5 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Drastically Improve Your Smile

What sticks out to you when you meet someone new? Is it their eyes? Their clothing? Their physique? While it can be anyone of these (or many others), one of the most defining and striking features of anyone is their smile. 

A great smile is infectious and can make a great first impression. Having a confident and beautiful smile is an amazing gift. However, many people are concerned about the way they look when they smile. In the UK, more than half of all people surveyed said they felt anxious about their smiles.

If this is you and you feel anxious about the look of your teeth, there are solutions available! Cosmetic dentistry is simple, effective and readily available in nearly every community. What can cosmetic dentistry do for you and your smile?

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1. Brightening and Whitening

The vast majority of people would like their teeth to be whiter. Our eating, drinking and dental hygiene habits all play a role in the discoloration of our teeth. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry can reverse discoloration and turn your smile brighter and whiter with tooth whitening services.

2. Dentures

According to Chetan from Mola Dental “The term “dentures” typically bring up nostalgic memories of grandparents or the thought of old age but dentures can be needed at a much younger stage of life. No matter your age, or your reason for needing dentures, cosmetic dentistry can make sure that you continue to have the ability to chew and speak clearly with custom-fit dentures.”

3. Veneers 

Occasionally, the damage done to your teeth, whether it be discoloration, chipping or tooth decay, needs a broader solution to be fixed. Veneers are thin layers of material that are cemented onto teeth to re-create that perfect smile. Made of porcelain or resincomposites, veneers can completely rejuvenate the look of your smile.

4. Crowns 

Crowns are covers that are placed on a tooth to restore its strength and appearance. For chipped, cracked or discoloured individual teeth, crowns can work wonders for your smile. Crowns provide tremendous value to you and are easily accessible at any local dentist that provides cosmetic dentistry services.

5. Straightening

Crooked teeth can lead to extreme anxiety and discomfort, as well as cause more serious dental issues later in life. A cosmetic dentist can use braces or Invisalign to, over time, turn crooked and jagged teeth into a well-aligned and stunning smile.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry Services

  1. More Confidence

A brighter and straighter smile leads to more confidence, which leads to a bigger smile!

  1. Prevent Future Damage

Cosmetic dentistry can fix current problems but also prevent future damage by preventing it from happening in the first place!

  1. Improved Oral Health

Crooked, broken and damaged teeth can lead to bad oral hygiene, which can lead to more serious problems. Cosmetic dentistry can help you maintain a healthy and happy mouth!

  1. Straighter Teeth

Straighter teeth are easier to maintain, remain healthier longer and are more fun to show off!

  1. Improved Biting

Improved biting and chewing will aid your digestion as well as help prevent future damage to your teeth and gums.

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Cosmetic Dentistry 

Cosmetic dentistry can help improve the look, functionality and health of your teeth and mouth. Don’t wait! Use cosmetic dentistry to improve your teeth and get smiling today!