Best Kylie Jenner No Makeup Photos 2022

It’s not surprising that Kylie Jenner is rarely seen without makeup considering her status as the reigning queen of all makeup looks and founder of the Lip Kit company, which revolutionized lip lining across the globe.

Her life revolves around makeup. Those more subtle in their looks tend not to build their entire career around cosmetics. However, even the biggest makeup artists have to let their skin breathe from time to time.

Eyelash extensions, perfectly groomed eyebrows, and a few more photos of Jenner. We love seeing Jenner’s natural skin and are amazed at how beautiful her freckles are. Here are her beautiful, bare-faced selfies. Jenner even showed a pimple on her Instagram Story..

Popular Kylie Jenner No Makeup Photos

1. The First Ever No Makeup Selfie

The First Ever No Makeup Selfie

Kylie Jenner’s makeup looks have a reputation for being on-point and a trendsetter. In the public’s eyes, she has become a beautiful young lady. Kylie was often criticized for using too much makeup for her age.

One day, Kylie decided to strip down and take a Kylie Jenner selfie without makeup. Kylie, aged 18, lies in bed while showing off her freckles.

2. The Style Influencer

The Style Influencer

Kylie Jenner is well-known for her amazing makeup and impeccable fashion sense. Her glam look is a huge hit, and everyone waits anxiously for her casual looks.

She is a fan of going makeup-free and knows how important it can be to let your skin breathe. You will find her often without makeup and just chilling. This is Kylie Jenner’s popular airport look without makeup.

3. Chilling at Home

Chilling at Home

Initially, Kylie was uncomfortable wearing makeup in public and resorted to makeup. She has become more comfortable with going without makeup over time.

Many Kylie Jenner looks without makeup can be found all over social media. She is now open to her insecurities and doesn’t mind showing off her naked face.

4. Gorgeous Kylie Jenner No Makeup Photo

Gorgeous Kylie Jenner No Makeup Photo

This stunning Kylie Jenner photo without makeup became one of her most loved photos. There was no turning back once she began to love and embrace her freckles. She posted more and more photos of herself with freckles on social media.

5. Swimsuit Edition

Swimsuit Edition

Kylie once more showed off her flawless skin, which was a huge hit. Her skin was flawless because she was on vacation. Kylie posed in a red hot bikini with no makeup, and Snapchat took this Kylie Jenner photo without makeup by storm.

6. Mirror Selfie Queen

Mirror Selfie Queen

You can see Kylie’s social media accounts to see that she is a huge fan of taking selfies. Kylie has admitted that she takes 500 selfies to capture the perfect shot.

This number is likely somewhat exaggerated, and she is certainly an expert with the selfies she posts.

7. This is Business

Mirror Selfie Queen

Who doesn’t desire to be beautiful? Kylie does not share this desire to look beautiful. Here’s Kylie Jenner without makeup before she begins her daily skincare routine.

She became interested in skincare and makeup, which led to her building businesses around these ideas.

Her business empire began with Kylie Jenner’s lip products. She then created Kylie Skin, her skincare line. These two businesses are now multi-million-dollar enterprises.

8. Happy Mother, Happy Baby

Happy Mother, Happy Baby

Kylie Jenner posts photos and videos often of her with Stormi Webster. She also posts photos and videos of herself with Stormi Webster, giving the world a glimpse into her private life.

To everyone’s delight, Kylie kept her pregnancy secret despite being in the spotlight 24×7. The mother and daughter are seen having fun and reminiscing about their childhood. They both look happy, healthy, and beautiful.

9. A blast from the Past

A blast from the Past

Let’s take a look back at the past. Let’s look at the days before Kylie Jenner’s famous lips appeared in the photo. This Kylie Jenner photo without makeup shows Jenner as she was in her teens before any cosmetic procedures were performed.

Kylie was a natural beauty, but her thin lips made her feel insecure. Her lips were so thin that she decided to have lip fillers. Her new lips were a big trend. She had to remove the fillers several years later and have natural-looking lips.

10. Freckled Beauty

Freckled Beauty

Kylie Jenner is a beauty, with or without makeup. Here, she shows off her freckles in an un-makeup photo and looks stunning. This is the first Kylie Jenner photo without makeup that she posted on social media.

11. Mastering the Poses

Mastering the Poses

Kylie has learned the techniques and takes many selfies. Although it took her some time before she could face the camera with a naked face, there was no turning back. We wish for many Kylie Jenner selfies without makeup. You go, girl!

12. Beautiful No Makeup Photos

Beautiful No Makeup Photos

Another Kylie Jenner photo without makeup is here. She looks absolutely stunning as she takes this selfie without makeup outside her home.

