Amazing Chic Wedge Haircuts for Women 2022

The wedge haircut is one hairstyle that has survived through the generations, and it continues to be popular with trendy women today. The cut has been featured on fashion magazine covers since the sixties. It’s back, and it’s not empty-handed now!

You can have the modern wedge in your life as either a short-stacked hairstyle or a long layered pixie. Can you imagine the number of amazing variations that the wedge can offer? We’ve selected the most popular and eye-catching ideas to show off this cut’s beauty and face-flattering properties.

What is a Wedge Haircut?

A short haircut with layers that run through the length, asymmetrical body, and tapered sides will answer the question, “What is a wedge haircut?”. The styling of the wedge does not care about what hairstyle you have, and it just looks great.

The password to “wedge” is whether you want to give your hair a quirky twist or make your messy locks look neater. There are many ways to cut a wedge-style haircut, allowing you to personalize it. Layers can be placed, and the cut’s and the fringe’s angle can be altered. Today you will see how it all works.

Ideas for a Wedge Haircut

Let’s take a look at the gallery for inspiration. You can be creative and on-point with the Dorothy Hamill wedge cut. These are the looks that will make everyone’s heads turn.

The look is similar to a bowl cut but incorporates soft bangs, inversions, and layers to make it modern. This hairstyle is best for straight hair but can be worn with loose curls.

1. Modern Vintage Wedge Cut

Modern Vintage Wedge Cut

This gorgeous wedge cut combines vintage and edge. This was the wedge cut that was most popular in the 1920s. The back of this cut was a sharp, tapered style. A nice A-line can be added to your wedge haircut to take up a few notches.

2. Perfectly Curled Wedge Cut

Perfectly Curled Wedge Cut

Although the wedge haircut is most popular for straight-haired ladies, it can also be used to highlight curls. Your wedge should be cut below your jawline if you have a larger face.

3. A-Line Wedge Cutting

A-Line Wedge Cutting

The bowl cut inspired the A-line bob, much like the wedge. This wedge cut has an A-line effect thanks to the curled hairline at its back. This hairstyle has a rich brown color that gives it a luxurious look.

4. Fiery Wedge Cut

Fiery Wedge Cut

Because of the layers, wedge cuts are great for trying new colors. These layers show off vibrant hair colors in all of their glory. This wedge cut’s color combination is a stunning mix of fiery red and deep plum. This hairstyle has a lot of depth because of the contrast between these two colors.

5. Layered Wedge Cut

Layered Wedge Cut

The best summer cut is a layered wedge, and the layers should be longer at the front than at the back. This is the new trend for 2022, which is the wedge cut. Add some soft babylights to your wedge cut for the ultimate beach-ready look, and style it with waves.

6. Softly curled Wedge Cut

Softly curled Wedge Cut

I am always amazed at how styling can transform a hairstyle. This simple wedge cut is a great example. This simple cut can be spruced up by adding curls to the ends, and it’s simple but beautiful.

7. The Character Wedge Cut

The Character Wedge cut

Some people like to be edgier than others. We like subtle twists in our hairstyles and clothing to stand out from the rest. This is an example of this. This wedge-cut hairstyle has its ends shaved, and the hair flipped to one side. Bright violet streaks can be added to this style.

8. The Mom Wedge Cut

The Mom Wedge Cut

Every woman loves looking great, even moms! You don’t have to look stylish just because you have children; this cut is great for moms and more sophisticated women.

9. Layered and Curved Wedge Cut

Layered and Curved Wedge Cut

You don’t need a sultry haircut if you love shorthair. This wedge cut is great for a girl-next-door look, and it’s softly layered at the front and sides. This cut is great for those who love sports and want to keep their hair down.

10. Permed Wedge Cut

Layered and Curved Wedge Cut

Ever had that moment when you just wanted to do a complete makeover on yourself? If you’ve had long hair for some time, you might be ready to try this wild wedge cut. This looks youthful and playful!

11. Pastel Wedge Cut

Pastel Wedge Cut

This cut is ideal for displaying pastels in your hair. The layers enhance your hair texture and show the colors beautifully.

12. Wedge Cut with Deep-Stacked Feature

Wedge Cut with Deep-Stacked Feature

The stacked bob can be made into a wedge shape. The back of this stacked wedge cut has been cut deep. This incredibly tapered bob looks even better with the blonde at the top and the brown at the bottom.

