9 Colors Of Navratri 2023

Navratri is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated twice a year in the country in the month of Chaitra, i.e Chaitra Navratri (March-April) and Sharada Navratri 2022 (October-November). 

Navratri is a term that means “nine nights” in the language of Hindu Navratri is a reference to the nine-night in Sanskrit. It is also a celebration that lasts for nine days during both of these months. 

In the nine days of Navratri, the nine Navratri colors are set, each with its distinct Navratri significance for the color. In addition, many people decorate their Navratri mandir decor at home according to the Navratri colors to enhance the celebrations. Navratri celebrations hold a special significance, especially for Indian homes.

Navratri can be celebrated in various ways across the nation. But, the celebration of the Hindu goddess Kali or Durga is the main reason that drives this Navratri celebration. 

Navratri is celebrated and loved by many women across the country who do not fast and cook special meals and drinks for Navratri by cooking at home. Dressed in traditional attire, they visit family and friends throughout the nine days of Navratri celebrations at home.

You must be aware of these nine colors that will be used in Navratri 2022. Having this theme as your Navratri mandir decor is considered unique at home. You can dress in one of the Navratri colors all day long until the Navratri festival is over.

Suppose you’re looking for what Navratri date. Sharada Navratri 2022 will begin on the 26th of September and run until the 4th of October 2022. 

The next Chaitra Navratri will be celebrated between the 21st of March in 2023 and the 30th of March in 2023. Therefore, begin your Navratri mandir decorations at home, and don’t forget to plan your attire for the day according to the Navratri colors 2022.

Navratri Colors – Navratri Mandir Decoration With Flowers

White Navratri Color Mandir Decoration: Navratri Day 1, the color is White, and the arrangement of flowers is the most effective method to enhance the Navratri mandir decorations. 

The primary color of Sharad Navratri is white, so if you want to design your Navratri mandir decorations with a white color scheme, You can choose White Tulip flowers. The wall can be decorated behind the mandap using beautiful white flowers.

Red Navratri Colour Mandir Decoration: Day 2. Navratri’s color is stunning Red. The vibrant Red color is believed to be associated with Devi as well as Goddess. To decorate your mandir for Navratri, you can choose to use fresh roses and then create a large “OM” symbol on the background. You can also make use of a Red dupatta or chunari to design your mandir’s background by using it.

Royal Blue Navratri Mandir Decoration: Day 3 Navratri color is Royal Blue. Therefore, make your mandir decorations for Navratri with a positive and breezy look with the blue Navratri theme. 

As we said earlier that any decoration is not complete without flowers. Therefore, you can use the bright blue orchids to begin the thrilling ten days leading up to Navratri 2022. You can also create a jali background using blue orchids to add a sense of drama to the idols.

Yellow Navratri Color Mandir Decoration: Day 4. Navratri’s color is Yellow, and what is an ideal Navratri mandir decor product than marigold flowers? Marigold flowers are believed to attract the main god and can be used as decorations for the Navratri mandir. You can also put marigold flowers on floating lamps and place them inside the mandir.

Green Navratri Mandir Decor: Day 5 Navratri color, i.e.,Green. You can go for traditional Navratri decorations using Ashoka mango leaves on this day. You can create a toran from mango leaves and marigold flowers between them and then hang it over the mandir’s entrance.

Gray Navratri Color 2022: Day 6 Navratri 2022 color is Gray. This day, instead of using a grey color to decorate the mandir, You can make the mandap by using mirror work cloth. This gives the Navratri mandir decoration with a vibrant yet subtle appearance.

Orange Navratri Color Mandir Decorate: Navratri color for Day 7 is bright and tangy orange. To celebrate Navratri Day 7, take a long string of yellow and orange marigold flowers. Decorate the mandap with an arch-like shape.

Peacock Green Navratri Color: The Day 8 Navratri color can be described as Peacock Green. Here’s a different Navratri mandir decor idea that will make a stunning mandap with peacock feathers.

Pink Navratri Color: Day 9 Navratri color 2022 is gorgeous Pink. Make your DIY wall hangings or crafts using pink and striking Navratri colors to give your Navratri Mandir decorations a personal accent.

Day 1 Colors of Navratri 2022 – White

Navratri Color

The most popular Navratri color you should admire is white. Who wouldn’t like the calm and serene color? The significance of the color Navratri White is that it represents tranquility and peace. 

Goddess Shailputri is worshiped every year on the day of Navratri. It is possible to use flowers such as white lotus or jasmine for your Navratri mandir decorations at your house to celebrate this special day. Deck with white clothing and spend time with family and friends as well.

Day 2 Navratri Colors 2022 – Red

Navratri Color

Red is among the strongest of the nine colors of Navratri. It signifies power, strength, and determination. Goddess Brahmacharini is honored on this day. 

Maa Brahmacharini is a symbol of the love of God and devotion to one another. The goddess is represented with a rosary on her right hand and an urn on her left hand. 

