Awesome Mehndi Designs For Childrens 2023

Mehndi isn’t just adored by adults but also by children in many cases due to the creativity that it provides. Children love the ability to make various designs using the henna cone, and they can stay for longer than a pencil or marker.

Mehndi is believed to be optimistic and natural. Many parents prefer to apply simple mehndi designs for children to wear at weddings and other family gatherings.

One of the major reasons that adults opt for mehndi over kids is because of its safety. Children can lose jewelry, be injured by it, or even break it, but mehndi is so sturdy that once it’s dried, it’s guaranteed not to cause harm, and thus no obstruction to any activity.

This may be one of the main reasons children are usually enthused about mehndi. Let’s explore some more imaginative and gorgeous mehndi designs for children.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Kids (Children)

1. A Beautiful Smiley Chakra

A Beautiful Smiley Chakra

Have you seen a front-hand mehndi as cute as this adorable smiley chakra pattern one? We haven’t. It’s a truly unique mehndi pattern for children. The henna smileys appear more like tattoos, accompanied by concentric circles, scallops, and drawn lines.

2. The Diagonal Floral Trail

The Diagonal Floral Trail

We’re obsessed with this gorgeous mehndi floral design for children. It’s so elegant with all that space. One could extend it to one’s index finger to look like the perfect trail.

3. That Flower with A SpongeBob-Face!

That Flower with A SpongeBob-Face!

A touch or a glimmer of adorableness is all you need to put on a child’s mehndi to differentiate it from the others. This is why we’ve chosen one of these beautiful mehndi designs with flowers that feature a SpongeBob caricature. Isn’t this adorable?

4. Something Unique!

Something Unique!

If you’re bored of the same paisley and mandalas mehndi designs for children, One has to look at this unique back-mehndi pattern. It’s a stunning tree-like pattern featuring edgy swirls which are reminiscent of the branches of trees.

5. Haathphool Patterned Design

Haathphool Patterned Design

When attending a wedding, If you don’t want to cover baby hands with heavy and flimsy jewelry or bangles, they are likely to have their hands decorated with a gorgeous hathphool mehndi pattern for babies like this. These huge flowers, intricately dotted chain designs, and web-like patterns, are all very attractive.

6. Swirly Trails Earns

Swirly Trails Earns

Another elegant and simple mehndi style for children that can be picked without hesitation is this creepy Arabic trail pattern adorned with a shady floral design, sophisticated dots, and sharp swirls. It’s stunning, and you cannot go wrong with it.

7. Easy Peasy Trail Mehndi Design

Easy Peasy Trail Mehndi Design

This Arabic mehndi pattern differs from the regular diagonally patterned mehndi designs for trail mehndi. It’s incredibly simple to create and can be made in minutes.

The only thing you need to do is create the swirling path that runs from the baby’s finger to the hand’s back and add some floral and crossed lines to finish the design.

But remember that you should only do it with a few components since it can ruin the spirit of this mehndi design designed for children.

8. Bold And Beautiful

Bold And Beautiful

Children are adorable and innocent, like the flowers that bloom that you have in the garden. To match the innocence of a baby girl, it’s hard to beat this little floral trail.

This mehndi style for kids begins at the point of your index finger and extends up to the palm. It is a stunning floral motif that is adorned with strong strokes that run across the center of the wrist.

9. Beautiful Paisleys and Flowers

Beautiful Paisleys and Flowers

Your baby girl’s hands into a canvas to decorate with beautiful mehndi designs. It is a double-layered flower design at one hand’s end, with patterns stretching out on either side. We love how those simple lines of dots accent it on the fingers.

10. A Pretty Back Mehendi Design


When we were looking for new mehndi designs suitable for little girls, We came across this gorgeous floral trail worth a thousand views. It’s stylish and has intricate details on it.

While the tips of the fingers are decorated with spiral designs, the middle of the hand features three flower-like designs that reach up to a point on the index fingers. Doesn’t this look gorgeous?

11. A nice design with leafy and Floral Motifs

nice design with leafy

Flowers are always balanced when looking for mehndi designs for children. In addition, knowing that children are more fond of flowers than anything else, it should include mehndi designs for their baby too.

That’s why we’ve come up with another floral mehndi design to paint your children’s hands. The design is a glam flower design that is complemented by details of leaves on the side of the hand.

