Top 44 Stylish Haircuts For 10-Year-Old Boys In 2022

As they get older, kids often become more conscious of their hairstyles. They are often very conscious of their overall appearance and style, so they carefully choose their hairstyles.

As a parent, it is important to be involved in your child’s decision-making so you can help them make the right choices. Give your son one of these ten-year-old boy haircuts as soon as he is ready to go into his teens.

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Short, Long, Cute, Cool, Haircuts for 10-Year-Old Boys

1. Long Side Swept Bangs

Long Side Swept Bangs

If your 10-year-old wants to be fashionable, he will need a skater boy haircut, and he will need a long top with bangs that he flips on one side and a shorter back.

2. Spikey Top with Glasses

Spikey Top with Glasses

Young children look cool and funky with mohawks and spikes, which is not the kind of hairstyle teachers would allow them to wear at school. He’ll be grateful to you for letting him do his thing with wild hairstyles when he wants to look his best.

3. Afro Round

Afro Round

It can be difficult for busy moms to keep their kids’ hairstyles this long. Teaching your child how to detangle and style his hair from an early age can be a fun part of his day, and it’s also a great way to build a stronger relationship with your son.

4. A messy ten-year-old boy’s hair

A messy ten-year-old boy's hair

Private schools often have strict rules about hairstyles for 10-year-old boys. This one might not be suitable for some schools, and this messy hairstyle is acceptable for regular schools.

5. Side-Shaved hair with Side fade

Side-shaved hair with side fade

It is possible to give your little boy’s hair a perfect look, especially if you have fine hair that can be shaped and styled in any way you like. You can achieve this classic style by styling your sides with short, swept hair at the side.

6. Shaved Sides and slicked-back hair

Shaved Sides and slicked-back hair

The 10-year-old boy’s haircut is a classic. The neatly combed-back mane and shaved sides match the look well.

7. Spikes with an Undercut

Spikes with an Undercut

A combination of spikes and an undercut can make it a glamorous combo. You can rock your 10-year-old’s hairstyle by making it sleek, clean-cut. This final look may require some styling products.

8. Partially slicked back hair with a hard part

Partially slicked back hair with a hard part

This haircut is for a 10-year-old boy. The hair is styled at the back with a styling product for a smooth look. A hard part is added to the cut for a sleek finish.

9. Simple Side Swept Haircut

Simple Side Swept Haircut

This style is fun and formal and emphasizes simplicity and side-swept hair. The hair is messy at the nape, showing all of your child’s handsomeness and charm.

10. Ringlet Fringe

Ringlet Fringe

It would be best if you focused on the beautiful ringlet texture for a boy aged ten years old with curly hair. The long hair is easy to maintain and manage, while the thick fringe frames eyes and exudes envy.

11. Separated Spiky Mohawk

Separated Spiky Mohawk

The coolest 10-year-old boy with a mohawk is undoubtedly the one. For the coolest detail, spike your hair straight up with a mohawk and buzz your hair in alternating stripes across the ear.

12. Alternating Corn Row Braids

Alternating Corn Row Braids

The cornrow is a simple style that’s easy to do. But if you want something more striking, this 10-year-old boy’s alternating braided style for hair can be achieved. Alternating thicker braids for a thinner one is better than even ones.

13. Braided and Faded Bun

Braided and Faded Bun

For 10-year-old boys, undercuts are the perfect complement to a man bun braided for them. For active boys, a buzzer on the neck and sides of their heads is a practical tool, and a cool braid at the top of the head communicates style.

14. Turquoise Highlights

Turquoise Highlights

Your child can add color to their hair, allowing them to express themselves. Turquoise is a great color for ash-colored hair. The front and top of your head should be highlighted.

15. Short Twists

Short Twists

Although braided styles can be fun, they can also be quite boring. Twists are a great alternative. And they have a lot of energy and are easy to maintain. A tighter, more manageable look is better than a longer one.

16. Short, Choppy Fringe

Short, Choppy Fringe

Short bangs were popular in the 50s and 60s, but they still have relevance today. Avoid blunt cuts and go for a spiky, choppy style for some boyish charm.

17. Layered Medium Hair

Layered Medium Hair

A long haircut for a 10-year-old boy is easy with layers. A soft side part will allow the layered bangs to sweep to one side and feed into the longer layers.

18. Funky Buzzed Pompadour

Funky Buzzed Pompadour

Bold fashion statements don’t have to be reserved for grown-ups. This 10-year-old boy’s pompadour has the perfect buzz cut that parents love, while the volume at the top creates a cool style full of flair.

19. Caesar Bangs

Caesar Bangs

The trendy Caesar bangs are a short, fashionable haircut that will suit a 10-year-old boy. Hair should be cut close to the scalp to mirror the natural roundness and shape of the head. This looks great on full, cute cheeks.

20. Layered medium hairstyle

Layered medium hairstyle

Because the hair looks great no matter what you do, layers of medium haircuts can be extremely versatile. This allows your son to have the bangs he likes and to comb his hair back.

21. Fade with a Short Cut

Fade with a Short Cut

This is the right choice if you want a simple, low-maintenance style for your son’s hair. You can trim his sides and back and give him a longer top, and he can apply hair gel if he prefers a more glamorous look.

