Latest 19 Stunning Adele Without Makeup Photos 2022

A veteran with an amazing voice, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, better known by her name Adele, has been seen frequently in monochrome colors on album covers. 

She looked gorgeous in her stunning self. Adele tends to be heavier and has had to face obstacles due to her size, yet she has been an inspiration always. 

She has always mastered her weight, embracing her body and gaining weight which is probably one of the main reasons we love her so often. 

With her fame and hood, we’ve often spotted her walking around the streets and have seen her in different photos, but without the professional makeup set, she has managed to look like the beautiful woman she truly is.

Best Stunning Adele without makeup Photos 

1. The Birthday Girl

Adele Without Makeup

This photo was taken on the 26th birthday of Adele when she was with a thumbs up to her birthday picture without any makeup. The hair was tied into an elegant ponytail to the back.

Her exhaustion from working in her studio and making music was visible through the bags under her eyes. The photo of her shows absolute beauty, with the most adorable smile, a wide smile, and big, bright eyes.

2. Date Night

Adele Without Makeup

One of the group snapped this picture while she shared the best meal or likely meal with her closest friends while enjoying a long conversation. The time was when Adele put her hair up in a loose bun, with her front lock styled with a back brush. Like her hair, the gorgeous woman had flawless skin that was as smooth as milk and bright as the morning sun.

3. A Day Out

Adele Without Makeup

Beautiful in her blue sleeves, this lady had her hair tied in the back, preferring low buns, while Adele was out and about throughout the entire day looking like she was beautiful herself. Even though she didn’t wear a single drop of makeup, she was a picture of her gorgeous self.

4. Messy Hair Day

Adele Without Makeup

The photo is from Houston in the United States, where Adele was not wearing makeup for the recording. In this picture, she’s making weird looks while managing her hair.

5. Innocent No Makeup Face

Adele Without Makeup

Adele shares her unassuming, without makeup style on her Facebook page. In this picture, we see the model wearing two hats and smiling with a childish look.

6. Relaxing Post

Adele Without Makeup

Adele posted a picture in which you can view her unaffected and without makeup, enjoying the cool waves. She is adorable in this candid picture.

7. Preparation Look

Adele Without Makeup

This image shows Adele getting ready for Halloween, wearing no makeup. The actress looks stunning with no makeup.

8. The Bed Head Look

Adele Without Makeup

The image is one of Adele’s most iconic hairstyles for redheads. We can only guess that she was rolling off her bed with a messy hairdo. Adele here was free of makeup. The way she looks is stunning, even without professional makeup. Adele certainly looks a bit different, but can we say that she’s not beautiful with no makeup? Her pink lips highlight the softness of her complexion.

9. Over Coffee

Adele Without Makeup

The photo of Adele was taken at a nearby café where she could not wear her turtleneck. She wrapped herself in her woolen and wrapped her tightly before continuing. She was her usual gorgeous self when she drew the sleeves of her hands and waved a sweet smile to the camera.

10. Cuteness Overloaded

Adele Without Makeup

Another image of Adele appeared on the internet, where she seemed to be holding a placard with an apology scribbled. In the same way, she appeared apologetic and nevertheless adorable. 

Although some tiredness was visible beneath her eyes, the skin was as smooth as butter. She whipped to make her hair look pretty, soft strawberry blonde locks positioned to the side, and her eyebrows nicely set up.

11. Birthday Post

Adele Without Makeup

On the 5th of May, Adele turns 33 years old. To celebrate her birthday. She shared her picture without makeup on Instagram. Her birthday picture appeared more beautiful and stunning with no makeup.

12. Without Makeup With Bestfriend

Adele Without Makeup

Adele used her social media handle to share her un-makeup photo with her friend of a lifetime, and she wrote: This is my most trusted friend. We’ve been close for longer stretches than we’ve been. My godson was born just six months ago, which was the greatest test of her life in more ways than one.

Laura has written an intimate, touching, and poignant piece on her experience of becoming a mommy and being diagnosed with postpartum psychosis. Mamas, talk about their feelings because it may save your or someone else’s life. The link in my bio will take you to Laura’s tale.

13. Smiley And Supportive Adele

Adele Without Makeup

Fun-loving Adele posted a photo via social networks. Encourages fans to help and write that 1.5 million children are killed yearly from water-related illnesses.

14. Apologizing and crying

Adele Without Makeup

I’m certain that most Adele fans will be aware of the picture in which she apologized for her delay in her Las Vegas residency date. It appears to be real because she was crying and had not put on any makeup.

15. She’s feeling fantastic

Adele Without Makeup

You can see from Adele’s makeup-free face how great she’s experiencing. I’m so pleased for her!

16. You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

Adele Without Makeup

Gorgeous Adele is more adorable with her natural look. Adele posted a picture on Instagram where she was creating a pout that is even more gorgeous and adorable.

17. Candid No Makeup Photo

Adele Without Makeup

In this candid, no-makeup, Adele looks more attractive. This photo was taken in Brisbane, Gabba Stadium.

18. After a Busy Day

Adele Without Makeup

The singer was probably busy with her soundcheck for her forthcoming album. Adele appeared to be leaving the bustle of the cold morning with the scarf wrapped around her body while she smiled at the photos. 

Her smooth skin accentuated the rosy glow that adorned her face. She threw her purse to the side, and with her eyes brimming with joy, she went about her day.

19. Best of the day

Adele Without Makeup

This is another photo of the imposing Adele, who was fascinated by love while she and her lover took a stroll. The beauty was dressed in a gorgeous printed top and wearing some shades, and this gorgeous beauty was always youthful and vibrant, even with no makeup.


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