13 Signs To Know If You Are In The Friend Zone | Friend Zone Signs

That one friend for whom your heart flutters, whose name is enough to bring a smile to your face and whose simple hello can make your day and you can’t help but keep thinking ‘what if we were more than friends’. 

How to tell if your in the friend zoned? Or how to know if your in the friend zone? honestly, I would say go with your gut feeling but at times when the line between feelings and reality gets blurry and you need some external help like your friends.

But even in the matter of love and dating our friends seem to have a lot of opinions; half of them say one thing and half another. And you just stay absolutely confused right in the middle. 

Well, don’t worry, if your gut, your friends, or you; don’t know how to tell if your in the friend zone. Then here are friend zone signs to help you with your conundrum.

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1. They want someone like you; just not you.

The first friend zone signs is when they tell you how perfect you are; so caring, so attentive, so funny, and an overall such a great boyfriend/girlfriend material, they want someone exactly like you; but not you, because you know, “you are a friend”.

2. Doesn’t get excited about physical touch

Holding hands, keeping arm around the shoulder, every time you do that, they move away or find some means to keep a friendly distance, this is one the most obvious way of how to know if your in the friend zone or not.

3. You always end being the shoulder

Does your crush comes to you when they are sad? Cry and vent and then just simply leave? A sad break up and you are the one consoling, a bad fight and you are the one resolving it, but as soon as they feel better, they forget about you because they don’t need you in the good times. This is one of the other signs you are in the friend zone. 

4. They don’t mind talking about the people they like

The biggest friend zone signs is when they enjoy talking about the guy/girl they like and ask for your help in that matter. You are their guidance, a person they love talking about their love life with and someone who will give good advice. If they do this then you are in the friendzone because a girl does not talk about another guy to the one she likes. 

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5. Every time you guys plan something just for the two of you. She/he calls more friends and makes it a group hangout. 

You try everything to get their focus on you, you plan everything out – “we will spend time together and we’ll get close and cozy”. What do they do? Gives an invitation to the whole group, thinking that after all when with friends, the more the merrier. This is a for sure signs you are in the friend zone.

6. They would rather wear comfy clothing than dress up for you.

We humans are in a constant desperation to please everyone, especially the ones we like and even more when we want them to like us back. If your crush doesn’t try to dress up or at least look cute when you both meet up but rather dresses a little too comfortably, this is for sure a signs of being friendzoned

7. They do the touch but with no feel

Another sign of how to tell if your in the friend zone is when they are just casually touchy with you, holding hands, keeping their head on the shoulder. You see, for them any of this is not a big deal, they probably just do it because you as friend just make them feel comfortable

8. Having pet names that are just too petty

Do they call you with weird names? Or maybe really cute ones? Yeah? Well again, this is a sign you are in the friend zone. 

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9. Close spaces hold no spark

An empty classroom, the back seat of a car, an elevator. If being around people or being alone doesn’t make much difference between you two, there is no electric charge, no awkward glances, no touch. Then yeah, that’s how to tell if your in the friend zone.

10. You have met her/his family

Parents have the most accurate instinct when it comes to their children, you think a father would let a boy spend so much time with his daughter if he thought something was going on between them? If you have met the family and they seem reasonably nice to you, they think that you are no threat and there could be nothing that could ever go between you and their child. Again, a sign you are in the friend zone. 

11. Keeps trying to set you up with their friends

This honestly is the most evident answer to your how to know If your in the friend zone conundrum. If they regularly try to set you up with their friends and fill your ears with “oh you but will look so good together”.

12. They have no problem changing clothes in front of you

The hormones, they are wild things. Constantly leaving us hot and cold. And removing a piece of clothing in front of your crush is definitely a big deal but removing the same in front of your friend, it’s fine, it means nothing. So, if your beloved crush changes doesn’t mind changing clothes in front of you then this is signs of being friendzoned

13. Even with alcohol in the system, nothing happens between you two

Among all other signs you are in the friend zone, this one will definitely stand out. Alcohol brings out the truest of us. Whatever we are feeling at that moment comes pouring out in all forms. People end up making out with absolute strangers, so making out with your crush would be quite instant after a good level of alcohol in their system. If you are not their crush then no amount of alcohol will make them flirt with you. Sings of being friendzoned, sorry.

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All In All

If you are still wondering how to tell if you are in the friend zone then in truth, the friend zone signs do not matter. If your crush doesn’t like you back, it means they are blind to the magnificence in you, and trust me, you do not want to be with someone who does not see the true you. Not now then someday in the future you will find someone who does justice to the light in you.