There’s a lot you can make use of this Navratri color at home. From decorating your home with bright red flowers, making the Navratri mandir decorations in your home using red diyas, to serving red-colored fruits as Prasad. Make sure to wear the red Navratri dress 2022 to enhance the glamor.

Day 3 Colors of Navratri 2022 – Royal Blue

Navratri Color

One of the most sought-after colors among the nine colors that make up Navratri includes royal blue. This color is the Navratri color for the third day of Navratri. The Navratri significance of this color is that it represents serenity and wealth. 

It is used to honor the goddess Chandraghanta. Wearing blue Navratri color clothes and worshiping the goddess in Navratri are believed to increase health, wealth, and strength.

Day 4 Happy Navratri Color 2022 – Yellow

Navratri Color

In Hinduism, the yellow Navratri color is regarded as the color of knowledge and learning. It is among the Navratri colors in 2022 that are loved by all who attend this celebration. It is the color of Kushmanda, the goddess of knowledge. 

Make use of Haldi (turmeric) during this day. Cook  with turmeric, rub it on your skin, and then offer your prayers.

Day 5 Happy Navratri Color 2022 – Green

Navratri Color

The color green is so beautiful. Navratri color to wear to celebrate Navratri. It is a symbol of growth, new beginnings, and fertility. Green is the color of the goddess Skandamata, honored on the 5th day of Navratri 2022. Everyone is wearing green Navratri colors in 2022 on the sixth day of Navratri to be blessed by the goddess.

Day 6 Happy Navratri Colors 2022 – Gray

Navratri Color

You’ve been reading about vibrant and bright Navratri 2022’s colors. However, it’s time to move into something different gray – the color. It’s a calming and sophisticated hue. It is also utilized to honor the virtues of Katyayani, the goddess. 

Suppose you’re unaware she is the goddess who defeated Mahishasura, the demon. Wearing a gray dress, ask goddesses to eliminate any negative influence from your life.

Day 7 Happy Navratri Color 2022 – Orange

Navratri Color

Within the list of gorgeous Navratri colors for 2022, the color orange is a special one. This is such an intense and gorgeous Navratri color. Orange is connected to fire, warmth and energy. The goddess Kalratri will be celebrated this year. 

Kalratri is the seventh version of Goddess Parvati and is regarded as the destroyer of all bad in the world. Many think the idea that Kali and Kalaratri are one and identical. There’s no proof of this as of yet. 

It is possible to celebrate by decorating your Navratri mandir decorations at home and the entire home with flowers in orange and wearing something bright and orange from your closet.

Day 8 Happy Navratri Color 2022 – Peacock Green

Navratri Color

It will be the 9th Navratri color, which signifies the day ending the festivities. Maha Gauri is a goddess of worship who is the symbol of Durga, and people believe that she reveres her to relieve them of all pain and suffering in their lives. Peacock green is an exquisite color to dress in during the 8th day of Navratri.

Day 9 Vibrant Navratri Color 2022 – Pink

Navratri Color

Pink represents the ninetieth Navratri color used to commemorate the goddess Siddhidatri. It signifies the end of the date of Navratri 2022. It is a symbol of kindness as well as harmony and affection. 

On the 9th of Navratri 2022, Goddess Siddhidhatri will be celebrated on the 9th day of Navratri. Siddhi refers to supernatural power, and dhatri is the word for the giver. She gives supernatural powers to humans. She gives people spiritual power. 

Therefore, dress in your most beautiful pink Navratri color clothes and dress up the Navratri mandir at home with all pink. Create a happy Navratri in 2022 by daily adhering to the Navratri 2022 color trend.

Navratri 2022 – Style Guide For 9 Days of Navratri Colors

Now, you know there are nine shades of Navratri. You can put your best dress sense into action by planning. Here are some tips for styling to guide you.

  1. Don’t repeat the same style. For example, you could wear a saree on one occasion, an Anarkali the following day, and a stylish dress the following day. So, you’ll be able to choose nine distinct looks to wear.
  2. Accessorize well. The nine colors of Navratri can be worn with matching shoes and jewelry to create a look.
  3. Be careful not to overdo your makeup. Light makeup is the best way to take for Navratri.

Things To Do During Navratri Apart From Wearing Navratri Colors 2022

You should now know the types of Navratri colors to wear every day of the celebration. There are other aspects that you can try or do throughout all nine days.

  1. Make sure you offer water to your god and those who surround you. This is particularly considered beneficial for Chaitra Navratri, which happens in the summer.
  2. Try to observe fasts as much as you can. Fasting can help detoxify your body and rejuvenate your body.
  3. Make sure you decorate the interior of your puja altar. You can use the Navratri colors to decorate your deity and the puja area daily.
  4. Avoid eating oily, spicy, and fatty food items during the fast. It is also a scientific research method to cleanse your system over your nine-day fast.

Summing Up

The colors of Navratri are in the form of different goddesses we honor every day for nine days. It is fun to be more involved in the celebration and compare outfits and decorations with your friends and family. 

Remember to motivate the members of your household to take part. If you have children at home, let them be part of the festivities by buying them clothes that match the nine colors in the Navratri codes.