22. Mullet


The traditional mullet inspires this medium-length, kid-friendly hairstyle. However, it has a modern twist. The top hair is messy and tangled, and the long back is straightened and longer. It also featured visible sideburns that were longer and more pointed.

23. Forward Swept Spikes

Forward Swept Spikes

This is one of the most adorable ten-year-old boy haircuts. This gives your boy a sporty, elegant look. However, you will need to use a styling product to keep your hair in place. To achieve the final, spiky look, finger-comb your hair from the front.

24. Long Side-swept Hair with High Fade

Long Side-swept Hair with High Fade

Do you want your child to be unique but stylish? This is the style for you. Allow the hair to grow. Then, shave the hair to the side. Finish the look with a cute high-fade. The hard part completes this look.

25. Long-Forward Swept Spikes

Long Side-swept Hair with High Fade

A long, straight cut is all that’s needed to let your little boy show off his style. This gives your little boy a different look than a party look, and it looks stunning and is very tenderizing.

This glamorous look is created by letting the blonde hair grow long and then slicing it to the sides. The sides should be kept at a medium length.

26. Curly Mohawk with Surgical Design

Curly Mohawk with Surgical Design

This curly mohawk is the perfect choice for your ten-year-old boy’s hairstyle. Let the hair grow to medium length before being cut into a mohawk style. The sides are shaped, and then the beauty of the hair is accentuated by surgical designs.

27. Short Spikes with Surgical Design

Short Spikes with Surgical Design

This haircut is created by cutting the hair short and then combing with your fingers to create a spiky style. This surgical design is perfect for cricket fans who love to play every game.

28. A Curly Mohawk with an Undercut

A Curly Mohawk with an Undercut

It is distinguished by its gorgeous undercut and a different surgical design. This design is similar to a flash sign, which can be very cool for your child.

29. Medium-Length Mohawk Haircut

Medium-Length Mohawk Haircut

This fun and elegant trend is being adopted by many mothers to make their little boys look more sophisticated. This is a great style to make your 10-year-old boy look good.

30. Spiky hair with line details

Spiky hair with line details

Your kid might ask for a 10-year-old boy’s haircut with lines. This trendy style is a hit with both boys and men. Try it on your temples by creating a tight, high-cut hairstyle. You can keep the energy up with short, spiky hair.

31. Choppy Bowl Cut

Choppy Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts are a great choice for young children in almost every generation. You can make it more relevant by adding choppy layers, which are great for breaking up the thick hair.

32. Simple Comb

Simple Comb

For ten-year-old boys, a comb-over haircut gives you that all-American look. Smoothen the hair on one side and cut the hair back on the other.

33. Rounded Long Buzz

Rounded Long Buzz

Your child’s buzz cut can look great even if it’s not perfect. For a natural look, a round shape respects the natural shape and texture of the scalp.

34. Cornrows with Zig Zag part

Cornrows with Zig Zag part

A creative zig-zag part can make your child’s cornrows more fun. Braids can be placed closer or farther apart depending on the hair volume.

35. For thin hair, long layers

For thin hair, long layers

A long haircut for a ten-year-old boy with thin hair should include many layers. Side parted hair creates style and movement, while layers shorter than the ear give the illusion of volume.

36. Curly Man Bun with An Undercut

Curly Man Bun with An Undercut

If your child has lots of hair, choosing a shorter style, such as a man bun, is easier. Curly hair can suddenly look neat and polished, and you can smoothen your hair at the top but keep curls in the bun.

37. 10050s Pompadour

10050s Pompadour

The pompadour of today’s ten-year-old boy has a modern edge for a tight and sleek look, with trim hair just above the ears. This is very fashionable now, and you can make your pompadour taller and more precise.

38. Side Part for Straight Hair

Side Part for Straight Hair

Side parting for ten-year-old boys is a great way to style straight hair, and this works well to highlight and complement a sweet, round head and add interest to straight hair with a body.

39. Line up

Line up

It is so adorable to see young people supporting adult haircuts. Line ups are straight haircuts for men that highlight the forehead, and you can add one to buzzcuts and braided styles.

40. One-Sided Top with Undercut

One-Sided Top with Undercut

David Beckham’s famous hairstyle inspired this look. It is something that you will see every day in small boys and big men. This hairstyle is very popular. It features a longer top, bangs combed on one side, and an undercut on the sides and back.

41. A short layered cut with bangles

A short layered cut with bangles

This short, layered hairstyle is great for boys 10 years and older. It has feathered bangs at the corners that are shorter. The fringe is small and should not be more than one finger above the eyebrows.

42. Messy Quiff

Messy Quiff

This shortcut with a quiff is one of the most in-demand cuts. There are a few options for lengths. Some prefer that the sides and back be as short as possible, and others like the one shown above. The best part is that the longer top allows you to move around.

43. Mohawk with Patterns

Mohawk with Patterns

You can ask your stylist to do some pattern experiments if your boy needs a shave. You can make them change from simple lines and geometrical figures to phrases or letters, as shown in this boy’s haircut.

44. Dye It

Dye It

While it might shock you as a parent, your child will love these outrageous colors. This stunning color will make your 10-year-old boy a rockstar. Start with blue, then move on to red and green. This great way to let your little boy shine with style and joy.