12. The One That Comes With Thinner Strokes

Thinner Strokes mandi

Make sure your hands are adorned with simple patterns like this. It is a diagonal arrow trail, bold flower motifs, paisleys, and coil-like designs on the tips of fingers. Further adding elegance to the design are the thin strokes paired with the dots everywhere.

13. An All-Coverage design

All-Coverage design

Full coverage mehndi designs always make for a great option. However, with youngsters, you must make sure that they’re capable of enduring the process of applying mehndi or not.

If your baby girl is patient, you could test this amazing design on her palms. The design comprises swirls, hearts, and flowers, as well as all things beautiful. The design also features a checkered band around the wrist, which looks elegant.

14. Like a Lacy Glove Pattern

Lacy Glove Pattern

The edgy mehndi style appears like a lacy handpiece. It is adorned with a sharp floral design, a sophisticated floral pattern that is scalloped, and has other important details. They all come together to create an exquisite mehndi style for children.

15. A captivating trail that extends from The Middle Finger

captivating trail that extends from The Middle Finger

It’s a fun and unique mehndi design that kids can enjoy with a multi-paisley trail that runs from the point of the middle finger and semi-circle patterns! The peacock and interesting spaces pattern around the wrist add to the design’s aesthetics.

16. Half and Half

Half and Half

This half-and-half mehndi pattern for children, with one hand covered in large strokes and designs and the other covered with dots and flowers, looks gorgeous. It appears like a complex mehndi pattern, but it’s super easy to create.

17. Trendy Chakras

Trendy Chakras

The mehndi for children has a gorgeous floral chakra design with pearl-like patterns in the center of the hand’s back. At the same time, the fingers are decorated with beautiful coiled ring-like details.

18. A visually appealing design

visually appealing design

Beautiful and elegant, kids will be enthralled by this mehndi pattern. It’s more extensive than typical designs for trails. It’s also the most appealing feature is that it doesn’t appear too cluttered, and it has plenty of space.

19. A stunning Full Coverage Design that is Amazing

stunning Full Coverage Design that is Amazing

It is adorned with timeless traditional mehndi patterns such as scallops, swirls, checkers, hearts, and dots. This mehndi design is awe-inspiring and is a great choice for your children.

20. A Hearty Affair

Hearty Affair

We are obsessed over this gorgeous mehndi design with a gorgeous heart-shaped design on the central part of your palm and another on the wrist. We are amazed by how the fingers’ tips are adorned with henna and some fun patterns beneath them.

21. A Gripping Design

A Gripping Design

Beautiful patterns, empty spaces, and the design’s simplicity make this design so appealing! These tiny hearts and stars will take our hearts.

22. A Flaunt Worthy Pattern

A Flaunt Worthy Pattern

Suppose your child is a fan of mehndi and has the patience to load her hands with intricate designs; put aside everything and go for this mehndi pattern with clean and delicate strokes. It’s got everything from flowers, traditional brands ls, and pearl-like drops to scallops and other lace patterns.

23. A Gorgeous Backhand Design

A Gorgeous Backhand Design

A stunning mehndi back design is adorned with gorgeous half-floral patterns and intricate design details in the hands. The mehndi style for children is not a time-consuming affair.

24. A beautiful floral Mandala

A beautiful floral Mandala

A flowery mandala that is designed with exquisite detail and is accompanied by simple patterns for your fingertips. This is among the most adorable mehndi designs designed for children.

25. Quintessential Hearts and Chakras

Quintessential Hearts and Chakras

Hearts and chakras always make for the perfect mehndi design. Not just for adults but also kids. This mehndi style for kids is always a good idea. It’s a pretty and easy mehndi design suitable for children.

26. Mandala Design Is An Excellent Design For Children

Mandala Design Is An Excellent Design For Children

Mandalas contain intricately detailed circle patterns. Geometrical designs attract children, so they are a long-running choice for them.

27. A Peacock-like Design Intricate For Your Child

A Peacock-like Design Intricate For Your Child

A design that has one big peacock design will always appear elegant and beautiful. Dots, curly lines, and paisleys blend in this style. It may not seem very easy, but it’s very simple. Connect a few paisleys and make them fill with lines and dots. The pattern will be completed.


Mehndi designs for kids must be simple and elegant since they don’t appreciate the full-hand mehndi. They are just drawn to simple, small, and elegant designs.

It is essential to have something unique for the child’s mehndi. Also, the mehndi you use should not contain any chemicals. So, mehndi designs for children must be stylish and unique, encouraging the wearer to put mehndi in their hands. Did your child approve or not approve of Mehandi designs in our article? Let us know.

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