Latest 28 Best Rihanna Without Makeup Pictures 2022

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, commonly called Rihanna, is one of the most popular and successful female performers in the industry of music. 

In addition to being a performer, she’s also a professional model, fashion designer, and actor. Most of her hits beat the record for billboard great and gained her global recognition. 

The live performances and global concerts require that she be fit and wear many layers of makeup to look stage-ready. However, Rihanna is not just another performer who is covered in makeup. 

Her natural look is among the main motives behind her winning mascaras. Below are a few of the most beautiful photos of Rihanna that prove Rihanna doesn’t require makeup to look beautiful.

Awesome Rihanna Without Makeup Pictures 2022

1. Black & White Filter Time

 Rihanna Without Makeup

Black & White filter picture. She snapped this photo as she woke up and went to the park. She traveled to Brazil and uploaded the image with B&W mode.

In this candid shot, makeup-free, her face appears natural and clean. Her gold chain and ring add to her appearance. On December 23, she posted the image on Instagram without a caption.

2. Hot Brown Hairs Look

 Rihanna Without Makeup

Regarding this photo, the model is super hot and sexy; with her hot brown hair, this photo will surely steal the hearts of all people. Each time we see this image, it’s like she wants to share something with her fans. She wrote in the caption of the picture a “flashback..’

3. Confused Selfie

 Rihanna Without Makeup

The picture is kind of like a retro image. It is nevertheless a great opportunity to observe how much she’s changed throughout the years. The photograph appeared to be taken in an old salon.

It seems that Riri was in the process of getting a haircut while a photographer photographed her, and she decided to make a face. 

4. True Beauty

 Rihanna Without Makeup

In this photo, it is possible to see an image of its real beauty. The model is wearing a loose gray t-shirt and a strap bag. The hair is left open without styling, wearing a casual chic style. The black nail polish he is using is certainly an incredible product!

5. Beauty without makeup

 Rihanna Without Makeup

Rihanna appears serene and gorgeous, with no makeup in this photo. Her soft curls frame her face nicely. This photo clearly shows that she’s not scared to leave without makeup on her face. She is wearing a dark pink dress with regular pieces of denim. She has a casual appearance.

6. Rihanna, with no hint of makeup

 Rihanna Without Makeup

This picture depicts Rihanna without any makeup. The singer wears a basic black tube top and black nail polish that matches the overall appearance. Her hair was left open, and it made her look attractive.

Her gorgeous smile takes away the need to apply all-over makeup. With her beautiful skin, the fashion diva need not have to work hard to improve her appearance.

8. Confused

 Rihanna Without Makeup

In this photo, Rihanna looks a bit confused and lost. Rihanna wore a short hairstyle that didn’t look very good on her. Even though his white shirt was sexually attractive, it did not flatter his eyes.

9. She’s back!

 Rihanna Without Makeup

In this photo, she’s back! Rihanna appears without any indestructible makeup. Her curly hair frames her perfect face perfectly. The leather jacket certainly makes him look edgy.

10. Two avatars

 Rihanna Without Makeup

The image depicts Rihanna in two different looks – both with makeup and no makeup. The left side shows its darker side, as well as hair and clumsy skin with no life. 

The woman appears unattractive and worn. However, despite the worn look, you can still see that his skin is perfect! The collar of her dress is a major displeasure, which makes her look sloppy.

11. What Was Said?

 Rihanna Without Makeup

Rihanna, affectionately referred to as Riri, took to Instagram to post the picture without makeup, with more than 135 million users. In the image, she was seen wearing some chains over an untucked black shirt. The model also had an oversized black furry hat and shades while she stared at the camera.

The image was additionally accompanied by a short video of three women fighting with one another, and one was referencing Rihanna. The caption stated, “what was said by @ramonasinger? #RHONY”. The actress looked stunningly gorgeous with no makeup on her face.

12. Rihanna Smiley Sun Face

 Rihanna Without Makeup

On the 20th of April, she shared the image on social media and wrote “wildflower.’ As we view this image, it looks like it’s trying to convey something. She looks very happy. 

The sun’s beams bring a lot of joy and make the picture stunning. She doesn’t have any makeup whatsoever, and the tattoo on her right hand enhances its beauty.

13. Rihanna Shocked Selfie

 Rihanna Without Makeup

Rihanna snapped this photo while they were in the salon. It seemed like she was looking to get dressed, but the staff at the parlor was busy, which is why she chose to make this bizarre appearance. She shared the picture on Instagram with her followers on December 22nd.

14. With Fans Talk

 Rihanna Without Makeup

In this photo, Rihanna promotes some brands and explains to her fans why it benefits the skin and overall health. Rihanna is also an ambassador for many brands. She is a locket wearer and silver upper. Her hair looks stunning as she talks about it. Her face appears beautiful without makeup.

