About us

Welcome to your online well wisher site. This site thoroughly focuses on the lack of awareness about health and fitness amongst the majority of people and intends to fulfil the same requirement through thoroughly researched articles. The site has been specially architectured to share knowledge and quality data through blogs to help everyone in the journey of achieving sound health.

Our Vision

Happiness through health for all

Our Goal

To educate and increase the self-awareness of the en masse about diseases and various other stumbling blocks in the path to achieve health and well being.
To present quality content about best available solutions and their contraindications for the ongoing health problems and promote health through quality articles regarding the same.
To educate the mass to become capable enough to achieve self-reliance in the field of health and fitness.

Our Mission

To reduce the reliance of an Individual and society as a whole on medicines, healthcare practitioners and the ever increasing medical bills in this modern age of awareness and self-reliance.
To save the time, effort and money of the society spent on unnecessary treatments and promote awareness regarding modern malpractices.