Best Eye Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

Although I have had hooded eyes all my life, I never learned how to apply long-lasting makeup that flatters them. That was about ten years ago. Although it can seem daunting to apply makeup for the hooded eye, it is possible!

How to tell if you have hooded eyes

Hooded eyes can come in many shapes and sizes, making it hard for people to identify which one they are. Are you prone to creases? If your lid appears flat, you may have monolids. Do you have a crease? Congratulations, you have hooded your eyes!

Top Eye Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

1. Use a fine-point pen to line your upper lid


Cummings states that the liner should not be too thick and shouldn’t have too many wings. Cummings recommends that you practice and use a steady hand. A waterproof marker-style product will give you more control and a clearly defined line. 

Cummings warns us to be careful not to over-line the eyes with a waterproof marker-style product. “Lining an eye hooded too thickly will cause the eyeshadow to run and make the eyes appear smaller.”

2. Mix colors at an upward angle, from light to dark


Cummings states that shadows that can be mixed and varied in their dark shades are the best. Cummings says eye palettes allow you to choose the colors you want without having to match complementary shades. 

The best way to apply is to use a brighter, more luminous color on the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Be careful not to blend in too much, to avoid the outer V.

3. Avoid the upper eyeliner


As I mentioned, my lids almost touch my eyelashes on one end. Therefore, using eyeliner on the other side of my eyes is something that I have been happy to give up (except for false eyelashes, which I will be writing about soon).

It is too stressful and messy to make a wing eyeliner. I have never seen it disappear. If your lids aren’t as hooded and you want to add more liner, the bat-wing shape is the best option. I tend to tighten my upper waterline if I want to add some dark depth.

4. Bold colors are possible


Bold eyeshadows are my favorite. I used to oppose them because they could get lost under my hood. This is something I can do in two ways. As in step 4, I first use color on my third inner eyelid. Then, I follow with a highlight in the inner corner.

5. Do not be afraid to try new styles!


We tend to stick with our tried-and-true routines when beauty features are difficult. Cummings says that depending on the size of your eyes, you can achieve more dramatic looks like a halo or cut crease. 

Social media favorites include the halo trend, which focuses on a strong highlight at the center of your lid. The cut crease, which uses precise dark shadows to contour the eyes heavily, is a little more complicated. These trends can be fun and should be enjoyable.

6. Use a primer


If you are a regular user of eyeshadow, then this should be second nature. The Eyeshadow primer will prevent creasing and keep the eyeshadow from moving too much. This is what happens when you have a hooded lid. You can set it however you like. It all depends on the primer I’m using and what eyeshadows I use.

7. Make a change in your crease


When following makeup tutorials, it’s normal to use a transition shade in the crease. This can cause your transition shade to disappear completely under your hood. This can be avoided by looking straight ahead in a mirror. Place your shadow over the mirror exactly where you want your crease to appear.

Move your transition shade straight across your eyebrows, starting at the center of your eyes. The inner half of your eyes will be opened by this straight line. Close your eyes, then add more transition shade to create a new crease.

8. To minimize transfer, prime your eyes


You might need another reason to use thin eyeliners. The hooded portion of your eye could overlap with your eyeliner, causing a transfer. This can lead to a duplicate black line at your brow bone. Cummings suggests using a primer for the eyes, like Blinc Eye Shadow Primer, and then finishing it off with a powder or spray.

9. Keep your hood lit


Cummings states that women tend to conceal their creases by bringing dark shadows to the hood. This gives the illusion of sinking in.

10. Pay attention to your eyebrows


Your brows are in the spotlight because of the hooded eye socket. You must style them just like your lids. Cummings suggests we “create an arch using light brushstrokes and use light colors underneath to emphasize our brow bone.”

11. To lengthen your eyes, contour your cheeks


Cummings states that a highlighter applied to the cheekbone should match the inner corner of your eye. This will help draw attention to your eyes. Cummings reminds us not to forget to use a darker shade to contour the cheekbones to enhance the appearance of the eye’s length.

12. To make your eyes appear larger, use white eyeliner


Take a white pencil and draw a line with it from the bottom of the eye. This will increase the brightness of the eyes.

13. Shadow your under-eye


You can make up for the loss of your lid by using the under-eye area. While it is the least well-known, this tip can make a huge difference in your life. Cummings states, “Under your eye, it’s best to apply a thin line of dark shadow one-third the way in, then fill the rest with bright luminous color.” This creates an open look that makes the eyes stand out and requires very little technique.

14. Apply a dark color to the corners of your eyes


Add a dark, matte shadow around the outer corners of your eyes to create the illusion of depth. Many fear using too much eyeshadow during the day because it will make them look older. 

If you have large hooded eyes, pushing your lids back can make you look younger. This is how to blend and blend the color to create softness. This should be done on the outer third.

15. Lighter shades are best for your eyelids


The lid is more prominent with lighter shades. They also give an illusion of larger eyes. You have two options: a faux or cut crease. Bring the lighter shade of the eye above the natural crease on your lid and open the space in the inner third.

Suppose you don’t feel comfortable with this look. In that case, another option is to use bright eyeliner along your lower waterline and bright eyeshadow along your lower lashes for an extra pop of color.

16. Show your love for your lashes


Applying mascara with the hooded eye can cause stress, like using eyeliner. It’s not difficult to ruin an entire look by leaving dots in your eyes. To open my eyes, I always use an eyelash curler. A volumizing mascara can hide the hood at the outer corners. You can also add lengthening mascara in the center if you want to add length.

False Eyelashes: It is essential for hooded eyes that you choose a shape that opens your eyes. Choose lashes that are longer at the center and shorter at the ends. Longer lashes at the corners can make your eyes appear droopy. This will not only make you look older but also makes you look tired.

This is the only time I use eyeliner for the upper lids. To conceal the lash band, draw a thin line from the inner corner to the outer corner.

If your hooded eyelids are too close to your eyes or overhung, you might consider a Blepharoplasty procedure. This is where plastic surgeons remove excess skin from your eyelids.

My body is nearing that point, and I will have this procedure in the future. Once I do, I’ll guide you through it. I will continue to fake it with my makeup until then!

Here are some tips to get a smokey shadow look for hooded eyes:

1. Apply your shadows with your eyes closed after applying your primer. This is the best way to “create your crease.” To emphasize the area where your eye folds meet, you will want to add shadow slightly above this area. To define your eyes, use a darker matte shade and a stiff blending tool.

2. Apply a lighter shimmery color to the lid using a flat brush. The flat brush can be used to define and trim the crease line. This is what’s called a “cut crease.”

3. Use a pencil to apply the lightest color from your palette to the inner corner.

4. Blend, blend, blend! Use a soft, fluffy brush to blend the colors. To create the illusion of bigger eyes, work upwards.

5. Use a liquid liner pen to create your winged liner. To create a bolder, darker look, use your black kohl pencil to draw the upper lash line.

6. Use a flat brush to apply your darkest shadow about 1/3 below the eye. This creates a dramatic smokey effect. Connect the line to your inner eye using a bright, luminous color. Some of our favorite brushes are MAC COSMETICS and MORPHE. The size you choose will depend on how comfortable your eyes are and what size they are.

7. To increase your eye’s brightness, use a white or nude liner to line the bottom of the eyes within the waterline.

8. Apply a few coats of mascara to your lashes.

9. Don’t forget to browse! With hooded eyes, they are more visible. Keep them trimmed and filled as necessary. To intensify your eyebrows, you can make them look more arched by using a highlighter under the brow bone. Or, you can use a light concealer for tracing and shaping brows. For those with hooded eyes, brows are essential to your eyeshadow look.


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