15. Rihanna Killer Look

 Rihanna Without Makeup

Rihanna shared this picture on her Instagram account on the 17th of December. The star’s double ring necklace makes her face look stunning. She also has no makeup on her skin, and her eyes appear as if it’s a wish to kill someone.

16. It’s Pool Time Click

 Rihanna Without Makeup

In this photo, we can observe that she’s in the swimming pool and having a bath. Her curly hair adds beauty, and she appears beautiful without makeup.

17. Cool Dude Attitude Selfie

 Rihanna Without Makeup

In this photo, Rihanna looks so cool. She’s in full attitude. She posted the photo on Instagram in July and wrote, “heauxm. ‘ Rihanna wears accessories like a neck chain, bracelet, sunglasses, and cap earrings. Her gray t-shirt makes her very attractive. A further plus is that she appears so beautiful without makeup.

18. Taking Sun Rays

 Rihanna Without Makeup

Rihanna posted this post supporting her brand on Instagram, where she doesn’t apply makeup on her face. She looks natural.

19. Just Random Click

 Rihanna Without Makeup

This is among the most unusual images of Rihanna you can take a look at. She shared the photo on the social network on April 14. 

Rihanna looks stunning in this picture. One more time, she shows up with fans who don’t wear makeup. We all are aware that she has curly hair; however, this time, her hair is showing an abundance.

20. Chillin Time With Nature

 Rihanna Without Makeup

In this selfie, without makeup, her face looks like a natural, clean face. Her gold chain and ring add to her attractiveness. On the 23rd of December, she posted the photo on Instagram without a caption.

21. Hot Brown Hairs Look

 Rihanna Without Makeup

In this photo, she’s super hot and sexy, with her hot brown hair. This picture will surely steal the hearts of all people. Each time we see this photo, it appears that she’s trying to communicate something to her fans. She posted a caption to the picture with a “flashback..’

22. Self-care Bih!

 Rihanna Without Makeup

Rihanna posted this photo on her Instagram sometime in the past. It was a post for promotion. The model was wearing makeup and was gorgeous!

23. Sold Out!!

 Rihanna Without Makeup

The Diamond star shared another photo without makeup to celebrate an important landmark! The black hoodie was on and looked sexy with braids. 

Riri held the spoon as a celebratory cake was set on her mattress. The image is captioned, “how I woke up this morning after the #FENTYPARFUM line sold out today, and I was so happy! !” The image received over 5.5 million”likes.

24. Promotion For Fenty Beauty

 Rihanna Without Makeup

If you own products for skincare or makeup, you must show that it’s good by applying them to yourself. In a promo video for the brand Fenty, Rihanna posted a video of her without makeup.

The video features close-up shots of the face. Her skin appears flawless, while she explains how she doesn’t have eye bags or dark circles. 

Then, she proceeds to talk about her brand’s Instant Revival eye gel, which she regularly uses. The video also gives the steps to apply the cream and a list of ingredients.

25. Jade In The Shade

 Rihanna Without Makeup

Is there nothing more rejuvenating than spending time in the wilderness? Nature is a thing that can bring peace to your soul. Riri shared several images from what appears to be her vacation!

The woman wore her bucket hat and some bright jewelry. She was also smoking cigarettes in the wild. However, there wasn’t one ounce of makeup on display.

26. One With Nature

 Rihanna Without Makeup

If you’re working all day, you must also be able to chill! Rihanna is an excellent illustration of this. She’s a person who has many roles. However, she also tries to find time to do nothing but relax.

She shared a photo of herself enjoying a holiday. At the time, she was wearing her hair cut short. In that photo, it is clear that she was sans makeup. 

If it was impossible to distinguish her face between her hair and her face, this photo could have been interpreted as fresh and not nearly ten years old!

27. Face Mask

 Rihanna Without Makeup

In a second post without makeup, Rihanna posted a picture of herself with a mask on her face. The 34-year-old singer shared several photos using Fenty’s Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask.

She also gave the ingredients, including charcoal and ginger extracts and other things. With the mask, She looked stunning!  After Rihanna was involved in her projects and other projects, she stepped away from her music. 

Fans love how she’s expanding and growing her reach beyond the realm of music, and they’d like to see her return to performing on stage again soon.

The music may have to wait a little longer due to their son’s birth. ASAP Rocky, as well as Rihanna, welcomed their new baby boy. They’re keen to provide their son with a quiet life.

She recently shared a short video on Instagram where she talked about her routine for self-care. She appeared to have emerged from the shower and applied a facial mask to her face and body cream.

The video was shot back during her pregnancy. In the first part of her video, you can see her radiant skin as she wears her mask. She was gorgeous in her natural skin! The video was named “and it’s about self-care bih .”

28. First Selfie of 2020

 Rihanna Without Makeup

Do you remember the year 2020? It was full of entertainment and games until the world went into a state of shutdown and was put on lockdown. 

Like many of us, Rihanna started her year with a smile. Rihanna posted a candid selfie without makeup on Instagram with a smile.


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