It takes her nearly 2 hours to put on a full makeup look, and you’ll be able to remember her efforts next time you see her glamorous makeup looks.

13. Tired Kylie

Tired Kylie

Kylie Jenner is a woman who looks beautiful even when exhausted. This Kylie Jenner photo without makeup is proof of that. She is tired and has sought refuge in her favorite garment for women, the hoodie. We can’t help but be struck by her radiant, beautiful complexion.

14. Cute Kylie

Tired Kylie

This is Kylie Jenner’s cute photo without makeup. This girl is a big fan of makeup. Did you know she wanted to become a cosmetologist? She now owns her makeup line.

Lady Gaga is her role model, and we all know how dramatic and fun her makeup looks can be. She prefers to be free from makeup whenever possible.

15. Before A Glam Look

Before A Glam Look

This is the perfect video to prove that Kylie’s bare-faced selfies on Instagram are genuine. Kylie shared the entire process of getting her red carpet-ready look. This Kylie Jenner photo without makeup proves that beauty doesn’t require makeup.

16. Chef Kylie

Chef Kylie

Kylie Jenner is a passionate cook. With almost every selfie of her cooking, there’s a Kylie Jenner photo without makeup. Here, she proudly poses with cupcakes that result from her hard work. Kylie loves to cook and posts videos and pictures of the recipes she creates.

17. There’s not another pretty face

There's not another pretty face

Kylie Jenner is a big fan of selfies. She is more than a pretty face. She co-authored two YA novels with her sister Kendall Jenner, which is something not many are aware of.

She is the youngest self-made billionaire to have a cosmetics company. She can capitalize on a situation that doesn’t favor her, just like her mother. She can turn negatives and controversies into dollars, a sign she’s a brilliant businesswoman.

18. Makeup Shopping

Makeup Shopping

This Kylie Jenner photo without makeup looks like it was taken ages ago. Kylie Jenner was looking for makeup, but she wasn’t wearing makeup. What’s the result?

She now has a line of cosmetics and a skincare line. Kylie Cosmetics, her beauty brand, was founded by her and has been very popular. This cosmetic company also produced her famous lip kits. The company was so successful that Kylie became a businesswoman early.

19. Before and after

Before and after

Kylie Jenner’s 100% legit Kylie Jenner selfie without makeup proved that she is beautiful once more. This is the before and after part of her glam look, and she looks completely different without makeup and stunning as ever with a radiant, flushed complexion.

20. Kylie And Her Baby

Kylie And Her Baby

Kylie is the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister. As any mother would, she enjoys sharing videos and pictures of her child. The mother and daughter both look gorgeous when they spend time together.

These are the times you’ll find tons of Kylie Jenner photos without makeup. Even her baby wasn’t immune to hate and racism online. Kylie had to remove all photos of Stormi from her website.

21. Kylie Jenner without Makeup in Quarantine

Kylie Jenner without Makeup in Quarantine

The real shock came when Kylie Jenner, a celebrity who was in quarantine, stepped out to purchase snacks. Due to the pandemic, the entire world was shut down. We could see Kylie naked; it was Kylie Jenner, not Kylie Jenner with makeup.

This Kylie Jenner was also without hair extensions or fake tan. Fans were amazed at how white she was. She looked radiant and happy, despite what anyone might say.

22. Available for the Day

Available for the Day

The paparazzi took this Kylie Jenner photo without makeup when she was spotted with Ariel Tejada, her favorite makeup artist in Los Angeles. Even though she was completely unmakeup-free, she looked stunning. Her followers were surprised to see her look so different from what they had seen on social media.

23. Sun-Kissed


Kylie is an expert in taking selfies. She is an expert at taking selfies. Her selfie styles are so popular that she is a master of them. Here she is, basking in the warmth and glow of the sun with her makeup-free skin. The Kylie Jenner photo without makeup proves that she doesn’t need to be radiant.

24. Bad Hair? Who cares?

Bad Hair Who cares

It is said that wealth can make everything seem easy and beautiful. This may be true. Kylie calls it a bad day while she poses with a sleeping Stormi. Even so, she still looks like a million bucks. This Kylie Jenner photo without makeup is one of many sweet moments the reality TV star shared with her fans.

25. Kylie Jenner without Makeup

Kylie Jenner without Makeup

Kylie Jenner looks just as gorgeous without makeup as ever. This beauty has faced both righteous and wrong public scorn. It was healthy that a social media celebrity as popular as she spoke out about her insecure feelings.

There was also a time when she lied about lip fillers. She also lied about her miracle weight loss after giving birth, it is claimed. Like her elder sister Kim, she has been accused of blackfishing.