13. A slight undercut Wedge

A slight undercut wedge

In the early days, men cut their hair to save money on long hair. This became a popular trend. This subtle wedge undercut is a good alternative if you don’t desire a full undercut. It’s very edgy but can be worn in professional settings.

14. Simple Wedge Cut

Simple Wedge Cut

This is the perfect choice if you are looking for something simple. This wedge cut has long and textured layers to give it volume and texture. This is the perfect haircut for those with wide cheeks and hair that lacks volume.

15. Angled wedge Cut

Angled wedge Cut

One of the most popular cuts is the angled wedge. It is composed of layers that are sharply cut at an angle. The front is long, and the back is short. It is modern and stylish, perfect for those  working in fast-paced corporate offices.

16. Tomboy Wedge Cut

Tomboy Wedge Cut

The versatility of the wedge cut is amazing. Depending on your preferences, you can make it sophisticated and mature or young and wild. The wedge cut is a favorite of many women, and this tomboy-inspired wedge haircut adds a finishing touch to the look with its burgundy highlights.

17. A well-designed wedge Cut

Tomboy Wedge Cut

Do you prefer your hair to be perfectly straight and arranged? This well-defined wedge haircut is for you if so. You will normally need to use gel or mousse to style your hair properly. This wedge cut is natural-shaped and can be styled without needing any products.

18. Flicked-Out Ends

Flicked-Out Ends

In the 1990s, this haircut was very popular. This haircut was popular among teens and young adults. Celebrities like Kelly Clarkson have modeled it. This look is making a comeback. The sloping ends frame your face.

19. Curly Wedge Cut

Curly Wedge Cut

Being comfortable with your appearance is a sign of self-love. This wild wedge cut will make you love your naturally curly hair.

20. Ashy Wedge Cut

Ashy Wedge Cut

The mildly messy wedge is accentuated by a beautiful deep ash blonde color. This classic wedge cut is given a stylish touch by adding color.

21. Multi-Layered Wedge Cut

Multi-Layered Wedge Cut

This multi-layered wedge cut is perfect for thick hair. To add dimension, the layers are layered all over the hair. Color this cut in a dark chocolate brown shade to finish the look.

22. Vintage Wedge Cut

Vintage Wedge Cut

This was the wedge cut that young women wore in the early 1900s. This wedge cut is great paired with a scarf or a barrette. This wedge cut is making a comeback, and I love it! It’s so different from the other wedge cuts. This cut is completed with the side-swept bangs.

23. Teased Wedge Slice

Teased Wedge Slice

Do you love the look of the 1980s? This haircut is for you. This is a great way for thin hair to look fuller. Your wedge should be combed from the top down, and for a neater look, comb the top of your hair.

24. Defined Hairline Wedge Cut

Defined hairline wedge cut

A growing trend is to show off a defined hairline. This look doesn’t require you to have a cut. Instead, opt for the wedge cut. This wedge cut adds a youthful touch to your look.

25. Pixie Bob Wedge Cut

Pixie Bob Wedge Cut

Are you unsure whether to choose a pixie cut or a long bob? This modern wedge cut lets you choose between a pixie or bob. This stylish look is made possible by the long sideburns and layers running from the front to the back. Spray some hairspray on your hair to keep it in place.

26. Slick Wedge Cut

Slick Wedge Cut

The angled wedge haircut is a favorite of most women. To give your hair definition, this haircut is close to the back. Straighten your hair for a bold and edgy look.

27. Long Wedge Cut

Long Wedge Cut

The wedge cut is for you if you don’t like short hair. The hair is cut shorter at the back than in the front. However, the style is subtle and not too angled. This haircut is perfect for working women who want to look stylish but still be mature.

28. Sunset Wedge Cut

Sunset Wedge Cut

Your locks will look more vibrant if you add color. Choose colors with similar tones, such as these shades of light ginger and blonde. This combination is great for reminiscing about sunsets, long walks on the beaches, and all the good things in life.

29. Slick Black Wedge Cutting

Slick Black Wedge Cutting

This is my favorite wedge cut. This wedged bob is perfect for a ‘D’ shape and has a clean, angled finish. To add definition to your face, keep the layers and ends softly.


Before reading this article, we bet you didn’t know there was so much that could be done with a wedge cutter. Now you know. This may be a difficult cut for you at first, and it might also seem risky. A wedge cut will do the trick if you want to transform your look. Don’t hesitate, badasses! Get one. Get ready to slay!