fade back that has a unique razor that is professionally cut. It’s an excellent style option for guys who have matted hair.

15. Artistic Line

Artistic Line

This is a trendy cut for black boys that is stylish and has modern touches. It is a beautiful surgical line suitable for those with oval faces.

16. High Top Trendy Haircut

High Top Trendy Haircut

Another style you can pick for your child is a square-lined high-top and fade. The top has a few curls that give it roughness and attractive contrast with the smooth tapered sides. The crisp lines are also drawn out on the sides, giving a striking look.

17. Sweet Afro

Sweet Afro

Simple and easy afro cuts can be more than adequate. This is a simple haircut for your little boy, especially if you don’t have time. It’s natural and sweet and allows your child to showcase the beautiful look of his curls.

18. Blurry Kid Fade

Blurry Kid Fade

It’s another black boy haircut that gives fresh looks. The hairstyler highlights curly hair at the top, with faded sides and back. It has a sharp, razor-cut design with an outline that gives an elegant appearance. We could say it is the most basic and simple haircut you could pick for your child.

19. Gelled Skin Haircut

Gelled Skin Haircut

It is a normal haircut for black males with elongated skin on the sides and a smooth look. It has a hair gel that makes it appear curly. It also has a sharper lining with a slick style.

20. High Top Mohawk

High Top Mohawk

Kinky Mohawks are a lot more attractive as the naturally curly texture of these hairstyles looks stunning when paired with a fade and highlights of blonde on the top. The buzz left at the sides is long enough to create an elegant line-up at the top of the back of the head. Try this haircut and observe how different it looks on the man.

21. Thick and Rugged Haircuts

Thick and Rugged Haircuts

It’s nice to look pretty, but a rugged haircut has an unquestionably appealing appeal that even neat cuts can’t match. Alongside the stunningly cut-off shape of the high-top style, it has a perfect fade on the sides and a stunning brown shade on the rough top.

22. Buzz Cut + Fade + Line Up

Buzz Cut + Fade + Line Up

Indeed, a stylish buzz cut has faded, and the line will never be out of fashion. This hairstyle is low cut, featuring a triple threat, blurry fade, a shorter buzz on top, and a sharp edge. The haircut doesn’t just appear modern and masculine but can also be flexible.

23. Clean Cut

Clean Cut

A neat cut with low fades is the best option if you want a natural, neutral appearance. The haircut has a cleanly combed front with a sharp outline. A subtle fade outlines the sides and creates the hair with a dark buzz, creating a sleek line to be cut to enhance the appearance.

24. Short and Wavy

Short and Wavy

Short and wavy cuts are the best if you’re looking to cut your shorter hair. The cropped hair at the top is adorned with a chic wave-like texture that lets you showcase the look. This is a fashion to consider for your child if they want something more enjoyable and casual.

25. Cornrows


This is a fantastic look for teens. Creating this style can take a while, but the result is so beautiful and can leave you amazed by all the effort. The braided cornrows make hair for boys flexible and let you experiment with texture, form, and design.

26. Box Braids

Box Braids

Box braids are a fantastic haircut for toddlers in black. It’s a great way to control your kid’s unruly locks. With the modern twist sliding down sideways, you will never be wrong with this look. Choose this look if you want to make your little fashion statement and get trendy.

27. Spider Braids

Spider Braids

As the name suggests, the long braids hang over the face like spider legs. Furthermore, there’s a pleasing rectangular pattern on the head which highlights the braids. If you’d like to see your child have braided hair, you may like this hip and edgy fashion.

28. Chunky Twists paired with Temple Fade

Chunky Twists paired with Temple Fade

Combining two distinct textures in the same hairstyle is among the top sought-after ways to give your mate an edgy look. This style features rough twists on top and smooth fades of the temples along the sides to define and shape the style.

29. Twists and Fade

Twists and Fade

For a more interesting look for shorter hair, adding a few twists could create a rougher, more rugged look that can look great with any fade. A clean temple fade and a sharp line that includes the side part finish off the look of a heavily bearded.

30. Faux Hawk Twists

Faux Hawk Twists

The faux Hawk Twists involve keeping the sides of your hair cut short, cropped, and completely removed. The middle part of the long hair is styled in an unruly shape, flowing from the front of your head towards the back. The twisting makes the faux hawk appear modern and unique.