Latest Best Megan Thee Stallion No-Makeup Photos 2022

Megan Jovon Ruth Pete (also known as Megan Thee Stallion, or MTS) is an American rapper who is 27 years old. Her rapping videos started to gain traction on social media platforms. She was born in Houston and raised there.

Megan Thee Stallion is a refreshing breath of air for the Southern rap scene. Pimp C of UGK was one of her favorite artists. MTS recalled hearing him speak as a child and was astonished by his delivery.

MTS also mentioned how hip hop influenced her and that she had been writing raps since she was seven. She has had many hits, including Sweetest Pie and WAP.

She has received many awards, including three Grammys and two MTV Music Awards, and four American Music Awards are also among her many accomplishments.

Megan Thee Stallion Makeup Free Looks

MTS is on the rise, but she doesn’t let that change her personality. Being authentic means not being afraid to wear makeup now and again. These are some photos of her with no makeup.

1. Say Cheese!

Megan The Stallion is known for wearing extravagant wigs and gowns. She is often seen in stunning makeup, especially when she steps out of her home, just like most celebrities.

MTS’s smile is beautiful in this selfie, and it is something that she hasn’t often seen in recent photos. She looks happy and beautiful as the sun shines upon her gorgeous natural skin!

2. No more make-up

No more make-up

While makeup can enhance beauty and confidence and make people look more beautiful, it can also cause skin problems, block pores, and cause breakouts.

MTS can be seen in this Instagram selfie, where she is wearing a robe. MTS seemed to enjoy some well-deserved self-care and captioned the photo with “Me time.”

3. Best friends for life

Best friends for life

Everybody needs a friend, a best friend. Someone who can be trusted and who is easy to talk with. MTS appears to have found that friend in her best friend.

MTS shared a photo on Instagram captioned “Happy National Bestfriends Day” MTS holds her best friend’s head in one hand while clicking the photo with the other. Her skin is radiant, and she doesn’t seem to use makeup other than lip gloss.

4. Winner’s Selfie

Winner's Selfie

It is hard to find a better feeling than receiving a reward for your hard work. MTS took a different approach to win the BET award. Most people would have gone out and dressed up to celebrate. She shared a series without makeup, with only no makeup and no black reflective shades.

She captioned the series of photos, “Hottiesss, we won best female hip-hop award at the @bet Awards last night.” She was on tour so she couldn’t make it. However, she had a performance that day.

5. No Team Makeup

No Team Makeup

MTS knows that it is important to allow your skin to breathe every time. She posted a selfie on her Instagram and stated that she would not be using makeup for a while. She looked serious at the camera in the selfie, and her flawless skin was highlighted by the sun.

6. Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce

Popeye and MTS collaborated on a ‘hottie Sauce.’ MTS took her best friend along to test it out.

MTS created a video about her visit to Popeye’s drive-through and trying the hottie sauce together with her best friend. Her natural, makeup-free skin got the same thumbs up as the sauce!

7. Get glowing after a workout

Get glowing after a workout

MTS knows that there is nothing better than a post-workout glow. MTS shared another amazing selfie wearing what appeared to be work clothes.

She seemed to be enjoying the sun, and her hair was open. It is unclear if she was exercising, but her skin looked radiant.

8. Look around!

Look around!

It takes confidence to wear makeup, but it is much harder to post a selfie on social media for millions of people to see.

MTS seems not to be concerned about this. She posted another flawless selfie without makeup! In the comments, even her fans raved about how natural she looked!

9. This Lock Must Be Dismantled!

This Lock Must Be Dismantled!

MTS shared a humorous story about Helen on social media. Helen, who appears to have been her hairdresser, gave her her locks but didn’t know how to remove them.

MTS created a humorous video about it, telling viewers to get Helen to look at Youtube videos and “uninstall the locks.” The video was shot without any makeup, and she looked beautiful!

10. Private Jet Vibes

Private Jet Vibes

One of many things people want to do in their lives is fly in a private jet. MTS realized her dream! Before she flew on a private plane to Vegas, she posted a series of selfies. The no-makeup look made her look confident and excited while giving her a relaxed look.

Megan Thee Stallion has a lot of potential to be one of the most popular female rappers around the globe. She is determined to achieve her dream but will not let her fans get a false idea of her true self.

She is open to her eccentricity and posts candid selfies without makeup for fun. Fans who have grown up seeing their idols in a professional setting will find her relatable. We are glad to witness her refreshingly different approach to the world of glamor!

11. Mirror Selfie

Mirror Selfie

Here is her mirror selfie. You can see how toned, and well-maintained her body looks. This is a very special photo because you can see that she isn’t wearing makeup; however, it is quite intimidating.

12. Morning Selfie

Morning Selfie

She can flaunt her flawless, clear skin all by herself. She doesn’t need any makeup, and she is simply stunning.

13. Cheese


This is an Instagram Live photo of her. You can see that she is not wearing any makeup, but her smile is doing the job.

14. Do it yourself

Do it yourself

After working out, she took this selfie with a fresh face.

15. Before Makeup Selfie

Before Makeup Selfie

Who is this pretty woman? Megan Thee Stallion is the one. In this photo, she is wearing a white robe and has not used any makeup.

16. Mascara Look

Mascara Look

Megan is a natural at dressing herself. Megan loves to wear makeup, and she loves to put on makeup.

17. Blur in Bikini

Blur in Bikini

Stallion in a bikini blurred without makeup. She is very authentic.

18. Let the sunshine

Let the sunshine

Her curves are visible in the black bikini.

19. Let me Flaunt More

Let me Flaunt More

She loves to show off her body and wants to be noticed.

20. Victory


This photo was taken on a date. She looks hot and beautiful.

21. It’s just too hot

It's just too hot

She can bring summer back even in cold winters. You can see it.

22. Baby Face

Baby Face

She is so cute, hot, and sexy! Here’s a photo from one of her shoots.