Why your back does hurt more after the chiropractor visit?

There is a possibility that after the spinal adjustment you might feel a little bit of soreness as well as itchiness. Many people have a question in mind that why does their back hurts more after chiropractor visit.

This is quite normal and you should not worry because it is going to get better with time and it usually takes very less time.

Many Chiropractors have explained that the patients does feel soreness and they should not worry about it because it is not going to turn out into a bigger problem and is completely normal.

Other than sourness you might also feel

Back pain

  • Difficulty in the movement of overall body.
  • Cause pain in any body parts which are connected to your back such as leg pain after chiropractic adjustment, rib pain after chiropractic adjustment, neck pain worse after chiropractor visit, nerve pain after chiropractic adjustment, lower back pain after chiropractic adjustment and even the feeling of complete back pain worse after chiropractor visit.
  • Pain which makes it difficult to do daily tasks which are quite easy.

There are mainly two reasons due to which you are feeling worse after chiropractic adjustment.

Reasons for back pain after chiropractic visit

Back pain reasons 

1. Disc Herniation

If annulus fibrosus which is the tough outer layer of the discs of yours which comprises of the spine get stretched too far or gets torn then it might cause disc herniation. If the annulus fibrosus gets torn, the interior part which is softer of your disc can seep out and also affect the surrounding notes negatively and make you feel sore after chiropractic adjustment.

It is also known as the slipped disc or the pinched nerve.

Symptoms of the disc herniation 

  • Pain and numbness in body parts which are surrounded by your back such as the neck or the legs.
  • Root of this problem is in the lower back of yours.

2. Irritated Ligaments and Muscles

This is a problem which might arise when the chiropractor tries to attempt to straighten your spine perfectly. This might cause your muscles and the ligaments to get shifted in such ways which are not natural.

Symptoms of Irritated Ligaments and Muscles 

  • Similar type of pain which you feel because of disc herniation.
  • You might even feel pain in the parts of your body which were earlier perfectly fine.

What can you do?

What can you do

You can visit your chiropractor and ask him about the problem and what can you do to get rid of it. He might give you some of these advisors that a listed below.

1. Give it time

The soreness usually last for not more than 24 hours. Some of the patients also told that their soreness got away in just a couple of hours after the adjustment was done. The Chiropractors also explain that the treatment may reduce the soreness and you might get rid of it completely. You can see your Chiropractors regularly and feel the reduction in the soreness.

2. Use of heat and ice

When you visit your chiropractor, he might recommend you to use the heat source or an ice pack after the adjustment is done. By doing this the aches as well as the sourness might decrease. You should always consult your chiropractor before you try any kind of home remedy of yours.

3. Stretches and exercises

The chiropractor might recommend you to stay active and do some stretches every day. He might suggest you some of the specific exercises which can be done at your home. These exercises will help you to decrease the soreness. Before attempting any kind of exercise you should always consult your chiropractor so that you don’t hurt yourself while trying to do it.

You should also know that you should never try any of these without consulting your chiropractor.

 All in All

It is not a big issue and you can go to your chiropractor and ask him the solution for this issue. There is no need to worry if you went to chiropractor now pain is worse.

Chiropractors are the people who can get you back in a game after all and you should know how a chiropractor can get you back in game.

Some people prefer to visit physical therapist after this issue but first you should know the difference between both physical therapists and chiropractors.

I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any suggestions then you can mention it in the comment down below. If you have any questions related to this topic then you can ask them in the commands below as well.